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coching the science officer

Posted on Sat Mar 16th, 2019 @ 8:50pm by Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Jarland
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: Backpost

After the Captain had left her to shoot alone and wait for her Students, Paula had been taking scores for a six dozen round. As she was about to bring her bow arm up and draw back, she heard the holodeck doors open once more and stood there waiting for those that had entered the holodeck and be quiet whilst she was on the shooting line. As the doors closed Paula composed herself yet again lifting her bow arm and pulled back the string with her release aid and then let the arrow fly.

As she did so, she heard Lizzy’s voice in her head talking with T’Madh, as she sent back~ Can you both be quiet I’m trying to shoot, ~ as she finished the three arrows and blew a whistle through her lips. As she turned round to take her bow back to the waiting line, she noticed Lieutenant JG Mel Torma standing there. She said “Hi Lieutenant Torma, you interested in learning how to use a bow?” asking the question.

Upon being discovered, the pair took a step back, "I didn't mean to put any pressure." one of the twins mentioned, then the pair stepped forward. "I'm actually fascinated by the bow. A marvelous..." and the speaking twin stopped speaking, only for her sister to begin, picking up where the other left off.

"... Invention, and a revolutionary invocation. We never had anything like it." She paused for a moment.

"I'd love to learn."

Paula said” Good on you to try something new,” as she hadn’t spent much time with them, she asked,” May I ask which one is which?” hoping that she hadn’t been rude to them. As she then added,” Computer 1 training bow,” as she asked, “are you left handed or right handed?” as she needed to know to ask for a left handed one or a right handed bow. As she remembered something else from her own training day.

“Make a circle with you hand and then bring it back to your eye,” she stated looking back at them. She continued,” this will tell me what eye dominate you are,” as he hoped that they understood what she meant and quickly demonstrated what she wanted Torma to do.

"You most certainly may ask, but the answer may surprise you." One commented, then the other continued, "I'm a Dalacari, a binary lifeform. Two bodies, one mind, that's me." and the pair smiled. "I am Mel Torma." They said, in unison.

"It may be unusual, i understand. Think how it looks to me." the speaking twin giggled, then began to address her questions. "Both of my bioforms are right hand dominant, though as..."

"...far as eye dominance, I don't know." and as such, both forms went through the demonstrated motion to determine such. As expected, they had the same ocular dominance as each other. They really were identical.

"I'm wondering how you are going to hold the bow?" asked Paula looking at her new friend. As she watched as the training bow appeared before them, as did a tab, an arm guard and 3 sets of different length arrows. she also started to wonder which arm to put the arm Guard on as this was the first binary life form she had taught to shoot with a bow.

One of the binary forms picked up the bow, while the other looked and admired the design. "Okay, so... what's this?" the twin not holding the bow asked, while holding up the arm guard. The pair of them just paused for a moment, as though lost in thought, before the one with the bow started, "It may be easier for you to just think of me as any other student. Don't teach Mel Torma to use a bow. Teach *ME* to use a bow."

"If that helps." she clarified, with a smirk each.

Paula replied," What this does is protect your arm in case the string catches it," she stated looking at Mel, She continued," it will leave a nasty big bruise," as she strapped it on the opposite arm, She said," Computer, reset the target for 10 yards," as she knew that this would help her Student get started.

"Working" came the soft tones of the ship's computer.

Paula said," Now step up to the line and face me and bring your back foot slightly in front of the left," watching her student carefully as the science Officer followed her instructions. she knew that this was a challenge not just for her but for Mel Torma herself.

The twin with the bow took a stance as suggested, bringing her back foot where needed. Her other twin watched with a curiosity that would normally be reserved for children discovering a new species of bug, or the wonder of a field of fireflies. "This is so interesting. So is it a tension engine?" she asked, but it seemed more like she was asking herself.

The form with the bow in hand turned to Paula, and in a moment after so did the curious form. "Okay, I'm ready for the next step. I presume this is something of the optimal stance?" she asked. Her digitigrade stance was a little odd in comparison to the plantigrade stance of her instructor, but she stood where needed and stood as directed.


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