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Hanging at Sids

Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2017 @ 12:40pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Cantina - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Mercia slid onto a bar stool in front of the mostly bamboo bar in front of her. A piece of Memphis Island had come with them on the new Gladiator, giving a fun, public bar with holo windows and air fresheners that made someone feel like they were back on the island. In truth Mercia missed being there. It had been a different sort of life, and she'd liked it. Plus she missed having Lyla to help her with Molli and Tali. Things were complicated with those two. Tali had begun asking questions about Molli, as if something inside of her suddenly realized she'd been once pregnant. Mercia wasn't sure what to do about it, so for now she planned to rum up and try to forget for a little while. She raised her finger to Sid and smiled at the man behind the bar. If she wasn't so hooked on Khelev she might go after this guy, he was her kind of trouble maker and good looking to boot. "Rum mixed with anything." she said.

The door to the cantina swished open, and the twin forms of Mel Torma walked in. It was still weird to see them move, it was like watching a pair of off-duty synchronized swimmers, they just had this harmony to them... she.... her....

Thinking about it was tantamount to madness. Fortunately, everyone was in the right place to drink away their psychosis. The pair spied a familiar face, and walked over towards Mercia. Fortunately there were two stools to her left, and the Dalacari seemed hesitant to sit on either side so the pair opted for the two stools on Mercia's left. "Mind if I join you?" she asked. She had read once that drinking alone was dangerous, but sometimes Single lifeforms partook in dangerous lifestyles.

"Not before I do," David cut in and took the second seat from Mercia's left making it impossible for the twin lifeform from sitting together. "Hey, Sid. Can I get whatever Number one is getting. And the same with our guest or guests or whatever."

The whole of the situation just seemed to change. Mel seemed nervous, almost anxious. "Umm, no it's alright. I'll just..." and she looked at the stool arrangement again, "I'll just grab a table."

"But as for drinks..." and one of the pair ordered something decidedly bitter, while the other ordered something disturbingly sweet.

"And... I'm just a guest." Mel corrected David, before each twin claimed her drink and headed over toward one of the tables.

Mercia smirked at David, "That wasn't nice." she giggled her eyes dancing with mirth.

David simply shrugged as he looked at their 'guest' before smirking and pointed down at the point seats next to Marci. "No I insist, Mel... sit up here... with us... or should I say 'Lieutenant'?"

With that tone and phrasing, Mel stopped in her collective tracks and just turned around. Each twin, drink in hand, made their way back to the pair. "If you insist..."

"... but I won't be much company." and there was a hesitance in each motion as one twin took the stool to Mercia's right, then once she was settled the other twin took the stool to Mercia's left. It seemed awkward, like someone learning to sit on a stool for the first time, watching the pair situate each of themselves. Once each aspect of Mel Torma was seated, there was a moment where they just took a breath each, then glanced past Mercia to make sure that the other was seated and safe.

Sid arched one of his brows, he gave the Captain a withering look, before setting down a couple of rum and cola's. "Don't screw with my paying customers. Move your ass down or I'll toss you out, Captain or not. Don't worry Mel, he messes with you I'll make sure he's picking his teeth up off the deck plating."

"It's alright." one of the twins said, "It's not like he's doing it intentionally. It's a test. Can I keep my cool under pressure... can I keep my composure in a non-optimal seating ..."

"...a... arrangement. Thank you, though." the pair said one after the other, though there was a bit of discomfort in her body language.

"Who said I wasn't doing it intentionally?" David smirked as he then looked at the bartender. He had kept him around for a reason and this wad one of those moments. Sid knew who was boss but David, Kavi, and ch'Koro had hired Sid with simple instructions. Ranks are left at the door, and Sid did what his crew weren't able to do. "Fine, bartender, but don't slow down due to here pretty faces."

Khelev showed up at this point, he glanced over at the two forms of Mel and decided it wasn't worth asking about as he came up behind the Captain. He was dressed in a pair of dark pants, a button up shirt and a pair of boots. "We're going to sit at the bar," He commented.

Sid had spotted him coming in and had pulled up a bottle of Andorian ale. "I've got a bottle for you, but you owe me."

"Where'd you find this?" Khelev asked, as he took it and looked at the label. "Fifty year old ch'Siro. This stuff is expensive."

"Like I said, you owe me," Sid smirked.

"I thought that you owed Khelev last time I checked the score?" Mercia said arching her brows at Sid. "By the way, Mel, meet Khelev ch'Koro. He's a civilian Engineer on the ship." she said.

The pair turned to look at Khelev, with one of the twins having to arch to look around Mercia to do so. The closest twin offered a hand in greet, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry, I'm normally much more social, just a bit out of it at the moment. My name is Mel Torma, it's good to meet someone who's keeping us..." and she stopped speaking. It was a solid half-second before her twin picked up the cue, as it were.

"...powered and afloat, as the case may be. Let me know if I can be of any assistance."

Khelev's antenna went up as he glanced between the two forms, the vibrations he was picking up through them were odd. It was clear that what Mercia had been telling him was true, that it was one being in two bodies. It wasn't an unfamiliar concept, "It's nice to meet you Mel. I hope that you are adjusting to life aboard the ship."

Sid arched one of his brows and looked at Mercia, "That makes up for it and makes it so he owes me one. Maybe I should see if you two are amicable to trading partners for an evening."

"Oh don't tempt me darling. We just might taken you up on it." Mercia winked before she got up and moved over to the left half of Mel and tapped her shoulder. "Scoot over I'll sit near Khelev."

Oddly enough, both twins turned to look at the shoulder tap. At Mercia's words, there wasn't even a confirmation, not even a clarification. There was almost a weight lifted off of the Dalacari's shoulders as the indicated form scooted over to clear the stool. Now with less of a distraction between them, the twin forms seemed more at ease, more relaxed. The one nearest to David turned and gave a smile, "Sorry. I get a bit nervous when there's a constant divide. Walking people, the occasional distraction... no issue. Something constant, like a wall divider or a person that I can't..."

"... easily see around, and I get a bit nervous. Not full on ghosting, but nervous." the pair paused for a moment. "It's hard to explain the term, ghosting. When I get separated from..."

"... myself for too long, there's an instinct that kicks in, and I try to come back to the last place I distinctly remember being whole. During that time, I'm really only half thinking, because..."

"... the majority of my brain is trying to reunite myself. Those half memories, those half experiences... we call them Ghosting. It's uncomfortable."

Each twin took a sip of the drink before them: one bitter, one sweet. Normally a terrible combination but that was the perk of having two tongues. "I know you meant no direct harm, just a playful prank or a test. You've never served with a Dalacari before, so this is all new waters for you."

"Good to know," David simply stated as he relaxed leaning on the bar and drank his first drink quickly before noding to Sid letting him know that he would take the next refill. He was working for that buzz he longed for for so long.

"Sounds weird, I think I like being in one meat suit instead of two," Sidwell arched one of his brows as he glanced between the two halves before turning to Mercia. "Don't let Sadie hear you talk like that, she'd be all for it."

"Of course that girl would," Khelev chuckled as he moved in close and touched Mercia's head with his antenna. "It's good to see you."

Each of the females that composed Mel Torma gave Sidwell a smile, "Trust me, it's no less weird for you than it is for me. Singular Life is so unusual at times. I mean, when you run out of limbs to perform a task what do you do?"

"And all the risks you take! Most of Dalacar is automated, from the transportation to the manufacturing industries to our military. Wherever there was a potential for danger to a ..."

"... Dalacari, we removed as much of the need for a Dalacari presence as we could. So I get here, and it's a crew of misfit gung-ho commandos Dia bent on out-macho'ing..."

"... each other." she said, as something of a mini rant, but she didn't sound upset by it. "I mean, it's incredibly fascinating please don't misunderstand." and again, each one of them took a sip from their respective drinks.

"I'm just the guy who serves the booze, I'm not trying to out-macho anyone," Sid pointed out, flashing the twin forms a charming grin. "I like it quiet, if it wasn't for the fact my girlfriend was in Starfleet, I'd get a house on the tropical islands and just run my restaurants and enjoy my life."

Mercia touched Khelevs antenna in response. It was the way andorians showed affection. He always coupled it with a kiss, which was how humans did it. "Sids trying to set up a trade again. I think he's in to you?" she teased loudly.

"As long as we get to watch you and Sadie," Khelev replied with a smirk.

One of the twins nearly choked on her drink. The other had the decency to finish before a spit-take occurred.

Mercia laughed, "What? You aren't going to get all prudish are you?" she asked. She returned to the bar and took a long drink.

One twin shook her head, while the other simply said, "I'd have put in for a transfer if I was anything approaching prudish. I just wasn't ready for how eager you all were to talk about the topic."

"And sex with a Single lifeform is a little too risky, so sorry gentlemen but I'm off the male menu." the other twin said, punctuated by a wink from her sister.

Mercia chuckled, "We find teasing and jokes about that topic to be humerus. You'll likely hear such jokes often." she said. "I'm not exactly quiet about it. Don't see a reason to be." she smirked.

"We've all known each other for a few years too," Sid spoke up as he stood behind the bar polishing a glass. "So we're familiar with each other enough that we can make those kinds of jokes."

"He's correct Mel," Khelev nodded. "We've been on several ships named Gladiator together. Let's hope you all don't break this one, I like it."

"Well, anything I break I promise to fix... and I'll certainly hope to be part of the group as close as you all are. If you'll let me, that is." the Dalacari replied before each half took a sip of their respective glasses. Then after that sip, the pair actually switched glasses with each other.

"You're sitting here drinking with us now, aren't ya?" Khelev replied with a deep, almost growl to his tone.

"There's a thin line between drinking with someone and being in the same room as them... But I'd like to think..."

"... This is more the former." The pair took a swig from their switched glasses, and made a face each. Then a breath. Then another sip.

"Dalacari alcohol is meant to be separated. Hard to really get the same outside of Dalacari space. Also..."

"...gotta watch the glasses. Nothing is worse than being half drunk."

"You do know, we have to see this for ourselves, now..." David spoke up with a slight smirk. "... it's our thing. Place one another in the most unexpected places."

"Yes well, considering I nearly lost my wits when I saw the state of your restrooms." she admitted. "But if you're going to get me half drunk just please send someone to help me..."

"... get settled. It's taboo for a Dalacari to come into contact with themselves so holding back my own hair is a risky proposal." and at that, she gave David a pair of smirks.

Mercia tipped her head, "Really? I would think that physical contact would be a normal thing for you." she said. "I mean what if half of you gets a back itch you can't reach. I'd see it as a benefit to have another set of hands to take care of that problem!"

To prove the point, one of the twins set her drink down, and then put one arm over her shoulder. The other went around behind her back with both hands meeting in the middle between her shoulder blades. Once the hands were together, the twin turned her upper torso about 135 degrees.

"Dalacari are exceptionally flexible." the non-pretzel twin said with a smirk. "Though, incidental, and very... hold on, I'm a little stuck." and the pretzel twin slowly untwisted herself. "Okay sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, incidental and very..."

"... brief contact is fine. A bump, a nudge, something like quickly scratching a back or flicking a bit of fluff, no problem. Prolonged contact starts to set up something like speaker feedback..."

"... where it starts minor and then gets loud. For me, I feel every sensation across both forms. So now, I have the sensation of being touched, while touching. Then the sensation gets..."

"... a little more pronounced, and then I get the feeling of a more pronounced contact, which only continues to build until that touch gets to be either the most annoying thing..."

"... in Dia's sky, or it becomes all I can think about. Bothersome either way, so Dalacari try to avoid it where possible." then the twins looked directly at Mercia, "UNLESS..."

"... you're in the Dalacari explicit film industry."

Mercia spit her drink out all over the bar, "Dear god, I didn't even think about twin form masturbation." she said wrinkling her nose at the thought, "Get it out of my head, get it out of my head!" she said over dramatically, before noticing Sid standing t here with a cleaning rag in hand, looking very put out. "hi." she grinned.

"Well, I didn't expect to hear that detail," David's eyes widened as he blinked a couple times before taking a swig of his drink. As the burning feeling subsided, he looked at Mercoa and shrugged.

"Only way I see us single formed species to understand how she does, in that case is if you sit on your hand, it goes numb and then you touch your skin. But their thinking is faster as they literally have two brains to process both feelings. I guess the only other species that comes close would be the betazoids. Didn't they have a birth defect that caused identical siblings to have an uncontrollable link between each other that caused them both to be similar to the dalacari species and their single telepathic connection?" The captain asked as he paused to look at the twin form before them as well.

"I don't know how I should feel about the closest parallel being a birth defect." one said, but the pair were clearly amused. The smiles said it all.

"I'm looking forward to working with you all, as evidenced by me not running and screaming for a transfer. You're rude, vulgar, direct, and brutally honest." one said, then took a drink while the other took over, "Which means you have nothing to hide and won't sugar coat anything to avoid hurting my feelings. As a scientist, I appreciate honesty. As a person, I prefer it." another pair of smiles.

"Mister Sid, I may need a refill." the pair said in unison, putting their empty glasses on the bar.

Sidwell set up a couple of glasses in front of the two halves of Mel Torma and started making the two different drinks that she'd ordered the first time, "Master Sid? Not sure I like that title much."

The pair nodded in appreciation of each refill. "While it is true that people either grasp the title tightly, or reject it... I called you by the honorific of Mister. Not Master."

The other twin smirked. "Though, I've been told I speak Federation standard with a bit of an accent. If that's the case, I intended no offense."

"I don't mind being called Master... well in my case it would be Mistress." Mercia grinned and gave a teasing wink to the Andorian. "He thinks it's hot." she shrugged.

"It is hot, what's wrong with that?" Khelev arched one of his brows. "Nothing wrong with a woman in charge."

Sid chuckled softly, "There's truth in that, although I like Sadie's attitude on the subject."

"Here here," David finally spoke up from his chair as he held up his empty glass. "... huh... I need a drink again."

Mercia raised her glass, "You and me both!"

Mel raised each of her glasses, with a smile. She was FAR from in need of a refill. "Well, while we're raising our glasses. Here's to the absolute craziest batch of friends I've ever had the chance to meet, and make."

"Here's to adventure, exploration, discovery, and for the sake of discussion, maybe a little more risk than we expected." she toasted, "And I'd say that all in Dalacari but you guys all..."

"... look at me funny enough as it is. Last thing I need is stares and confusion." and at that, she giggled.

Mercia paused a moment before the rest of every one raised their glasses. "here here!" she laughed and took a drink with every one else.


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