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Meeting the Doctor

Posted on Thu Feb 13th, 2014 @ 1:45pm by Lieutenant Neville Jarland

Mission: Photons Everywhere
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: Prelaunch Post

“Sir,” an Andorian Nurse said towards the Doctor, who was laying in the dark of sickbay on a biobed. The Andorian moved in further. “Computer, lights,” she said. “DOCTOR,” she said louder.

Connor stirred finally, rolling over and eventually off of the bio bed. He pushed himself slowly off the floor, wiping sputum from his mouth. “What,” he said weakly.

“Doc, you’ve got a meeting with the XO,” she said not amused. “3 minutes ago.”

“Crap,” he said pulling himself quickly off the floor. The Irishmen didn’t say another word, instead he straightened his uniform, grabbed his white coat and took off towards the XO’s office. Once getting there, he made sure no remnants of the frothy spit from his mouth were there and straightened the uniform once more before hitting the chime.

Rubbing his forehead trying to understand what was going on. He hadn't gotten thru a quarter of the crew and already he was more than sure that he was being set up. It was like the Gladiator was filled with a crew of misfits and black sheep. This wasn't a Starfleet ship... This was a prison ship, and he was to be the warden.

"Come in!" He called at the chime to his office.

Connor walked in to the office and looked at the XO. Oi, this man gon' be a 'ard arse he thought to himself. "Lieutenant JG Connor McMannis repartin'."

"Lieutenant McMannis, you are five minutes late. A man with your background can't be taking chances of that. Do we need to nip that in the butt already," Neville asked bluntly.

"Uh, no?" Connor said with a cock of his head. "Was up late las nigh' werkin on some stuff. Jes fell 'sleep. Me apologies Lieutenant."

"I have read your previous assignment and the issues that brought you to my ship. Honestly, i would have kicked you out in the cold and left you to starve," Neville said bluntly. "You are everything that is against what Starfleet stands for and I will personally be keeping an eye on you."

"By all means, please do," Connor said as he shrugged. "They jest fine 'nother ship ta place me till me done. 'Tis bout tha jest o' it. But what ye be forgetting is thet ye've got one o' tha top Physicians on Eart' in 'uman an alien physiology, virology, an Trauma." He just stared ahead at the Lieutenant. "If ya rather send me away, please do. I'll even give ye tha people ta call an make it 'appen."

"Don't tempt me, Lieutenant," Neville remarked as he rubbed his neck. "And another thing, learn to speak properly, I can barely understand you."

Connor sneered at Neville. He knew he should keep his mouth shut, but this wasn't going to lay down inside him. "'ow bout ye learn a bit o' respect fer people o' other places. Ain't me damn fault I'm Irish." He tilted his head slightly. "Or - do - I - need - ta - speak - slower - fer - ye?" he asked, slowly and painfully enunciating every word.

"Could have fouled me, I wasn't sure if it was the alcohol that was causing it or if you were special," Neville snapped back. He hated disrespectful crew members.

"So yer tellin me thet ye read me entire jacket, and ye forget ta read thet I be Irish? Ya think I won't 'ave an accent?" He asked, actually quite honestly.
"An fer tha record, ye'll know when I be juiced."

"Whatever the case. .. you will be watched totally and completely. If I even suspect you being questionable... I'll order a blood test and remove you from your position," Jarland explained firmly. "Do I make myself clear? "

Connor just shrugged and nodded. "Ye won't be tha only person watchin me Sir." He looked up for a second, thinking about it. "Ye actually won't be tha 'ighest ranking official watchin me e'en closer than ye think ye'll be." He didn't really care about what he said at the moment. This guy had already insulted him enough so there was no point.

"That is all, Lieutenant," Neville snapped before waving the Doctor off. He watched the man walk out and wandered what it was going to mean by keeping an eye on this man, among others. He was bound to get the Captain position, but it would only be a matter of time.



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