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Who are we Part 1

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 7:45am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Commander Jordon Spencer [Hawkins] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]
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Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Command Operations Center - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: After Away Teams

One by one, the crew before him walked in as Hawkins watched the overview of the probes and the leading shuttle over the lower orbit. The valley in question seemed to show multiple targets that were now lit up on the monitors. As he watched the last to come in from the corner or his eyes, he called out the simple words. "Well this wasn't what I expected at all... Report..." He called out loud as he finally turned to look at his people, his trusted allies.

Mercia sat down in her place, "We walked in to a powder keg ready to blow." she said. "The Borg presence changed the leadership and religious structure of the natives, and things have been brewing to an all out war ever since." Mercia said.

"Ya think?" John Hayter shook his head as he plopped into the central chair in front of the holo image.

Lizzy blinked before making some notes in her data pad to bring up later. She didn't think it was appropriate to bring up at the moment unless Mercia took the bait. Which she suspected because it seemed to be easy like rattling a tin can on a snarly bear's cage bars.

"With a torch in our hands," Lixor added las he shifted in his seat. He looking more defeated then his normal placidity though the exact reason for it wasn't so obvious. "We also know that the Borg is willing to assimilate non sentient creatures as well."

Mel Torma sat in a pair of chairs next to one another, a coffee in front of each of her twin bioforms. She looked frazzled, though apparently had gone through a few steps to try to make it work. "Everything about the situation was the definition of non-standard. It's entirely possible that the computer aboard the craft didn't feel there were enough..." and not only did she stop talking, but she took a sip. Her twin, who had been enjoying a sip of coffee, now picked up the slack.

"... drones to mount a proper defense, so it opted to assimilate dangerous predatory lifeforms. Either that, or the partially assimilated local indigenous population somehow..." another switch, another sip.

"... managed to either direct or outright compel the assimilation of the wildlife in some bizarre pseudo-religious aspect."

Zera simply watched and listened to the conversation. Since he was able to get away from the city, the ship had extracted him, where he watched from up above until everyone else came back.

"Wait... predatory lifeforms?" David questioned as he raised an eye brow unsure what or how that statement could even be possible.

"One of our marines shot and killed a borgified bear..." Hayter reported as he shrugged as he leaned back in Hawkins chair.

"A bear?" The voice of a male came out from behind the group. Doctor Spencer stepped up to the group With a pads in hand. "... You did say bear, right?"

Hayter looked over his shoulder and nodded. "That is correct, Doc."

"...huh..." Jordan took it in as he walked up to Kavi and handed her the pad in his hands. "The report you requested on the CMO. He is fine, but I recommend relieving him of his duties for now. I'd also send him to the proper rehabilitation facility that is more suited for his recovery requirements."

Mercia took the pad and looked it over. She felt bad. She'd taken a gamble on allowing them to capture the doctor, and not interfere, and now she felt like she should have interfered, so he'd not have been so injured. The Shaman had handed him over to a cruel interrogator. "are you prepared to supervisor his recovery and rehabilitation?" she asked.

"Legally, both myself and the counselor are qualified. But only short term until returning to a more suited location." The Doctor explained.

Lizzy spoke up, "As a clinical psychiatrist as well as counselor, I can handle his recovery. But in my professional opinion, he is suffering from quite a lot even before."

"Back on Mempis Island would be the nearest place with a facility that can handle that." she tossed the pad on the table in front of her and revealed her frustrations, "I should have interfered, I made a bad call, and now this doctor may have lost every thing." she growled.

"Commander you were bound to the Prime Directive..." Emmah started.

"I don't think it truly applies here considering the Borg already messed that up!" Mercia said. "If I had ordered his retrieval, or taken on the guards in the hall and freed him... we could have run and gotten the hell out of there with out him getting harmed. Between Hayter, Winterstorm, and I we could have done it!"

"Damn straight!" John cheered on as he raised a hand in the air in agreement. "I say EMP the planet, and take out the wreckage, and call it a day."

Mel first gave a nod to Doctor Spencer, "Yes doctor, a bear. Or something best described as a bear. I'm not certain if it was a precise specimen of Ursus arctos marsicanus, but it was big, had four..."

"... Limbs ending in claws, and was quite predatory. I believe it was even referred to as Yogi, who was both a famous sports figure and a bear." She paused, then shook her head, "As for a planetary..."

"... EM pulse, we could saturate the atmosphere with ionic radiation, which would trap the society below in the pre-information age for the next few years, but would..."

"... Certainly disable the Borg prosthetics and render the nanites inoperable." She concluded.

"The body would naturally pass them in a few months."

"Fascinating..." Jordan blurted out as he looked at the twins for a moment but noticed he had changed the subject and people noticed his words. "... my appologies. Please continue."

"You are fine, Jordan. What do you think the repercussions could be to the civilization and using what Mel suggested."

The Doctor pressed his lips together as he thought to himself for a moment before finally answering. "Well, it doesn't sound like there would be any negative outcomes as long as it's not strong enough to interrupt their electrical impulses in their bodies. But I have not been able to do a medical exam on the indinginis people below, Captain. So if we were to, I'd like to bring a couple aboard to check their response. But that would require is to stick around for a week or so."

"In a week the borg presence might grow so fast we can't control it." Mercia countered. "Something changed when we were down there, I think we woke up the beast, we can't wait a week to put a stop to the expanding of the Borg presence." Mercia said sharply. "I said we needed to EMP the place when I was down there." she said looking at the Captain.

"Umm... Commander..." the doctor raise a hand in the air as he looked at her. "I wasn't saying not to. I'm saying if you do chose that, we should stay long enjoy to make sure there isn't any irreversible damage to those people. Who are we to do injure them and ride away into the sunset?"

Mercia blushed, "I see." she said. "I still wonder why the hell we are waiting to do this. Emmah how much stronger has the Borg presence gotten since we arrived?" she asked.

"The ship is detecting trace amounts of Borg technology, mostly centered around the village with the downed ship, but it is spreading, at a rate of .0005% per hour, but I anticipate based on my studies that the rate of growth will grow exponentially if left unchecked. The longer left, the harder it will be to contain to a small area." Emmah reported.

"We can rig a probe with an ionic phase charge. Detonating it in the stratosphere will ionize the local hemisphere's atmosphere. We can aim over a body of water to keep the..."

"... natives as far in the dark as we can, or coordinate it with the removal of the temple and simply allow them to believe their gods took their favor away." she opted.

"Once we have all the data we care to collect from it, and are satisfied with the readings from the surface, we can hurl the Borg craft into this system's star to ensure obliteration without..."

"... further traumatizing the natives with a stellar light show."

"Couldn't removing their gods favor be altering to growing scocity as well?" Emmah asked.

"I believe we've reached the 'Damned if we do' portion of the discussion." Mel said, though both of her faces wore a friendly smile.

Lizzy spoke up, "Umm. I know this may sound a bit stupid, but what is going to happen to the bear after the nanintes go away? I have experience with exotic animals and can look after him."

"Personally I believe the most respectful course of action would be to return it to its natural habitat if cleared of any and all borg influence. This is, of course, assuming it survives." one twin spoke up. The second soon followed. "Such a creature would be too large and dangerous to keep on the Gladiator long term."

Lixor looked at the counselor curiously but said nothing trying to take in all the oddities he was detecting.

Lizzy frowned before looking down for a moment and then back up, "But he's cute and I already gave him a name. I was thinking of Memphis Island."

Turning to David and Mercia, she added, "I have all the permits for my petting zoo. And how do we know he won't have an affect on the local fauna and other wildlife know he has been borgified? Barry might need psychological recovery."

"Besides," Zera quipped, a slight smirk on his face. "Who doesn't want a borgified bear on a starship? Could be fun."

Lizzy smiled, "Barry is ex-Borgified and he's sedated at the moment."

"First off, Memphis Island is an odd name for a bear. Unless you're saying that the bear's name is Barry..." the Dalacari didn't know which was worse. "Though, it sounds as though your mind is made up and that..."

"...asking is merely a formality. I can only imagine it's because there's an 'Assistant' in front of my title that my concern over a dangerous predator is swept under because he's ... ahem..."

"Cute." that word was uttered by both twins in unison.

"I'd like to state for the record that transporting a dangerous, previously borg infected predator under anything aside from full stasis is a mistake." for this, both twins turned to the Captain, but only one of them spoke. The one that was silent took the chance to massage the bridge of her snout, trying desperately to fight off half a headache.

Lizzy grinned, "Barry is his name. You will get used to my funny way of thinking and tendency to blurt things out."

Paula looked back at Lizzy and said," Oh god She named it Barry," planting a hand over her face, she continued," Davina's already looking after your first pet," as she knew Lizzy would ask Davina and her friends to keep an eye on Barry. Paula sent a thought to Lizzy~ You do like to make my Daughter work don't you Sister~ as Paula still could not get over the Naming of the bear.

Lixor took a deep breath in and looked around the room, "so we are all good with the way this is turning out?" He shook his head, "we've achieved god status in their minds, thinking about setting them back technologically for a while and apparently unconcerned with the ramifications regarding the prime directive."

"As the current resident curiosity, please don't tell me what I'll get used to." Mel mentioned, still half buried in a muzzle rub. At Lixor's commentary she jumped at the chance to engage in meaningful discussion. "If i understand the situation properly, their society has already been impacted by the..."

"...presence of the Borg craft. By removing the influence of the Borg and returning their society to as close to status..."

"...quo as possible, we're undoing as much of the damage as possible. But there's damage done. We can't erase their..."

"...minds, but we can mark this world for distant observation, for long term tracking." The pair spoke in sequence, back and forth.

"First of all, Lizzy, No, we will not be removing any species from this planet, no matter what." Mercia said. "No bears, no former borg bears, no." she said firmly.

"Second, I agree with Torma, we need to return them as close as possible to what WOULD be normal if the borg hadn't crashed here, and then set up permanent long term observation." she said. "What do we need to do, to make this happen?" she asked.



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