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Permanent Positions

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 1:31pm by Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Marine CO Office - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Tayla strolled into what people referred to as Marine country and challenged anyone to look at her crossed eyed. A trill officer with a young face, red uniform and Lt. Commander officers pips didn't often just walk through the deck reserved for marine housing and training. She strolled to the CO's office and walked in without bothering to knock and found John glaring at a rather young Catian who's ears were flat back on her head and tail was struggling not to flicker back and forth. She looked terrified.

Tayla just dropped a Padd on the desk and waved her hand for John to continue and ignore her presence, however she folded her arms and smirked at him, if he was an ass to the Catian she was going to challenge him and enjoy every second of it.

John looked at the full sized felian and shook his head. "So... next time. Look at where you are freaking shooting. Damn, I thought your species had sharp vision that allowed your kind to be freaking sharp shooters. You gave engineering another reason to hate me, and thats without my childish antics. Back to basics for you, and the Holodeck until your platoon commander feels you are capable of dealing with the real macoy. Now get out, and I better not hear about you screwing up again, or i'll find the nearest escape pod and launch you out myself. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!?!"

There was no other words out of the Catian's lips except for the normal 'Yes sir' response before he waved her out of his office and she almost sprinted out before he growled and shook his head. "I, seriously, need to thank Davvy for this splendid new freaking position I am doing for him. Its a freaking blast. I'm a glorified babysitter."

"I guess I got lucky then, with your recomendation I landed the Strat Ops position." she said. "You know I had plans to apply for first officer of the Hovencher?" she arched her brows, "But for some reason... my application never showed up. Or so your friend, the Hovenchers CO told me." she said, "You are keeping me around."

"I thought you were applying for the Resolute for their first officer position?" he raised an eye brow before sighing and flopping down in his chair and flinging his legs up on the desk to lean back and relax as he started to play with a pen in his hand.

"No, the Hovencher." she said dropping in a chair across from him and put her elbow on the arm of the chair and her chin on her elbow. "I really had it in my mind to be an XO... Move up in my career, maybe meet someone..." she sighed.

He stopped playing with the pen and pointed it at her looking all serious. "Trust me, it's over rated."

"What is?" Tayla asked frowned realizing she'd gotten distracted.

"The 'Number One' position. It's not fun."

Tayla picked up a pair of magnets sitting on the desk and let them snap together, "Oh and you would know?" she smirked.

"Yeah..." he sighed as he went back to playing with the pen for a bit. "It was on the Harbinger before a bit, before I left. Of course I left just in time, the ship was lost and hasn't been from for a while."

"I heard about that. I'm not sure if I'd say we are lucky you made it out of there before it disappeared." she said grinning at the man.

"Oh har har..." he mocked her as he sighed trying to make the head ache that had now come over him to go away. "Hey, if I have to be stuck on this damn boat, I'm taking you down with me. I heard you put my name in for this position."

Tayla scoffed, "Why would I ever recommend you for a command level position? You're such a child, Cupcake. You heard wrong, and I will never admit otherwise." she said sniffing and tipping her nose up at him. Somehow this had been their fourth assignment together, CO's must believe they made a good team despite the fact they generally fought like cats and dogs.

Without a word, he looked at her without blinking as he slid a padd on his desk to her side of the desk before returning to the resting position of feet up and leaning back. On the Padd showed the actual suggestion with her name on it to Captain Hawkins. David had wanted to make it obvious her desires whether it being a comic relief or truth.

Tayla glanced down at the padd then threw her hands in the air, "That weasel is such a traitor!" she said with a grouchy face, but mirth in her eyes. "Ok so I recommended you, call it pay back! Now you're stuck behind or desk or yelling at wet behind the ears kids who can't even shoot right." she smirked, "Say good bye to the life of adventure." she said.

"You haven't worked with Hawkins long enough to know how he works, have ya?" John smirked as he kept his eyes closed. he knew all to well that everything that the man did was for a purpose, not sure what but always a purpose. "Ol' Davy boy let me know about your transfer as I know the Captain of that boat in question. I worked along side the man when I was given my first assignment as Marine CO and he was Chief of Security. We knew each other and got along well with one another. Long story short, Davy used me to keep you around."

Tayla frowned, "So him telling me that you begged him to keep me on this ship, and the other CO telling me you conned him in to passing me over for the position was all 'Ol Davy boy'?" she asked. "You both are insane."

"True, but place all your trust in all mighty Hawkins!"

"Almighty Hawkins? What the hell. Now you're worshiping the man? You lost it Johnny." Tayla said. "Or did he drug you?"

"If only..." he countered as he rested for a moment then smirked before opening his eyes at her. "You have changed, Spots. Not all high and mighty anymore."

Tayla frowned, "Apparently you haven't been listening." she smirked at him. "You're just too arrogant to hear what I'm saying. See that's why I hate you so much. You don't listen, and you're a cocky air headed full of himself meat head who happens to think, falsely mind you..., that he's charming and good looking." She buffed her nails on her uniform and examined them with interest, "you're not all that, you know. People just are nice and let you think you are." she said in a patronizing tone.

"Or..." John raised his index finger in the air. "You are just trying to hurt my feelings cause I am all those things and people love me for being so amazing."

"You'd have to have feelings for me to hurt any!" Tayla retorted.

"Now that was shallow, even for you," he countered raising an eye at her. "You are better than that, Spots and you know it."

Tayla just stuck her tongue out at him, "Bite me." she said before she laughed. "So... stuck together again. I'm going to need to solidify a black market supply for booze for this job..."

Yet again, without question, Hayter smirked as he responded to her statement with a simple action. This time, he allowed his feet to drop to the floor as he pulled open a drawer from behind his desk. He pulled out a glass bottle filled with green liquid in it and a couple glasses. He poured them both and slid one her way.

Tayla grinned and picked up the glass. She took a sip and sighed leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed. She swung her feet up on to the desk, "Damn you make it hard for me to hate you." she said.

"Worth the roller coaster of emotions, huh" he smirked before he took a sip.

"Debatable." she said. She sighed and took a sip again, "Keep the booze coming and maybe I'll start to agree." she winked.

A soft growl was heard from the far corner before a bark was heard. They looked over and saw the German Sheppard sat up from his bed and started to wag his tell. A smirk grew again on Hayter's face as he sighed before tossing a chew toy his way. A loud bark was heard again before he ounces the toy and started to play with it.

Tayla dropped her feet off the desk and peered around the table. "You got the dog?!" she said. She grinned and got up, leaving her glass behind. "I've debated getting a pet, but I worry about adjustment to ship life."

"He is still a pup but surprisingly, he has gotten used to being on the ship. Still, it throws sick bay off when I bring him in for a check up. At least that was how it was last week. It was comical," John explained.

Tayla sat down on the floor, next to the puppys bed. She grabbed the toy and started to play with the dog. "You got a name yet?" she asked as she giggled a little happier than normal. She loved animals, they were a weakness. They made her fondly remember d'Jaxs last host, who had a long life with a family, who had many adoring pets. She'd not had a pet since she joined.

"Toby... short for Tiberius," he shrugged not sure if he even liked it fully. But it was starting to get to him and the same with the pup as well.

"I have to save Toby!" Tayla quoted then laughed. She glanced up seeing Johns puzzled expression. "One of my daughters... Well Carrebs daughters, had a close friend, a human girl. She was obssessed with a classic earth movie called the Labrynth. Carreb saw it so many times that I can still remember every detail now." she shook her head. "Any way, int he story there was a kidnapped baby, named Toby. So now when I hear that name, its the first thing that pops in my head." she said.

She lifted Tobys paws, causing him to stand on his hind legs and danced him back and forth, "What kind of magic spell to use Slime and snails, Or puppy dogs' tails, Thunder or lightning, Then baby said, Dance magic,Dance magic," Tayla sang.

She paused and glanced at John, aware she was showing a rare point of joy with her fond memories and playing with a puppy. She blushed mildly and set the paws back down and scratched behind Tobys hears while he happily panted and pawed at her hand, enjoying the play. "Maybe I should follow through with all my talk of getting a dog. Then Toby will have someone to play with." she said. "Or maybe I'll just steal Toby. You wanna come live with me rather than this ruffian jerk face?" she said with a cute tone to Toby.

The pup barked as he wagged his tail as John looked at her. He smirked a little as took a swig of the liquid. It was good to see her actually feel comfortable enough with the pup. "Yeah he is going to be a big pup for sure."

"Looking at the size of his paws, I'm sure." she said. "You should help me find my own." she said. She ruffled the pups head again and stood up, returning to the desk and picked up her glass again taking another drink. "I wouldn't even know where to start. Where did you find him?"

"Back on Earth, they still raise animals, dogs, being one of them. He is part husky and sheppard, with very little other mixed breads in between. They started to return to mixed breads to help their blood lines have a more natural and stronger bloodline to decrease natural issues due to humans trying to act like God's and match makers over the dog species," he explained trying to remember if all that he just said made sense and was write. "The details maybe off but still."

"Only on earth?" She said, "bummer one as hoping to find something closer, like in Memphis island." She said before she took another sip. Toby whimpered at her feet wanting to play more. She sat the glass on the edge of the desk and sat down with her Back against it next to Hayter. Toby was in her lap kissing her face in seconds.

"No, there are other planets in the federation that breed that kind. Heck, you could always check out Lizzy's petting zoo. Not sure if Hawkins signed off on that borgified bear.," John shrugged as he leaned his head back and sighed. "Man, that woman is an interesting breed. Can't see Gladiator without her though."

Tayla glared a bit, "That woman is not even qualified to be a circus clown, let alone a psychologist. I heard a rumor that JAG has a stack of sexual harassment and indecent exposure complaints against her. Only because some friend higher up that they haven't gotten her incarcerated, but its becoming too big of a problem now. Its only a matter of time." Tayla sighed and played with the dog again. "And if that bear ever gets on this ship I'll space it myself, and give ol Davy a piece of my mind."

This made Hayter chuckle as he looked over at her and smiled. "Oh I am so going to put in my approval for her to have the beast as soon as I get a chance to."

She looked up at him, "Oh you want to take me on meathead? Bring it on! I'll knock your ass on the floor!"

"Oh calm down, spitfire. It was a joke. I knew there was some built up anger inside you. You will have your own complaints against ya on your record in no time!" John promised as he looked at her in pride.

Tayla scratched the puppys ears, "Oh poor little man, I've got complaints against me already, but not for sexual harassment." she said lifting her finger. "Hell, I'm pretty sure I was murdered once." she told him grinning up at him.

"Yeah... the sexual harassment maybe half from me..." John smirked chuckling a bit about the fact that he had found some down time to send in faulty complaints against her.

Tayla looked up at him, "Hayter I swear to god if you actually submitted any complaints against me I'll beat your ass." She made a face, of course threatening him might generate a new complaint, however she had no problems taking him down.

"Ooook..."He shrugged, not worried at all.

Tayla let the dog go and stood up. She finished off her drink, "That it. You and me. we need a sparring match, its been too long and you're getting too cocky. Come on... lets go to the matt cupcake!" Tayla said dancing on the balls of her feet and rotating her fists at him.

The quick movement jolted Toby's attention real quick and he started to pounce on Tayla's legs with his front paws and backed up as he barked a couple solid barks as his tail wagged high and quickly. The pup then quickly hopped over to John and barked at him as he turned and took a position by his side. "Oh, I'll have Toby deal with my light work."

"I'm sure he'll do a better job than you." she said jabbing at Hayters shoulder playfully. "Come on chicken."

John rolled his neck really quick to pop the bones and stretch his neck muscles before he went to stand up. But as soon as he was about to respond, his chime went off, and he dropped his arms down as he raised his head up in the air as he started to moan. "COME ON!!!" He turned and looked at the door. Toby quickly responded as well and started to bark at his loud response as well. "What?!?!"

"Major," his young corporal assistant stepped in and looked at Toby for a moment, before turning to her commanding officer. "You have a Squadron Leadership Meeting in 15 minutes," the female vulcan responded as she looked at him with a solid and straight face.

"Yeah, I'm skipping it, I have to show the Commander, here, who's boss," he responded as he turned to Tayla.

"It will be the first meeting with your Squadron Commanders. Do you really want to mess such a meeting?"

Tayla grinned at John, "Oh what will you do? Prove me wrong and be responsible, but then that means I'll call you a pussy for not sparing me. Or you blow them off and prove your brawn." she laughed. "So whats it gonna be?" She hopped a bit and jabbed at his shoulder.

He shook his head as he sighed before looking at his aide and nodded before waving her off. "Fair enough. You win. I get the new title of puss in boots," John smirked as he quickly pulled his Razer from it's holster and shot her in the thigh. He watched her grip onto her thigh for a moment before he registered the weapons and started for the door. "You coming, Spaz... I know you ain't doing anything in your department otherwise you'd be there."

"Son of a bitch!" Tayla growled. "Thats cheating you asshole!" she growled at him as she leaned back against the desk as pain ripped through her leg.

"Suck it up, and let's go! You can do your Strategic Ops briefing or something," the Marine command smirked in between words as he turned to walk out the door, once again.

"I'll get you my pretty..... and your little dog too." Tayla hissed as she hobbled towards him. He's shot on a low setting, which meant her leg was completely numb, it would wear off in time, but it sent her nerves crazy.

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Lieutenant Colonel John Hayter
Marine Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


Lt. Commander Tayla d'Jax
Cheif Strat Ops Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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