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Meeting a new friend

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Location: outside the Petting ZOO-Memphis Island
Timeline: MD 1-09:00 Hrs

Finally Lisa could relax after the Security incident that they had. Lisa now after finishing the last report, she had found some time that she could do some reading of her favourite novels or head to the beach for a swim or go shopping on Memphis Island’s promenade, now she had a choice to make, and it was an easy one make and that was shopping. A chance to get out of the office for a few hours, No reports no yelling at Security officers, just a few hours of fun and what better way to spend it than to be with a friend.

She tapped her com-badge and said,” Creed to Richardson,” as she started to get changed into a silver braided top and black pants with blue flat shoes, she also made sure that her hair was fine as she looked back in the mirror. She continued,” Would you like to have a girly day today and go shopping with me?”

She heard, =/\= “Richardson here, Sure I’d love to as I have no plans made for today,”=/\= Sasha replied over the com channel, She continued, =/\=” Be a good chance for us to get to know one another and bond”, =/\= as Lisa knew that they hadn’t spent a great deal of time together and it was about time they did. As she continued to brush her hair.
Lisa replied,” Meet me at the petting zoo in say 30 minutes, Creed out” as she put the brush back down on her vanity table and rose from her seat. As she did so, Lisa walked over to her wardrobe and found a red Jacket that Paula had bought her for Christmas and hadn’t had the chance to wear it until now. As she pulled it off the hanger and slipped it on, she found that it fit rather snuggly and then picking up her personal phaser and strapped it to her thigh. Lisa turned and headed out of her quarters for the Zoo.

[Meanwhile in Sasha’s Quarters]

After receiving the call from Lisa. Sasha could not believe that Lisa had asked her to join her on a shopping trip. It had been a total surprise as she loved shopping as the next girl and wondered what they would end up getting, as she remembered that she had a crush on the woman and hadn’t had the nerve to tell her. Maybe today was the day she did.

As she opened her wardrobe and began to scan the contents for suitable attire to wear, Sasha wanted to look absolutely fabulous for Lisa, something that would make her unable to keep her eyes off of her and something that would make her desirable. Just then she noticed a crop top that would show off her Assets along with a blue set of Pants and thigh high boots, She thought~ I hope that does the trick, ~ as she pulled the ensemble out of the wardrobe and started to get dressed.

Whilst she did, she wondered if Lisa missed Paula who was away on a mission at the moment and Davina who was at the Academy here on Memphis Island that much and if she were to tell Lisa about her crush on her. Would Lisa be betraying Paula by looking at another Woman or even thinking about sleeping with another woman? As she pulled the crop top over her head and pull it over her breasts so it fit her snuggly showing her Assets. As she finished getting dressed and picked up her own personal weapon and strapped it to her thigh Sasha checked her hair in the mirror and applied her makeup she turned to leave her quarters for the day’s trip with Lisa, she thought~ I hope she likes this,~ as she exited the room and head towards the rendezvous point.

[30 Minutes later]
[Outside Memphis Island Petting Zoo]

As Lisa stood outside the Petting zoo which was home to BOBO the baby giraffe that Paula’s friend had brought back to the Base to care for after a mission, Lisa hadn’t been fond of this idea but when she had learned of the reason why she understood. As she watched for her friend Sasha Richardson, She heard, “Hey Aunt Lisa” she turned to See Davina in her Cadet’s uniform heading towards her and knew that when in uniform she was to be addressed as Lieutenant Creed and was soon to remind her of it.

“Don’t you mean Lieutenant Creed, Cadet Winchester?” replied Lisa to her Partner’s Daughter. As Davina came to a halt in front of her. As she looked once more at Davina with a sense of pride herself Like Paula had when receiving the news from Captain Hawkins that Davina had been accepted into Starfleet Academy.
“Yes ma’am, Sorry Ma’am,” replied Davina.

“May I ask why you are here Cadet?” Lisa asked Davina formally as she continued,” When If I remember your schedule that you are supposed to be in Tactical class,” looking at the young cadet hoping that Davina was not slouching off from class, because if that was the case the Paula would be very angry with her.

Davina replied,” I have special orders ma’am, I am BOBO’s keeper as part of my science studies,” she looked back at her Aunt, She continued,” Lieutenant Caldera asked Captain Hawkins to assign me to BO BO,” as she knew the animal had now gotten used to Davina now and she used to BO BO.

Lisa looked back at her and replied,” Looks like I am going to have words with the Lieutenant,” as this was not good, “This is interfering with your classes and I shall not let this happen,” she stated looking back at Davina. She finished,” Does your mom know about this arrangement?” hoping that Paula hadn’t been in the know.
“Yeah she does, it was her idea to teach me humility and work in a team,” replied Davina as she looked back at Lisa. She continued,” After she had heard that a few of my team members had nearly caused a Cadet to leave as she likes women,” looking back at her Aunt as she finished,” After I stepped in and had a go back at them and they turned on me.”

“And what punishment did they get?” asked Lisa inquiring as she was going to ask for names when she knew Davina’s squad. As she kept an eye out for Sasha who was supposed to meet here. She looked back at Davina and asked again,” I asked a question Cadet?”

“We all got the same punishment Ma’am looking after the animals, but Lieutenant Caldera asked that I have Bo BO,” as she noticed the giraffes head poking over the small fence. Davina looked up and said,” I’ll be there in a minute sweetie,” as the giraffe disappeared back into his pen again.
“And the young Cadet?” asked Lisa.

Davina replied,” Well, she has latched herself on to me and has told everyone that I’m now her lover,” looking back at her mother’s own partner, she continued,” I know how you and Mom are, but I want a boy,” as she wanted kids the white picket fence and all that. But with this rumour going around it will kill the boys off of her.

“I see,” replied Lisa. She continued,” I better not keep you from your duties cadet, Dismissed,” as she watched Davina give a short nod of her head and leave her side and head into the zoo to feed the giraffe. Just then Lisa heard the sultry tones of Sasha Richardson.

“Hi Lisa, you look fabulous,” Sasha stated looking at her friend. She continued,” and hot and Sexy as hell,” as she walked up to Lisa and gave her a large grin. Lisa just gave a smile back taking the compliment in her stride and just realising that Sasha fancied her, which was not a problem for her to say the least. As it made her feel wanted as a woman.

She replied,” Why thank you Sasha, and so do you look horny as hell in that attire,” as she wanted to make her feel the same way that she was attractive and good looking. She finished,” Shall we go shopping now that we have made a pass at each other?” keeping her gaze on her friend.

Sasha replied,” Yeah, let’s Go,” as they both headed towards the promenade for their girly day out of shopping and lunch and drinks. And maybe a sauna and a massage.


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