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Your work cut out for you

Posted on Wed Apr 9th, 2014 @ 12:35am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Mercias office
Timeline: At Kaslau

Heading to the Exective Officer's office, Lizzy pressed the door button and waited. She had read up on Lt Kavi, and found the reports to be quite interesting. Lizzy wasn't really sure how this was going to.

Mercia set down another pad on the done pile. Sure she could just keep it in files and not make such a big pile, but with all the crap she had to catch up on it was encouraging to her to see a physical done pile. "Come in." she called hardly looking up. Would it it be too much to ask if it was David coming to share a coffee break, or Vanora to chat about their next holo adventure? Even Ash with her sometimes friend, some times enemy attitude would be preferable to more paperwork. She was getting bored, and a bored Mercia was a trouble maker.

Entering into the office, Lizzy smiled, "Hello, Lieutenant. I'm Lt JG Lizzy Caldera, and have come aboard as the chief counselor. I am wondering if we could have a chat?"

Mercia looked up quickly seeing a girl about her own age. A mischievous look touched her eyes, she loved screwing with shrinks. "Well wonder away counselor." she said. Mercia leaned back and put her hands behind her head, and her feet up on her desk. "I will have to wonder who hates you enough to assign you here." she smirked.

Lizzy sat down opposite as she answered, "I volunteered for this duty station because I like a challenge. Although, the green slime shower may have convinced my previous chief to sign off on it. I should also let you know that I am empathic as part-Betazoid. Is that ok?"

Mercia narrowed her eyes, "Only Empathic?" she asked. "I've been avoiding the hell out of the other counselor on this ship because shes a full telepath, and I'm just not at ease with that right now." she said. She thought of the twin half batazoids David had introduced her too, and how she'd been mean to the four or five year old children. "Not that I need to avoid you, I have my own counselor."

Lizzy could tell by just body language that this was going to be interesting let alone the words, "Just because I can't sense exact thoughts like a telepath doesn't mean that I can't do my job. There are other ways to get an idea. In fact, there are plenty of effective counselors who don't even have empathic abilities. Is there anything you expect from my department at the moment?"

"Not me." she said. "Like i said I have my own counselor." She was ignoring the fact Lyla said she would be putting in an order for her to talk to the stationed counselor, maybe that fact would be missed by this woman.

"I suppose just that I'll want to ensure we have status reports, and help us keep tabs on Moral. The crew is having a hard time after our last mission, and many are still uncertain about this hologram project we're running.

Lizzy spoke calmly, deciding that she needed to cover this now rather than beating around the bush and if it came down to an argument, well... it wasn't exactly like she hadn't seen the inside of brig cells before, "As Executive Officer, you should know that my job requires me to investigate the mental well-being and efficiency of all crew members - including you and the commanding officer. It is upto you how easy you want to make that. I know you can probably kick my ass, but you will find that I don't back down."

"Bring it on." Mercia smirked. "Hope you like a challenge, I never do things the easy way."

Lizzy nodded, making a mental note to plan out some ways to tackle that particular issue and to have a talk to Mercia's current counselor off-ship, and changed tactics, "In regards to the holograms, I minored in Medical, and have helped out there for a few of my previous stations, so I'm used to holographic programs since Medical has been using them for a long time. I'll make sure that I take that uncertainty into account and see if there is any way Counseling can help with people getting used to them. Thanks for letting me know."

"Not a problem." she said. "Part of the uncertainty comes from the fact that we had a terrible infestation of plants that caused a good number of injuries and damage, the infestation was caused by a hologram." Mercia shrugged and ran her fingers through her hair, keeping her relaxed position.

"Hmm.. That would explain it. I think I may need to have a few sessions with the holograms and others to see if we can figure out a way. Might have to contact the hologram designers as well. How do you feel about the holograms?"

"I have no issues with them. They're tools, and errors happen. It just so happens that it was a bad error." she shrugged. "I've been spending a lot of time with Elian, the command level hologram to help make him more personable." she said. Mercia took a deep breath, "I have encountered some staff who worry that holograms are going to take over jobs that real people should have. I can't blame them for that worry considering we're running with a little more than a skeleton crew and filling in the gaps with this experiment, but we have to work out the kinks or they wont become the tools we need them to be." she shrugged. "Either way, it seems to be working, Elians programming is expanding and he's got a bit of a personality now. Its been interesting, even picked a name." she laughed.

"That is one thing that historically has always been around with humans. One story that comes to mind is the Luddites, who were textile artisans who would throw shoes into the presses as a protest against newly developed labour-saving machinery in Earth's Industrial Revolution out of fear of being replaced. There are ways with that reaction to deal with it in constructive way."

Mercia didn't know about that, then again she'd had never been to earth until she had been transferred to one of the penal colonies there when she was a teenager. "I think people fear being replaced, and thats a valid fear. I hate the idea that can be replaced, but at the same time, with out Elian I would be really overwhelmed. The ability to have him watching the bridge while I catch up on the paperwork left to me from the old XO is great, I'm still figuring this job out. It also gives David... Er...I mean Commander Hawkins and I, a chance to take a walk about the ship and check in with the crew with out them coming to us frequently. We think it helps every one see how approachable and available we are."

”I am pleased to hear your attitude and experience with Elian. You do not have to bother with rank around me, but I understand. "

Mercia eyed the woman wondering if she'd not heard the rumors yet, not that Mercia cared. "I'm not terribly big on them either. We all understand our place, and as long as they are used when appropriate I don't really care." she shrugged. "Do you think there is any thing you'll need for your position here?" Mercia asked finally dropping her feet and leaning forward, her elbows on her desk. "Anything I can make sure you don't get?" she smirked.

Lizzy shrugged, "Nothing that I can think of at the moment. I'm already ahead of the eight ball in Counseling, since I managed to actually get you to open up about something enough to get ideas. Although, I expect that at some point, I'll mess up enough to get a brig stay so you can take comfort in that."

Mercia laughed, "I'll look forward to that." she said. "I've never thrown any one in the brig under my own orders before." she thought back to the former Xo who did it just when someone looked at him the wrong way, "You'll have to really blow it though." she winked. "Yeah I think you'll fit in juuuuust right." she laughed.

Lizzy smiled mischieviously, "That's what my previous ship's XO said too."

Mercia laughed brightly, "You're quick.". She bit her lower lip, she could picture the expression David would have if Mercia had said in front of him, She grinned at that thought of what his reaction would be, were they alone. "Sounds like a fun guy." she commented. "Never enough fun guys around normally, although on this ship I've not had any problems with that." she laughed.

"Anyway, Lieutenant, I should probably let you get back to things while I go work on checking the mental sanity of the ship."

"You have your work cut out for you." Mercia chuckled.

"Yep, and rolling in it like a pig does in mud. Good day, Lieutenant."

Doing a salute for emphasis, Lizzy headed out of the office.


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