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Does This Hurt?

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 5:38am by Commander Jordon Spencer [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Primary Sick Bay - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

/// ON ///

With the situation regarding her quarters settled, and her transfer now official, there was only one thing left to do. The twin forms of Mel Torma found their way through the labyrinth of corridors towards Primary Medical with one of the twins carrying a PADD with her. Or at least, how she liked to think of it. Only one medical bay? How odd. Well, she had to start thinking like the Federation did in terms of logistics and procedure. Still, one medbay...

The doors to Medical swished open, and the twins took a moment to regard the sight within. Clean and sterile, as it should be. Even the air had a welcoming lack of scents to it. One twin's glance landed upon the attendant nurse at the front desk station, and soon after the second twin's glance landed there as well. "Good welcome. I'm Mel Torma. I was recently transferred to the Gladiator and all of my transfer documentation has been approved. All that's left is my initial exam."

The second twin took this moment to speak up once her sister figure was finished, "I brought some rather extensive notes about my medical requirements and ... I hate to use the words 'Special Needs' but I prefer that whoever is going to be keeping me intact know..." and she stopped talking.

Her sister immediately picked up the conversation, " much about the Dalacari as possible. Plus, it's a topic of discussion I'm very well versed in." and the pair shared a smile, and a light giggle. "Is the primary medical physician available, or their assistant?"

The nurse that had welcomed the... one of them... to the Medical bay just stood there almost as though her jaw was about to drop as she tried to understand what was before her, who was before her. That was until she noticed an older man walk up and quickly walked over to him and greeted the twins to the acting Doctor on call. "Yes... Well this is Doctor Spencer. He should be able to help you," the nurse smiled awkwardly before looking at the doctor.

He raised an eyebrow at the nurse before looking from his Padd he had been reading to see the twin figure in the sick bay. "Ah yes, Lieutenant Junior Grade Mel Torna. Welcome to the main sickbay. I was wandering if you would come down to talk with me."

Each twin turned from the nurse toward Doctor Spencer. "Well, you'll be the one most directly involved in my continued good health and well being, so I wanted to make sure that you got a chance to talk with me and..."

"... speak about my needs preferably BEFORE I land on one of your tables bleeding out." each twin made a face denoting exactly how much she liked that idea.

"I brought the latest primer on Dalacari physiology and psychology, though I personally always learn more by talking and doing rather than just reading."

"Not saying I don't appreciate a good read. I just got finished with Professor Santip's discussion on quantum propulsion and the effects of subspace radiation in regards to ..."

"... quantum entanglement. Fascinating stuff... sorry, I tend to ramble."

"No need to be sorry," Jordan simply smirked slightly as he started to walk into a sectioned off corner of the sick bay and paused for a moment as he looked at the bay made for a single formed life form, then looked at the mirroring section. He looked at Mel and sighed. "Well, this is going to be interesting."

Mel took a look at the facilities, and then the proverbial light bulb went off, "Start up two biobeds, run the medical examination and full diagnostic simultaneously. Trust me the results should be sufficient while at the same time enlightening." one suggested.

"I was wandering the same thing, but I do not believe I need to do a full bio scan at this time. Your records of your last transport was transferred here and documented, it's a good start, along with the Starfleet medical report on your species and their skilled knowledge they received when your species was going through the process of being excepted into the Starfleet officer exchange program," he explained as he shrugged. "Plus I do not think you would like to be treated like a test subject, so soon into your assignment."

"True, I do quite prefer MY side of the spectroscope." one twin said, with the other giving a supportive giggle. "Though, test subject or not, I fully support the free exchange of knowledge and inquisitiveness. Please..."

"... feel free to ask any questions that pop up. I promise I'll answer them, even if to tell you the answer isn't a matter of public concern." she said with a pair of smirks. "Yes. Someone already asked me *that*."

"I'm sorry..." this caught Jordan off guard as he pondered what was being asked of her. Knowing this crew, it could have been anything, especially sexual. It wasn't unheard of as most species wandered those kinds of questions, but in the end, it wasn't required to be public knowledge. "... may I ask what you were inquired of?"

"I believe the exact phrasing was, 'How's the sex'." she replied. At the time it was awkward to be asked, but thinking back on it... it was humorous. That may explain the amused tone in her voice.

"And I can understand. When a race such as, well, your's for instance... meets a Dalacari for the first..."

"... time, there's bound to be questions that need answers. If I stub my toe do both feet hurt. If I hold my breath and keep breathing, am I alright. Ultimately, the question of the most..."

"... primal and basic act must arise, especially with so many divergences between our species. It's a curiosity, hence, I took no offense."

A chuckle escaped the Doctor's lips as he nodded before he figured out some names of people. He tapped the tablet in his palm a couple times before looking it over and then sat it down on a small table before grabbing a medical recorder. As he opened it, a small scanning antenna erected from the showing location at the top of the device as it came alive. He tapped a couple codes to adjust the sensors of the device before looking at her/them. "I would put my money on Commander Kavi."

"I believe it was Commander Zeti actually." the one that wasn't being examined answered. "I understand that I'm possibly the first true binary life form your organization has encountered, so I..."

"... figured on being something of a curiosity. An enigma, a riddle or something similar. As a scientist, I actually admire being part of the learning and education process." the pair each smiled.

"I love questions, I love answers. Still not sure which I love more, though." she giggled, each.

"Huh," he huffed as he pondered for a moment. "I won't lie, I didn't expect that. Although, I don't know Zeti that well. Well... No matter... Tell me, what are your other qualifications, Miss Torma?"

"I'm a specialist in pattern recognition, fractal mathematics, and I took several courses in Single Survivor Acclimation. Which is probably why I was allowed to be an exchange officer..."

"... with the Federation, seeing as how you're all almost entirely Single life forms." she paused, "I have basic medical training, I know my way around a gearbox, and I almost qualified for ..."

"... the role of forward recon and advanced deterrent force during my brief term in the Defense Forces Volunteer Division. Your term for the position would be 'Sniper'." she clarified.

"I'm also pretty good at torro, which I think is similar to your game of Chess, except we have a few more pieces."

"And the board is round."

"And the pieces come back unless someone takes out a controller." she then thought about it, "You know, now that I'm thinking about it, it's nothing at all like Chess."

"You may have to show me this game. It sounds entertaining," Jordan smirked slightly as he looked at the two forms. So how does your relationships work?"

"Will I get to ask half as many questions about Single Lifeform procreation when this is all said and done?" she asked, with an equal amount of curiosity and sass.

"Well you know," he shrugged as he thought about how to ask properly.

"Well, in the interest of science and medical, I highly doubt it will ever actually come up but..." the pair paused for a moment, before starting up again, "Dalacari females are fertile for a five day period every seventy two ... "

"... days. Assuming all the paperwork is in order and licenses are obtained and such, then the couple is free to attempt procreation. One male form and one female form..."

"... engage in the act of copulation while the remaining pair engage in acts of erotic contact to ensure arousal is peak. Should fertilization succeed, eight months later the pregnant female..."

"... will give birth to a pair of Dalacari forms. The bond is formed during development, so even before the pair finish fully developing they have the same bond as any other Dalacari."

"Dalacari need four months to complete forming outside of their parent. Muscle tissue finished forming, eyes and ears finish forming, and the bone structure hardens once the skulls..."

"... of the newborns are checked and shaped to form. In the *exceptionally* rare case of an abnormality of one or both fetuses, the pregnancy may be called to terminate."

"Though, relationship wise, since depending on the population density a parenthood permit may be difficult to obtain, some couples find joy with each other without a child." stated one of the twins. "And yes, our populations are monitored. Consider that every Dalacari is two mouths to feed, and you can understand how resources have to be properly managed."

"Facinating," Jordan spoke up as he raised his eye brow as he sat down on the bio-bed across from the twin form before him. "How long has it been like this with having to have permission to reproduce?"

"Oh, it's pretty much the standard, and please don't think of it as a restriction or a mandate. It's something we as Dalacari understand and actually accept." one explains, before her twin takes over. "Consider that in a proper Dalacari census, a household of three is made of six bioforms. That's six living bodies worth of resources required."

"Now, imagine a planet of four billion Dalacari, and you can understand why we need to restrict population. We expand and colonize as needed. We've pioneered advanced technologies..."

"... for the sole purpose of ensuring everyone has a meal and a roof. Agorahydroponica, subterranean agriculture, terraformation techniques, advanced weather control systems..."

"... all designed to maximize agriculture on worlds that focus on such." she pointed out as she spoke. "But still, a lot of Dalacari are a lot of mouths to feed." the pair smirked.

"So no one has ever broken this rule or tried to mate with other species?" Jordan asked wandering if it was even possible. He made a mental note to look and have the computer to simulate the possibilities.

"Well, breaking the limit and having more offspring than you're capable of supporting is just a poor parenting decision. Sure, in the short term it's good to have a big family but..."

"... when the eBits coming in aren't enough, everyone suffers. The limits are there to make sure that every Dalacari has the chance to be happy and be taken care of. As for your..."

"... other question, as to whether Dalacari mate outside our own, I'm certain Dalacari fool around outside their species. Whether they produce offspring is something I've never looked..."

"... into. The fact that the offspring would most likely be single strikes me as reason enough not to risk it. That's assuming the union even produced an offspring to begin with, AND assuming..."

"... that the offspring even survived long enough to come to something approaching term." she explained. Whether she was embarassed or not was hard to say. Sure it was a sensitive topic but at the same time it was a topic she hardly would have the chance to discuss back home. As the computer scanned more and more of her physiology and ran simulation after simulation, the end results weren't good for most of the cases. The fetus either failed to develop, or what did develop didn't survive to term. The rare cases that did survive to term had major internal developmental issues. Even when the results were twins, there was something... off... about the children.

"Well... this is a unique perspective, to say the least. I wander if your people and your ways of life will dramatically change once your people are fully excepted into the Federation. With the combined advances across the board, it would be a unique opportunity for your people to thrive and flurrish with less concern to their supply and demand with the use of replicators and the power recycling technologies in use," the doctor brought up wandering the implications that could come from such a drastic change in their way of life.

The pair gave a nod each. "I think one of the best parts of our two people meeting will be the chance to explore the universe through each other's perspectives." one of the twins spoke up, "And to be more accurate, the concern isn't just..."

"... food and supplies, but also space. I mean, we'll take any advise as far as expansion and exploration. Certainly." she smiled at that, "But as far as raw resources go, we actually have something..."

"... very similar to Federation standard replicators. We recycle as much as we can and reuse the rest. It's just a tricky balance not to overtax the environment." she clarified. "We're not locusts." one said, while the other giggled. "But if there's a way to improve our way of life without introducing too much risk or danger, sign me up." and at that, the pair giggled.

"You're fun to talk with. You catch on quickly to new concepts and ideas, and you don't immediately force your own way of doing things on someone else."

"Why force my views when I don't even know if mine are always right," Jordan smirked slightly as he shrugged. It was true that he didn't fully comprehend it all, but this new insight was fascinating, to say the least. He took in a deep breath before he stood up and looked at the pair. "Well I'll sign off your check in and look at your recent scans to understand your physiology to better handle any possible medical complications you may encounter. I'm not leaving the ship anytime soon."

"Good to know I'm in good shape." the pair giggled, "Thank you doctor, I'll certainly try my best to keep injuries to a minimum. I don't plan on leaving the Gladiator anytime soon either."

"Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Dalacari. I've been one all my life, after all." the other twin said, with a smile.


Lieutenant JG Mel Torma
Assistant Chief Science Officer / Exchange Officer
USS Gladiator- A


Commander Jordon Spencer [Hawkins]
Medical Doctor


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