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Mission: Dream Catcher
Location: Shuttle bay

After dealing with a number of situations that came up that required her staff to work with the most panicked of the crew and also organising the children & pets, Lizzy was a bit busy but handling it. Walking down the corridor to the shuttle bay with T'Madh on one side and Fang behind on a string leash, she entered into the shuttle bay and was pleased that things seemed to be going quite well. She knew that T'Madh wasn't coping, and hoped it wouldn't distract Paula.

Between Security and Medical, the crew were getting into transport vehicles, and Lizzy just went over to an ensign, noting that T'Madh seemed a bit anxious and was glad she had prepared.

"Hello, I am Lieutenant Commander Caldera and this is Lieutuenant JG T'Madh. Where should we go?"

He checked and pointed it out, "You will be senior officer with some junior ones, okay?"


Leading T'Madh over, Lizzy entered to find three men inside, who seemed quite young. One of them from the polit's chair smiled to her then saw Fang and jumped, "Hello, Oh.. Commander. I think that is all. I am Ensign Ham Nortigar from Helm and I'll be your pilot. Is your tiger going to be safe here?"

Lizzy grinned, "Call me Lizzy, and this is T'Madh. Don't worry about Fang, he is robotic and can shut down. Fang, off."

The robotic tiger lay down to the side and switched off, sleeping.

Lizzy smiled, "I think there should be one more. Anyway, what are your names?"

A darker skinned man spoke, "I'm Barry White and am an Ensign in Operations. Yes, I know - some singer from a long time ago."

The last man spoke, "I'm Charlie Bryne, and am in Engineering. Do we have anyone with medical skills?"

T'Madh spoke, "Elizabeth has some medical training."

Lizzy grinned as a moment later, a woman with purple hair entered, "Sorry I'm later."

"No worries, Crewman. What's your name and which department?"

"Penny Anders, Ma'am. I work in the loungue as a cook, Commander."

Lizzy nodded, "We can go by first names. I'm Lizzy and this is T'Madh, Ham, Barry and Charlie. Let's get settled in."

After everyone settled in, Lizzy brought out a bottle of juice from the bag she had brought a little white pill, which she handed to T'Madh, "Here."

T'Madh turned to her wife and though, { Excuse me. What is this? Are you trying to roofie me? }

Lizzy sighed, { No, it isn't a roofie. Just something to calm you. It is alprazolam, an anti-anxiety drug. Short term is okay. I can sense you are worried and don't want to distract Paula. }

T'Madh frowned and was about to complain but took the pill.

{Thank you. And neither do I. I have been trying to hide it. }


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