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Totally not Snooping

Posted on Wed Aug 16th, 2017 @ 11:14am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: USS Gladiator :: Lower Decks
Timeline: Around 21:00h


He always made sure to cover his tracks. Tonight was no different. He had a small kit with him as he left the turbolift on Deck 22, and tucked under the base was a hypospray, the injection he was planning to use tucked away in his pocket so it wouldn't fall out. As he left the turbolift, Zera looked around before continuing down the corridor. As usual, once he neared a certain point in his trek, he pulled out his tricorder and began to type in the setting that would render him invisible to sensors.

Mercia Kavi rounded the corner and spotted the Bajoran with his tricorder out, which caused her to raise her eye brows. She'd been down the hall visiting her sister who was confined to her cabin. "Something wrong Zera?" she asked, thinking it strange that he would have his tricorder out in the middle of the hall way, after all, he wasn't an engineer.

Zera looked up, seeing Mercia there, before looking back down at his tricorder to finish what he was typing before shutting it and putting it away. "No," he replied. "Just tracking a bug in the system that's affecting the system in the Intel department. From the diagnostic we ran up there, it should be an easy fix."

"Oh, strange... engineering didn't report any bugs in the systems, neither did the intel department. What did you find?" she asked coming bit closer. Something was off, and she couldn't quite figure it out.

"Small glitch in a sensor readout. Happened recently," Zera replied calmly, watching Mercia carefully. "It's a quick and easy fix, and with it getting late I didn't want to bother engineering over it." He didn't want to waste time with this woman, but he couldn't tip her off that he had someplace to be. Which meant not being in a rush to leave. He knew how Mercia worked, or knew enough, that is. The fact that she spotted him late at night in a place where he normally wouldn't be could already raise suspicion.

"Well, make sure you report it to engineering. Zeti runs a tight ship, and an unreported glitch would piss her off. I really don't want to deal with that." she said running her hand over her hair. She narrowed her eyes at Zera, her instincts told her something was weird about all this.

Zera cracked a slight smile while nodding. "That makes two of us. She's already-" he paused and cleared his throat as he tried to recollect what exactly had happened. "Let's just say that dinner didn't go too well last time and I'm already on her bad side," he said, saving himself from an awkward moment of trying to remember the details. He raised his kit a little, "besides, I don't mind getting my hands dirty. Gives me something to do. But I will let her know, Commander, worry not."

Mercia looked Zera over for a moment then nodded, "As you were." she said as she started to move down the line, she needed to do some checking on Zera, she never did like the intel types, however something seemed extra wrong.

Zera started to move on when he paused and turned, his mouth open to ask her something. No, this would just waste time. Shutting his mouth, he continued his route, at neither a fast nor slow pace. He knew that Mercia suspected something, it was in her eyes. While he guessed that they had never really gotten along in the first place, this changed the game. As he continued, he kept his ears alert, listening for any signs of being followed or otherwise watched. He approached the access panel he needed, looking around to make sure nobody was nearby to watch or raise alarm, before entering in his access code.

The panel hissed as it released from the wall, and the Bajoran set his toolkit aside to pull open the panel and set it to the side. He worked quickly, removing the bottom of the kit to reach the hypospray, fill it with the injection, before reaching into the panel and using it. Once the hypo was empty, he replaced the access panel and put the hypo back in the bottom of the kit before moving to the next panel over to fix his alleged "intel problem." Prior to his arrival, he had intentionally set something in the system awry and focused the "issue" in that access panel out of convenience. It took only a couple minutes to fix, and once that was done he closed up the access panel before heading back to the lift.

// off//

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


Lt. JG Zera Leyar
Intelligence Officer
USS Gladiator


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