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The thrill of the climb

Posted on Fri Aug 18th, 2017 @ 5:56pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Holodeck Three - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

OOC Hawkins - Thoughts on a JP?

Mercia grunted as she pulled herself up a little higher, her fingers screaming in pain. Mountain climbing was something she'd recently started doing, however this time she'd found she was bored with the safety, so she shut them off, using codes she likely shouldn't have used. She could fall to her death considering how high up the mountain side she was. The thrill of dying if she slipped was exhilarating, and she sorely needed it. She looked up when a small stone fell on her head. She spotted the round tips of a pair of shoes on the edge of the precipice a fear yards above her. "Finally decide to join me Khel?" she called up through the wind and fog.

"No," a voice imitated ch'Koro. "I'm to much of a pussy to do anything remotely as complex as climbing up and down hard things like this."

"We'll have to break up then." she grunted behind her smile as she shifted, looking for the next hand hold. "Because I need a man with brawn and no fear." she grinned, hauling herself up a few more inches.

"Oh please don't leave me... I promise to clean our room and do the dishes if you stay with me!" The imitation replied breaking between chuckles. "You are such a better fighter than me... who will ever keep me safe?"

Mercia grunted as she pulled herself up. Her arms were getting tired as well on top of her painful fingers. She let out a long breath, "I am the best fighter on the ship, I mean... even Hawkins is a wimp compared to me."

"If he is a wimp and I can't beat him... what ever shall they call me? It can't be blue balls," the voice responded as the male figure stayed sat on the edge of the cliff. A moment later, a hand full of pebbles fell from above onto the climber. "Oops..."

"Hey asshole!" Mercia complained as she looked up and blinked always some dust that had fallen her direction. "What did I do to piss you off this time? Trying to get me killed..." she grumbled and reset her stance and started to prepare herself for a quick move upwards towards the ledge.

"What?" David called out from above as he raised more down. "Why would you think you pissed me off?"

"Because I'm climbing a dangerous cliff, and you're tossing rocks on my face. If I fall I die." Mercia called up. Her eyes came over the edge and she paused for a moment to find another grip to haul herself up. "That tells me you're trying to kill me again, so what do I do to deserve it this time?"

"Wait... so would that mean I finally win after all these years?" David pondered with a slight grin as he looked down at her in a relaxing way.

Mercia huffed, "Oh hell no! You'll never win over me!" she said. She pulled herself up and rolled next to his side before she sat up and rubbed the dust off her hands. They were aching and sore. She had a few cuts and the blood was starting to dry. She made a face at the cuts, they hurt, but not really enough. She looked out over the valley below and grinned, "Remember this place?" she asked him. "That hike I took you on? We sat here at sunset and the birds glowed as the flocks flew up." she grinned at him. It had been after a point of stress on the ship, and shed forced him to take the hike with her, and enjoy some real and unique nature. He'd argued and resisted, but she won in the end. "Did you recognize it?" she asked.

"I thought it seemed familiar," David nodded as he took in the view of the horizon before them. It seemed like ages since that a long time before when they were first assigned together as CO and XO. It had almost seemed like a lifetime ago and it was comforting to know that they had stayed close friends for the long hall. "How long before you apply for a command of your own? Admiral Grayson and I cleared you almost 2 years ago."

Mercia shot him a glare, "I swear to God you and Khelev are teaming up on me!" she growled. She tossed a stone off the cliff and listened to the echos of it bouncing off the stones in his fall. That could have easily been her body if she has slipped. A thrill rushed through her. Turning the safeties off was against the rules, but she needed it. "Two years ago I had just been kidnapped you know. You cleared Tali, not me." she grunted with a bit of bitterness in her voice. They'd then found out with in weeks that Mercia was not Mercia. "If I were you i'd revoke the recommendation, I'm not ready for that, don't know I ever will be." she rubbed her hands together and picked some little bits of grit out of the cuts in her fingers. "Sounds boring as hell."

"How so?" he countered as he raised an eye brow. "You have been my XO for how long?"

"Almost four years I think?" She asked. "And bored. . I mean you have to stay in the ship and sign paperwork, at least I get to leave the ship and poke things with a stick. Experience thrills." She said wistfully.

"I miss being a security officer... Enforcing rules, putting myself on the line, taking the risks. It's not that you don't put yourself on the line for others but you do it with... Paperwork." She said making a face. "Khelev thinks I should retired and we can get jobs on merchant ships.... But I don't know if I can do that, especially with Tali still needing intensive care." Mercia picked a leafy plant and started to idly pick it apart.

"Yeah, I miss flying fighters and doing field work. But if we were selfish, we wouldn't be able to help all those that we have so far. Got to admit, we got it good here," David admitted as he shrugged. He looked down at the holster on his left leg remembering the good ol' days and how he had been just a marine. "But meh... can't change time."

"Maybe we should all retire and join the merchant fleet and stop having so much damn responsibility." Mercia looked up the next section of the cliff. "Want to climb with me? Maybe we'll both fall and die."

"Oh I'd hate to beat ya at dying first," he smirked as he looked down. "I was actually coming to let you know before i tell the rest of the crew."

"Tell me what?" she asked looking over at him. She picked up a stone and started to toss it up and and down in the palm of her hand.

"I"m resigning."

Mercia through the rock at him, so it hit him in the chest. "Like hell you are! I've been through this enough damn it, you can't retire on me a-freaking-gain." she glared at him. "I'm liable to toss you off this mountain right now!"

Her reaction caused David to start laughing hard as to almost lose it completely. "Oh I'm just kidding. I'm actually just letting ya know that I am taking some leave. So you will be in command of Gladiator on her next mission."

She laughed, "You? take a leave? and do what sit in your ocean cabana back on Memphis Island and drink rum and coke? What if I'm the one needing some leave. You know I've never taken leave since I came on this ship?" she said folding her arms. "Hell even after being rescued from COIL they put me back to work in two months because they thought it would help my mental state."

He shrugged as he looked at her seriously. "Mercia, I am being told I have too much leave and I need to use some of it. Plus, I have some stuff I need to do. Besides, why wouldn't I be allowed to enjoy sitting around for a couple weeks drinking rum and coke, on the beach?"

"Seems lame." she shrugged. "I can take leave when I'm dead." she smirked.

"Well, you and a handful of others are due as well. So expect to have a long shore leave coming soon. You and those others in question will be forced to take leave, even if its in the brig or a cell on Memphis Island," David explained with a slight smirk. "Besides, you will have your acting first officer, Commander Zeti and trusted Lt. Colonel Hayter... your acting 2nd XO."

Mercia let out a whine, "Bitchy and Dumbo are my team? Can't we just have Tayla and Emmah do it?" she whined.

"Tayla just joined the staff and Emmah is a hologram. Remember, you like to remind me of that," David countered as he smirked as he watched the sun, in the distance, started to set. It would still take about thirty minutes to fully go down, making it more than enough time for them to climb down the side if they truly wanted to.

Mercia chuckled, "Yes, yes... me and my aversion to holograms. I've encountered bigger monsters now." she shuddered.

"And that's not nice calling Zeti a dumbo. Hayter... bitchy, I can see that," he nodded in agreement.

"They're both bitchy." Mercia smirked. "Do you ever wish you could go back to riskier days? Sure I wasn't happy... but... life felt more thrilling." she commented.

"I miss the days where all we were worried about was survival of our people, and that was all," Hawkins nodded.

Mercia tossed a rock of the cliff and peered down in to to the mist below as it disappeared. "I'm not so sure I like how life is now. So much damn paperwork, I feel like I'm going to be crawling out of my skin. I don't really want to talk to Caldera about it, she'll just tell me to get Khelevs help, if you know what I mean." she laughed. "I might just snap and kill someone..." her voice drifted off remembering back how it felt to take a life. She never really realized that the emotional torrent that came with it was.... addicting. She didn't want to kill someone unless it was one of the Snow Queens, but in a straight up fight when someone was coming after her, the success of winning.... it was life affirming...

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