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Gotta Keep You Around For Something

Posted on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 @ 7:15pm by

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: USS Gladiator :: Deck 22
Timeline: 00:12h, After 'Totally not Snooping'


Zera looked around as he strode down a corridor on deck 22, his uniform helping him blend in a little better. As thankful as he was to not see anyone around, he knew that the ship's sensors were recording his moves. As he got closer to a certain access panel, he pulled out his tricorder and activated the program on it, which essentially rendered him invisible to sensors with a white noise frequency. Putting the tricorder back in his pocket, the Bajoran looked around again before kneeling down in front of a panel. Entering in a code on the small keypad on the side, he then curled his fingers into the handles of the panel and pulled. It was a simple matter to reprogram the keypad to only accept one of his codes, but even if someone did bypass it, it would still take effort to open the panel.

It finally popped open, and he set it aside before looking in, a frown crossing his features when he saw it was empty. That bastard...

"Looking for someone?" A raspy voice came from behind him. Zera turned, only to see a pipe come flying at his head before the other side of his skull whacked against the wall. Baring his teeth, Zera pulled what looked like a pen out of his pocket before lunging at the other man.

"You need to keep quiet," he growled, stabbing the man in the side with the pen. It shortly gave off an electric current, which made the man yelp before collapsing on the ground. Replacing the pen with a hypospray, he injected the sedative into the man's neck before replacing the wall panel. By the time he was finished, the man was unconscious, so Zera picked him up and draped an arm over his shoulder before heading back toward the turbolift. As easier as it would be to use transporters, he knew that it would be recorded in the ship's logs, and he was trying to keep this man as well hidden as possible. If that meant relocating him in the dead of night, so be it. At least any crew working this late was going to be small in number, so if anyone did ask about the man he was carrying he could just say that he took a nasty tumble and needed some rest, so was escorting him to his quarters. It wasn't lying, per se...

Reaching the turbolift without being seen, Zera waited until it appeared before entering and requesting the deck his quarters were on. This next bit was going to be trickier, since they were personal quarters. If he was most likely to be spotted, it was there. Adjusting the man's head a little it would not be as obvious who it was, he moved quickly when the doors to the lift opened. His quarters were about halfway down the corridor, which on a ship where the hallway of personal quarters spanned for over 60 feet, was essentially exposure to the max. He was about halfway there when he heard conversation up ahead, and spotted a T-section up ahead. If he could make it...

Nope. As he got closer, he saw the shadows of the crewmembers get closer, so Zera pushed the unconscious man close to the wall and placed a hand on his chest.

"... and then she told me, 'no, you can't just replace one hypospanner with another,' and then..." The man who was speaking trailed off when he saw two men standing near the corridor wall. Seeing one was not moving, the two crewmembers started to approach. "Sir, can we help you two with anything?"

"Oh, no," Zera said, looking up at them and giving a dopey smile. He reached under and gave the unconscious man a little pat on the cheek, making his head sway. "This idiot doesn't know when to back down from a bet, drank until he blacked out. I'm just taking him to his quarters to rest. Thanks, though."

"Shouldn't he be taken to sickbay?" the other asked, his young eyes concerned.

Zera waved his hand, swaying a little himself to sell the act. "Naaahhhh, he can walk it off. I've had drinks with this bloke before, I've just been doin' it longer than he has. But don' tell him I said that. Night, now." With that, he muttered a "come on, you heavy sack of weight" before continuing the trek down the corridor. He felt the two pairs of eyes on him until he disappeared around the curve of the ship, where he finally dropped the act and continued along his way.

Finally reaching his quarters, Zera waited until the door shut before dropping the man unceremoniously onto the floor. "You weigh a lot for being in an access panel for three months," he quipped, moving to the side of the bed. Placing two hands on the frame, he pushed it to the side until the floor underneath could be seen, and after feeling around with his hand felt the thin latch that opened the compartment in the floor. "Thank the Prophets that you built this thing though, At first I was going to wonder if you would ever use it.

"Of course, I am really just talking to myself, since you're unconscious," Zera continued, walking back to the man on the floor. He dragged him over to the hole in the floor, but before putting him in he grabbed some special restraints that he had "borrowed" from the Intel department and put them on before shoving the man into the equally compact space. The restraints effectively made it that much harder to try and escape, and he threw in a gag too so he couldn't just yell for help. As convenient as the panel near engineering was, it was too busy of a spot and it would seem suspicious if he kept going down there for no apparent reason. He had nearly been caught once by the first officer, and couldn't risk excess exposure. Besides, it would be far easier to keep him alive and to question him if he were closer and in a more private area.

"Sleep tight." Zera chuckled a little to himself at the joke before shutting the door over his captive, standing upright to move the bed back into place. He had placed a tricorder emitting a low-level masking frequency in with him, also out of his reach from the man's position, to cover his bio signs.

Now that that was done, he had some sleep to catch up on.


Lt. JG Zera Leyar
Intelligence Officer
USS Gladiator-A


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