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Posted on Tue Aug 1st, 2017 @ 7:23am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi] & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Dream Catcher

The flames subsided as the ship's hall glowed from the increased friction from the atmosphere. The glow cooled down and the ship's lighting external lighting flickered before sections deactivated to cause it invisible to the naked eye in the darkness of the night. Clouds rushed past the massive modern technological marvel as the dark clouds started to swirl and became irritated. Lightening contacted the shielding of the ship and rain started to come down.

At the helm of the ship, David looked over the controls before looking up at the view port viewscreen. He nodded at Mercia and all around the bridge, the lighting on the bridge dropped completely only to have the console lighting and emergency klaxon lighting. He then spoke up from his controls. "ETA, one minute. Zeti, how do we look?"

"We're still in the green," Zeti spoke up, looking up from her console. "Once we're stable and lock onto the ship and start pulling it off of the surface."

"Engage thrusters for hovering capabilities," Hawkins ordered as he engaged reverse engines to slow them down even more. "Sixty-five percent vertical thrust, Kavi. Winchester, bring tractor emitters online."

John Hayter looked over the command console of the captain's chair as he oversaw the power flow regulators and noticed that the nacelle and internal lighting was on in some areas. He worked on overriding the lighting, to help out as he spoke up. "Zeti, darling, are the nacelle still lit up or is that a glitch," Hayter asked wandering.

"With out the warp drive active we'd be a bit more like a big ancore than a starship," Zeti shot a rather disbelieving look at the meathead. "Just be quiet while the adults are working."

The sound of thrusters were heard, even from their place on the bridge. Being pressed to almost their max was an understatement as the ship leveled off in the darkness of night during a large lightning storm. Still high enough off the ground, the Gladiator was hidden from sight as they had hoped, but the shielding had started to attract lightning strikes. Now it was a race against time as David brought the ship to a hover over the borg ship below.

“Alright, Engage the tractor beam,” the Captain called out as he kept a close eye on the ship’s altitude before him on the console and the holo-screen read out.

"Tractor beam engaged Captain," Zeti spoke up, still keeping a close eye on hull stress and power levels.

A mix of the thruster engines, massive shaking from the lightening strikes and the tractor beam drowned out the most sounds as they focused highly on their work and tried to balance the systems. The first jolt was nominal at first until the ship shook much harder.

“What the…” Hayter muttered out from the captain’s chair. “…Winchester, you getting this reading?”

Paula replied," Yeah I am," as she looked back at her screen at the Security/Tactical station. She continued," and where the hell were they hiding?" as that was the question that ran through her mind as she noticed fourteen small craft heading their way.

"Shuttles are taking fire!" Emmah called out.

“Emmah, order all fighters and able shuttle and runabout to take action now! Call all fighters back from the outer rim of the solar system, and they are authorized to use whatever means to get back asap!” David ordered as he started to see the weapons fire starting to effect their altitude. “I need ideas, and fast, like yesterday. I’m going to need full thrusters, but I can see ship wide failure here as well!”

Emmah was working quickly to send orders. She pressed her hands tot he computer console and interfaced directly with the commuter, rather than trying to slow herself down to type out and verify the orders to be sent. "Shuttles pull together in a defensive pattern, Fighters, get back in to a defensive proximity."

Zera heard the call and turned his fighter around to head back toward the planet, and as he got closer he could see the weapons fire from what he recognized as Raiders. "Merrick, take your team and start attack pattern Gamma, mine will cover you," he said into his earpiece.

"Aye, sir," came the response. After a moment, a group of the fighters broke off from the main group and started their run.

Zera took his own team and made a bit of an arch before heading right for the group of Raiders opening fire on the ship. "Fire at will," he said to both teams.

On the bridge new alarms were being added in, as the ship was now struggling to lift the borg ship, and defend itself.

The blue scanned his console intent on finding a fix for the situation, "If we modify our shielding we can increase the effective hull strength enough to hold it together. We could use antigravity to help raise the bulk of the ship."

"There goes the stealth option," Zeti's finger moved over the console and started refocused power to their defenses, as well as up the out put of the warp core. "I'm pulling the cube up, just keep these bastards busy."

As the ship strained to pull the diamond, the hull was taking a beating from the raiders who were targetting specific spots. Mercia growled, "Son of a..." she growled from the ops station. "Fighters, defend the engines and the deflector dish." she called.

"Captain, the raiders are cutting off the civilian shuttles and moving them away from the surface." Emmah said feeling like they were being herded like cattle.

"Can we spare enough fire power to blast these bastards?" Mercia yelled over to Zeti.

All of a sudden, one of the civilian shuttles began releasing a cloud of mist from behind which slowly began enveloping one of the raiders that came close. A moment later, the shuttle rocketed forward a bit as the gas ignited, catch the raider in a fiery explosion, and the little shuttle did a wild crazy loop-de-loop for a bit before stopping.

Merrick and his team came up right behind the Raiders and opened fire, which made some scatter. Others turned around and guarded the ones doing the bulk of the work before attacking with their own weapons. "Split!" The group of fighters split in half, going in opposite directions before the fighters fanned out to take on more individual ships.

Zera came in closer to the Gladiator, his own group of fighters following suit, and as they did their runs he noticed that the ship was trying to gain altitude. It also meant more Raider eyes on them, as even more came to swarm the ship. It seemed like for every Raider the fighters destroyed, there was one to take its place.

He then saw a weapons blast from one of the fighters miss and strike the hull of the ship. "We're supposed to be protecting the ship, not helping destroy it, you moron!" Zera hissed into the comms. He then took his team low and right into the swarm of Raiders. As the Bajoran flew toward a group of about ten, he ordered his team to disperse before charging up an electric charge that should, should, disable the Raiders at minimum.

"You want to play dirty, you got it," he muttered to himself. Once he entered the group, he set off the charge, and looking in his rear sensors he could tell that it did what he wanted it to, more or less. Two Raiders, the ones closest in proximity, went up in a firey explosion, and 6 of them had sparks dancing across their hulls. There were two that appeared to take damage but weren't disabled.

"Merrick to Zera, a group of Raiders are herding the shuttles," a voice tickled in his ear.

"Take your team and go after them," Zera responded. He heard acknowledgement as he circled around to make another run.

As Merrick approached the shuttles, he noticed that the Raiders really only fired on them if they didn't move, and even then it was more of a warning shot than an actual damaging blow. "Alright, fellas, let's kick them out of orbit," he said, following up with an attack pattern. A little grin slid across his lips as he aimed his nose right at the lead Raider, ignoring the proximity alert screaming at him, then at the last minute adjusted his course so he did a flyby, the two ships narrowly missing. "Got your nose," he joked. His joking demeanor changed when a couple Raiders opened fire on him, causing him to evade.

To the side, he saw one fighter explode in a firey ball, leaving him one short. Damnit. "Take 'em out, boys!" Merrick ordered, making his own turn to come back at the group and make another run.

David looked up over his controls on his console, he watched trying to see what was causing such a frenzy. But his focus was broken as the ship shook under weapons fire, and he quickly adjusted the altitude pushing the thrusters past their limits. "I think that should answer your question on fire power capabilities. Zeti!"

"I'm giving her all she's got Captain!" Zeti called from the engineering station as the Gladiator shook under some more weapons fire. "We need to get this tub back into space."

"If I use the Impulse Engines, is there anything in the atmosphere that could be effected by our propulsion?" David asked quickly to his Science staff.

"The atmosphere is a standard high-nitrogen oxygen blend. Nothing in the atmosphere should affect, or be affected, by our impulse propulsion." Mel fielded. "Though I must caution that the..."

"... usage of the Impulse engines at anything above one quarter may make us *slightly* more visible to the ground at night."

"Well, we will have to risk it. Zeti, bypass safety systems and engage the impulse engines. Once we get some speed, point us up and use our engines to get us out of here. Drop shielding if needed. Its a damn battle ship, she can handle some direct hits. Plus we have all our people up in space, and only the bridge and engineering are manned," David ordered as he worked the control panels.

"They're already online, we don't need to drop the shields yet," Zeti answered, she tapped several commands as she was bringing up what was left for the Borg ship.

The ship hummed even louder as Hawkins adjusted the angle of the ship to allow for them to use their impulse engines. It was highly frowned upon for impulse engines to be used in the atmosphere of a planet, but wasn't completely a no-no either as it could react to the atmosphere of some planets. From what he could tell, he had no other option except to get into space, and get to his people.

"When we get high enough and can ease up on the power usage on the engines, bring weapons online," David ordered again regretting some of his own ideas planned out. It was, no doubt, going to be one of those days to which he was going to regret. "What I wouldn't do for a bottle of rum..." he muttered to himself as he plot the course over a large ocean well out of the way of any of the population. If anything were to happen, at least they could...

Mercia's eyes got wide as she looked at the read outs, "The diamond is losing structural integrity!" she called. She start to swear as the raiders swarmed in firing on Gladiator. She could take it, but the borg ship wouldn't. "Zeti! We're loosing the bottom half!" she yelled.

Lixor's dark eyes looked from screen to controls, 'If power is diverted from essentials we could do a wave phasion plasma burst, just once, and increase power to our shields." He shook his heads, so much for being a technology superior species."

The chief engineer looked up from her console for a moment, everything was happening very quickly and she needed to take a deep breath and think it through. The ship was shaking, Mercia was panicking and she could see where David was heading, instead of trying to hold the whole thing she redirected her efforts. "Captain, I can hold the whole ship for a short period, head for a deep part of the ocean. I'll keep what I can and we'll drop the rest in the water."

"Got it!" David followed the engineer's instructions as he operated the controls. The ship shook hard as the massive machine turned hard port. It didn't take a read out as the crew quickly noticed that the internal dampeners were offline. People quickly gripped down on their consoles or hand rests as they tried to continue to do their work with the other hand. "Hold on almost there... Mercia, Scan the depth of the ocean."

"Showing 2000 meters." she said. "A little further Hawkins, and we'll hit the deepest part, just over 11000 meters. Damn thats a hell of a drop." she commented.

"Ooook...." Hawkins responded in an almost calming voice as he gripped the controls by his fingertips as he seemed to also do what he used to as a fighter pilot and leaned into the direction that he was about to head into to reduce the shock and partly feeling that his weight change helped. It was an old common thing for humanoids to do to try and use his/her own weight to effect the object at hand.

"That it! 11000 meters! Let fall what needs to fall." Mercia called out.

"Stepping back the power supply on the tractor beam!" Hayter called out trying to help out as he could tel that Zeti was busy with regulating power supplies, so he tapped into the tactical station and worked his magic of the controls. At that very instant, time to stand still, as the bridge crew watched an image on the holo-view power broke away from the upper half of the borg ship. THey watched, helplessly as the lower half of the diamond shaped starship flickered and sparked from the separation and loss of what little power supply it had from the rest of the ship. It didn't take long before they saw the ship hit the surface of the ocean, just enough to see parts of the ship break off, do to the impact of the body of water, and cause a splash and what looked like large waves outward as the ship started to sink into the depths of the surface of the planet's ocean.

Thrusters pushed the ship back into a direction for escaping the planet's atmosphere as David tried to get everyone focused at the job at hand. "Lixor, Mel," He spoke loud enough to break people's focus on the view screen. "Check to make sure that the waves we just made isn't going to create a tsunami. If so, we need to prevent any damage I need the rest of the bridge crew focused on getting this ship back into orbit and blowing the shit out of those damn Raiders. Zeti, full power to the engines and thrusters, once we get to speed, Transfer all available power to the weapons."

Zeti let out a low growl, she'd already been bringing power to the engines and refocusing what she could off of the rest of the Borg ship to other parts of the ship. "I've got the computer calculating how big the wave it's going to be and how much damage it's going to do. I recommend pulling some of the shuttles to help take some of the energy out of the wave."

"Emmah, Order all shuttles that can help deflect some of the waves in the direction of the life forms on the costs to get in there. Prime Directive is a back seat now," David called out over his work and the workings of the ship shacking violently. He knew all to well that this was going to be one hell of a report and backlash to all that he was allowing happen. It was no doubt that he was breaking the all mighty prime directive but it was only getting worse and worse.

"Captain... the shuttles are under attack from the raiders, They're herding them away from the planet. None of them are in atmo, or close enough to have any effect on the waves." Emmah said.

Mercia looked over the information, "Winchester, there is enough power in the phasors to disrupt the raiders and give the shuttles a chance to at least get back to us." she said. "Fire two shots, make them count. Emmah coordinate the shuttles and fighters."

"Aye." Emmah replied back and closed her eyes sending orders to every shuttle and fighter, calculating what they needed to do and when.

"Aye ma'am, just say the word and I'll give em the double Winchester blast," replied Paula looking back at Kavi.

"Fire" Emmah said to Winchester, as she coordinated with the shuttles. A simultaneous show of light scattered across the sky as every one fired at once. It was enough to cut the raiders off and the shuttles bolted back for Gladiator, several of them took the chance to dive down in to the atmo. There was no hiding what was happening now, civilizations were going to see them, but to save their lives there was no choice.

"Shuttles enroute to slow the waves." Emmah called.

Speeds increased dramatically as the clouds seemed to fade away as the distant stars started to take precedence as the mighty space ship found itself starting to kiss the edges of the vacuum of space. She shifted ever so slightly as it turned its attention to the weapons fire and alien ships that were trying to bring the Gladiator back down, only to finally meet its true defense as the shields light up, taking the brunt of the energy weapons impact. Like a predator staring at its new meal, the battleship seemed to stare directly at the oncoming waves of enemy weapons fire as though it were dust in the wind as its phaser banks started to glow showing her teeth in true response.

Within seconds, there was a light show like no other as the Gladiator showed her awesome might as its phasers and torpedoes launched out before her. The shuttles and Runabouts, that were easy targets as they had balled up to protect the cargo of the battleship, was soon met with a sigh of relief as the smaller attack ships started to scatter, only for a short time, before they were picked off like flies by the battleship and her support fighters. The shadow overcame the group as the Gladiator soon took position over the squadron of support craft. Within moments, the Gladiator’s Shields engulfed the support craft along with the remaining upper half of the borg ship that was still in tow.

A massive turn of events came forth now, as the Gladiator and her support fighters quickly cleared the smaller craft with ease. They soon turned their focus on the larger crafts, only to see their true colors as the attacking aliens quickly were forced to turn away and warp out of range of the weapons fire. This brought a sigh of relief as David leaned back in the Helm chair and rubbed his eyes for a moment.

“Good work all,” the Captain started as he shook his head. “Recall all support craft and get our supplies back on the ship and accounted for. I want a full report of personal and supplies we just lost. I also want a trace on that damn Raid group and have the fighter squadron on full alert in close proximity of this ship ready for any possible retaliation from whoever that was. And I want to know who the hell that was, and if possible, where they came from. I’d like to give them a piece of my mind.”

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