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Where No Whale Has Gone Before

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 7:12am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Red Klaxon lights illuminated the dim rooms and corridors, as the final evacuations were completed. All had been executed as David's orders. Evacuate the non accentual crew members to runabouts and shuttles as humanly possible making people like sardines in a can, drap all additional cargo bays and Hangerbays of all crafts, and cargo that were capable of handling the vacuum of space, and remaining fighters now held defensive positions around both the space crafts and cargo that were safely in tow by the smaller crafts and their tractor beams. The Gladiator was minimally manned with a skeleton crew to ensure that the excalibur class starship was light enough to allow for as little stress on the engines and thrusters as possible. But this was a long shot at best if they were going to be able to handle this.

Captain David Hawkins was now sitting in the hot seat of the Helm station with his first officer sitting next to him in the Operations station to assist with information and orders while also having the operations terminal redesigned for copilot controls as well. The former fighter pilot had spent time in the holodeck honing in on his skills preparing himself for what they were about to do. If someone was going to crash a battleship like the Gladiator, it was going to be her captain, and no one else. "Alrighty, report?"

Paula stood at the security Station once more making sure that everything was green to go with the shields, deflectors, and the tractor beam, Paula replied, "Everything is good to go here Captain," as she checked it again for the second time, but Paula knew that getting the borg ship up from the planet was a risk, but it was worth it for the security of the populace below and for the data that was within it's data banks.

Zeti was sitting at the engineering station, on two of her screens she was monitoring the structural integrity field on one and the warp core on another. This was going to take a lot of power, finesse and a little bit of luck. The computer had run it's diagnostics and everything was showing in the green. They were ready for this undertaking and Zeti was almost excited about the paper she was going to write while they were towing the borg ship inside slipstream.

"This beautiful girl is ready Captain," Zeti pipped up. "Let's make engineering history."

Lixor studied his station content with what he saw and gave a nod. There was even a faint smile that played with the corners of his mouth in spite of the situation.

The captain looked over his controls before him to make sure all preflight checks on the thrusters and impulse systems were adjusted for this. The ship was never designed to take a stroll through a planets atmosphere, so everything all relied on. Moving thrusters were now going to require going past their limits. So only time will tell if this was going to go well.

"Alright..." he sighed as he looked over at Merci.

Mercia glanced over, "All departments report ready," she reported.

Emmah was standing next to the holo table, her eyes watching the shuttles, "all shuttles are clear and in holding patterns." Emmah called.

"Dive DIVE DIVE!!!!" Hayter called out from the rear of the bridge as he walked off the turbolift.

"Hayter?!?! What the hell are you doing on board?" David demanded as he turned to look over his shoulder at the marine officer.

"Moral support," he countered as he shrugged while he walked down the ramp with a ballistic rifle over his shoulder and his hands in his pockets.

"Reason for the weapon, Colonel?"

"I would have assumed it was obvious. If you are about to mess with the hive, you may piss off some bees in the process for the honey."

"Fair enough," the captain shook his head. He hadn't thought of that possibility, and with the ship manned by a skeleton crew, it could get hairy, to say the least. He returned to his position and looked over the controls of the helm station. He sighed as he worked his magic allowing for his fingers to dance across the screen. "Hold onto your asses. Full power to forward shieldings and reduce all power across all except the manned decks to give us the extra power."

Mercia glanced over at Zeti, "All non essential decks are prepared." she said.

"All the simulations have shown this operation as successful," Zeti spoke up, it wasn't related to anything that anyone had said, but it was her way of trying to comfort everyone. "The reinforcements to the structural integrity field and shield grid are online and operating nominally."

The ship dropped down and started to shake as the blinding sight of the friction of the atmosphere and the energy shielding started to bring flames up and over the front of the massive beast of a ship. All along the hall of the ship, heat started to increase as the flames grew higher and higher in intensity.

Mercia shifted, "I feel like we're about to turn in to blender here." she said feeling her leg going numb from the vibrations running through the ship.

"Hull temp is rising, everything is still showing green," Zeti announced. "We're descending nicely, we could even speed up another fifteen percent."

Mercia shot Zeti a glare, "Just because we could doesn't mean we SHOULD!" she complained. "How about we don't push our luck?" she grumbled.

"If I wanted to push our luck I'd have said thirty percent, I calculate that we could pull out of the a much higher velocity of decent," Zeti spoke up, grinning. "The terminal velocity is fifty six meters per second. We are currently descending at twenty five meters per second. We could safely stop even if we were falling at thirty five or forty meters per second."

"Does any one ever tell you you're insane Zeti?" Mercia called.

The blue man shook his head as he glanced at the woman but said nothing about it. He looked up at the screen and added, "things look good, so far."

Zeti got a wild look in her eyes and let out a psychotic giggle, "They tell me that all the time, I just can't seem to figure out why."

Lixor furrowed his brow and then shook his head but he didn't reply to the woman's comment, "turbulence in increasing but within safe levels."


The shuttle Abram was a larger cargo shuttle, and was packed with 30 people, there was hardly room to move, let alone cause problems, but that didn't stop several guys from decking each other. Ensign Sadie Turner tightened the cuffs on the second one, and nudged him behind his knees to drop him to the floor. "You'll face Kavi when we get back to the ship." she grumbled and turned back towards the cockpit. "Crisis averted!" she called up, "Hows Gladiator going?"

"She's sinking in the atmo, Looks like its working." The pilot called back.

"Good, because I don't want to have to choose between landing or living in this tin can until we get rescued." Sadie said.

"Oh... landing for sure, No way am I keeping every one cooped up here." The pilot murmured a Sadie joined him up front. "It seems unnatural to see a ship that big so close to the planet..." he said.

Sadie put her feet up on the console, "At least I didn't draw the short straw and have to stay on her while they tried this crazy ass maneuver."



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