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Fly Away

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 6:56am by David Hawkins

Mission: Dream Catcher

Sitting at the helm of the massive bridge, David focused deeply into the read out coming into the console before him. The humming and vibration of the starship didn’t help as he tried hard to focus on his altitude. Looking up at the Holo-projected view port that replaced the main view screen flickered and flashed as he watched the flashing of lighting and clouds whisk by the ship. It was truly a marvel to be seen.

A loud explain was heard behind him from a console, which was met with warnings going off all around. He growled as he felt another gault come out of nowhere forcing him to quickly grasp the console for dear life. He looked down quickly to find that the altitude read out was starting to level off.

“Damn it!” he snapped as he quickly tapped in a couple more codes, forcing the bridge to quickly go dark, except for emergency lighting, control consoles, and the red flashing klaxon lighting from well-placed locations around them. He pressed another couple codes, and the sound of the ship’s thrusters kicked in without a warning. Another console erupted from behind, more than likely the engineering station, to make it the second. A loud warning erupted, this time, over all speakers.

“Warning! Containment breath of the secondary antimatter storage tanks,” the female voice of the computer called out from nowhere.

“Is that all?” David muttered irritated as he tried to keep focus of the controls before him.

Another explosion caused his head to jerk forward real quick, causing him to loss focus for a second before hearing the female voice again. “Warning hall breaches, decks 27 through 32, sections 11 through 13. Emergency force fields holding at sixty-seven percent and dropping.”

“Disable force fields and engage bulk heads!” David ordered as he tried to keep things going. But soon another alarm went off.

“Tractor beam emitter Two losing power.”

“Transfer secondary power to compensate.”

“Unable to comply"

“Explain!” the captain demanded as he felt another gault.

“Pathways have been severed due to secondary expiations in that section.”

“Freaking great… How long until we lose the tractor beam?”

“Forty-Six seconds.”

“Put it on the main viewer!” He ordered again as he heard the loud hum of the thrusters increase to quickly, before another explosion went off.


“…Let me guess,” David cut off listening to the computer as he looked over his controls to see what it was. “…A thruster just went offline…”

But when he noticed the issue, it hit him hard as he saw power dropping far faster than he had anticipated. Not one, but all thrusters had gone offline, due to an explosion from the primary thruster controls. As the ship was never designed to go into an atmosphere, they hadn’t put a lot of thought into the ships back up thruster systems as to be top priority. Panic came over him for a split second as he looked up at the view port and saw the horizon start to drop. The hum of power systems started to faint as he saw the percentage of the tractor beam dissipate and the holographic view of the borg ship was quickly brought up as the primary view.

The man watched as the tractor beam completely disappeared and the severely damaged ship dropped away from the ship in slow motion. Its greenish glow of power flow showed the outlines in the darkness of the night sky over what looked like camp fires here and there underneath them. Instinctively, he wanted to reach out with his arms and grab the image to stop it before it was too late to only find nothing but thin air.

It didn’t take long before the greenish tint of the darkened ship finally met the ground which quickly took up the view of a large bright explosion which lead to multiple chain explosions and degree started to drind off the bottom of the ship to cause a trail of degree in its wake as rolled over itself tumbling just enough space to cause hall fragments launch in multiple directions until it came to a complete stop as mounds of dirt and trees were smashed, uprooted or set on fire.

Soon, gravity underneath his own feet started to lighten and the feeling of weightlessness started to overcome him before he could express is irritation and cold hatred of failure could overcome him. But it didn't stop him as he used his feet to hold onto his chair from underneath as he slammed his fist on the console. Before him the airport silkscreen started to flash red with warnings and failures across the board. The hum of the ship decreasing in altitude could be heard through out the ship as it dropped like a rock in the air. Wind resistance was heard louder and louder as the horizon disappeared and the ground started to take precedence before him. It was only seconds until impact and he had no way out of this outcome.

He had failed yet again. The thought of losing so many lives and it being his fault overcame him. David knew it all to well as he had dropped his first ship into a planets ocean. Crashing one ship was bad enough and almost unbelievable, but a second ship, was even worse as he had worked so hard to build his reputation up once again. But now, he had crashed 2 ships, just minutes apart while killing a prewarp civilization...

The sound of rumbling and cracking mettle was heard as the ship first contacted the surface of the planet before the overwhelming brightness and unimaginable pain overwhelmed his hearing and his site before it completely disappeared and he found himself standing in a darkened room of the holiday. A long and deep sigh escaped his lips as he worked to calm his nerves. As he tried to think of the areas he failed at, he grabbed his drink that was next to the arch of the holodeck. Taking a drink of his water, he finally felt the irritation finally start to go away.

"Alright, computer... take fourteen. Reset simulation," he spoke up as he stretched before the room changed into the massive bridge of the Gladiator, empty except for himself. He was determined to get this down...


Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer


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