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Fall out

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:35pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)

Mercia sat on the edge of Davids desk her arms folded. They'd just been through the start of the reports and predictions coming about the mistake they had made, which may have caused irreparable harm to the planet below. "Maybe they'll kick us both out." she murmured as they waited for Mel to arrive. Mel had been given the task of examining what would happen to the civilizations now, and in the years to come.

"It's grounds to but we never expected the Raiders. Their primary argument is why didn't we call and sit there in orbit as unseen peace keepers," he started off. "But we did have orders to deal with the threat in whatever means possible. So I'm more than sure we will get to hear some admirals bitching."

"Oh fun." she rolled her eyes. "I'll just stick my tongue out at them, that's mature right?" she asked.

A few moments later the door swished open and the twin forms of Mel Torma stepped in, each carrying a small bundle of PaDDs. "I apologize about the calculations taking so long. If I had an Engine this would be easier, but if I had an Engine we'd have a lot less trouble down there." the lead bioform mentioned in a tone that almost suggested humor. Always breaking the ice, that one.

"Just give me a moment to get the presentation set up on this end. I put a copy of my notes on these here for you..." and one of the twins handed Mercia and David each a PaDD of their own, "... and for you." finished her twin as she handed the final PaDD over. "Purely for reference."

With her twin distracting the command staff, the other bioform had finished preparing the briefing. "All in all, the damage isn't terrible. That's not to say there ISN'T damage, but on a scale from zero to twelve, we're really only dealing with about a seven." she began, and the image she decided to start off with was an orbital view of the planet itself.

"The hows, first. At an undetermined time prior, the borg vessel was either drawn to this planet to mark for assimilation or passing through the system at sublight when it was..."

"... struck by an object of significant size and velocity. Judging from the readings we took on the surface, it was some form of meteor or comet. One potential is that the object was..."

"... on a collision course with the planet, which would be classified as an extinction level event. The Borg craft absorbed or deflected most of the impact, but was sufficiently damaged and..."

"... crashed on the planet below. Crippled further by the impact, this would explain most of the loss of drones and the low power situation we encountered." the image on the screen zoomed in to the the crater the craft was found in.

"The impact crater suggests that the Borg craft was headed at immense speed when it hit. Recorded logs from the away teams also suggested that the native populace suffered casualties when the..."

"... event occurred. As odd as these words are for me to say, there's a good chance the Borg did these people a favor by being in the right place at the wrong time." the pair took turns with their report, so they did the two command staff present a favor by staying in generally the same location. In front, side by side, with the primary screen in front of them.

"These are the events that led up to us finding the indigenous populace in the state we found them in. As for how we left them, well..." the one trailed off.

"We've removed the infection, as it were, and now the system must heal. The populace is aware now of beings beyond at least their world. Be they gods or just men like them..."

"... these people now know they are not alone. I've already prepped a trio of probes to monitor the situation as it unfolds: Two for orbital observation and one on the planet's..."

"... primary moon. I'll personally remove any identifying markings from all the probes used to further distance ourselves from this event." the pair paused for a moment. "Since we know the populace's linguistics, I wanted to ask if it would be prudent to include a message of peace and good will to them, and an inspiring message..."

"... to play once they reach their moon and discover the probe there." she paused, "Seeing as they know, and I doubt this will be removed from their oral history."

Taking in the information so far, David could already hear the earful he and Mercoa were about to get once the report got back to Starfleet Command. It wasn't a surprise but this broke the prime Directive and lives were lost in the wake of the attacks by raiders and who knew what else.

"You have permission to do the probes. Keep marks on them though as the probes will be sending information back to Starfleet command anyway. All they would have to do is piggy back on that very signal and find the target frequencies and what I highly doubt with that bottom half on the floor of the ocean, we will be coming back in the near future. We may have destroyed most of the bottom half with our torpedoes, but first still down there, none the less," the captain spoke up before nodding to Kavi as he went back to resting his lips and chin on his left hand pondering about the implications.

Mercia looked down at one of the padds and moved her fingers over the surface sending the data to one of the large screens on the wall so they could look at it together. "Not all of it likely will stay on the ocean floor. Movement of water might wash some of it up to the surface, and we know borg tech is resilient. Water might not destroy it all. Any idea how the contaminations might effect the ocean species?" Mercia asked. "Also, if we leave a probe with markings that might indicate responsibility, do we want to do that?" she wondered.

"In so far as the wreckage, let's not underestimate the power and patience of water. Enough pressure, and the possible erosive qualities of the salt in the ocean..."

"... should deal with even the Borg resilience given time. I doubt the native populace is going to invent abyssal level scuba in the next decade."

A pause between the two, "As for responsibility and markings, tricky and definitely a case for the Prime Directive if we leave behind evidence with clear markings. Which is why I was thinking..."

"... of handling the recording of the message myself. Being an entity that the native populace never encountered, and looking very little like them, I wouldn't trigger any..."

"... form of mad dash through the history books." a pause, "And my briefing does indeed cover the raiders and their presence, but I wanted to address the most important facts first."

"and that is a whole other thing. those raiders had a loss today, but they're certainly well enough funded they might come back here. I feel like we're leaving the planet vulnerable if these guys can manage to get to the borg remains." Mercia said. "Do you think its plausable they'll come back?" she asked Mel.

"They were expecting native resistance and encountered us. They obviously don't care about the Prime Directive, so the list of possible financiers is limited." one pointed out, a look of slight annoyance crossing the face of the silent twin. They skipped ahead! T... they skipped ahead. Calm down Mel. Take a breath. Hold it. Slowly...

"Though, at almost six kilometers deep, the concern isn't their return. The remains of the wreck are practically inaccessible, even by Federation or even Dalacari standards."

Mercia nodded and folded her arms, "Thats comforting. So these probes, can we leave a command for a signal to be sent to the federation once its encountered or activated? unless of course someone else happens across it and the natives don't end up finding it..." she said. "Maybe we need to leave it so it responds to genetic markers?" she suggested.

"I don't think we have to be THAT concerned. If another species makes it to this planet's moon and finds the probe, I think we'd want to be informed just as much." one pointed out.

"But now that we're *on* the topic of the raiders..." wow, knock a Dalacari off their schedule and it really bothers them, "...the Borg craft was obviously their target. The indigenous people were of little concern or value."

"The fact that they ONLY appeared when we were in the middle of removing the craft points to this being the most likely scenario. The question becomes who..."

"... stands to profit from Borg craft salvage. The answer, unfortunately, is everyone. From legitimate research into combating them, to illegitimate research into their..."

"... offensive and defensive weaponry systems. Not to mention material science to reinforce hulls and primary load bearing structures."

"Star Fleet has had to guard borg tech since forever. This is an illegal salvage, however... we're not in federation space, so what can we really do about it?" Mercia asked.

"Starfleet will send an armed salvage operation out this way as soon as it lands on the desk of the head of security if not before. So within a week, I'd say the will have a Task Group, all capable of Slipstream travel, heading this way," David spoke up before he sighed. "The probes can be launched. But more than likely, someone with more brass than me will collect those probes, and clean up the tech while at the same time, cleaning the area of any possible chance of our existence here in the system and on the planet. They have a special department for such issues. It's almost sickening in some ways."

"If I may?" Mel paused as she offered an alternative. "It's a peacekeeping operation to ensure that more damage isn't done."

"Our hand, well your hand but t... you get the idea. Our hand was forced the moment the ship crashed on that planet. Action had to..."

"... be taken otherwise the Borg would have a solid foothold in this sector which is, as you could imagine, entirely unacceptable. Infiltration of the populace was necessary..."

"... to gauge how much damage was done. This was a bad situation from the word go. I think we did the best with the cards we were dealt." a pause, "That's the right analogy, yes?"

"We have something like poker back home. Except there's a communal set of cards. And we only get three cards." a pause, "So it's actually nothing like poker."

She cleared her throats, "Apologies. Now, as for the raiders there isn't enough information to determine their financier at the time, but if someone wants Borg technology this badly..."

"... I imagine we'll see them again soon. Perhaps the probes remaining here to monitor the situation is a good thing for the system's continued survival." she made the point specifically to help David's eventual talk with the brass about said probes.

"I like her," David smirked lightly as he pointed to one of the twin life form, as he looked at Kavi. "Back in your ballpark there, Number One..."

Mercia looked between them, "Honestly going after the raiders is.... out of our hands." she said. "Believe me I want to, but we're not even in federation space. In all honesty we were more the intruders than they were." she said. "Can we actually try and find them? If they're not federation or with in federation space we have no right to take them out. I think we'd be better off sending word through some..." she cleared her throat. "underground connections... and maybe we'd find out a bit more, or maybe even ensure these guys don't get any closer to federation space. Bosses and merchants are very territorial." she commented.

Mel waited until there was a pause before one of her twin forms raised a hand. "I may have a solution. Or at least an out." she started, "The problem arises when we look at the two situations as one event. In regards to the Borg craft, I really don't anticipate anyone..."

"... consciously saying that removing the Borg from a populated planet was the wrong choice, so in that venue I believe we, the royal we, are alright." a pause. The next twin took the conversation from there. "In regards to the raiders and our authority, well, they attacked us. Authority or not, we're allowed to defend ourselves under Federation law, yes?"

"They attacked us, while we were administering aid to a planet by removing an active Borg presence. We only retaliated in defensive postures, and we did not follow them to attack their..."

"... base of operations. We merely drove them off." a pause, "Back home, one of my good friends was a Ts'usugi looking to get into the judiciary system. He was good." a smirk as the other twin began, "He could talk a pear tree into dropping grapes."

"BUT the matter here is that we were attacked, and we only acted in self-defense." The two forms then turned to Mercia, "As for you, ma'am, that sounded pretty bad. Probably nothing, but you might want to get that cough looked at. Could turn into something ..."

"... unpleasant if it isn't followed up on." there was a smirk there. A solid smirk.

"But, aside from that, this concludes my report proper. A copy of which, minus the side commentary, is on each of the PaDDs provided." and the pair stood at attention, concluding their report officially.

This took some time for Hawkins to thoroughly think all of it through before he finally took in a deep breath and nodded as he looked at his first officer and their new science officer. "Alright," he started off as he slowly looked between the two, we will look into what to expect from Star Fleet admirals."Get that report sent in and we will send in our reports as well. Kavi, go ahead and get us to the nearest station to drop off this. We will see what those do with this. Questions?"

Mercia nodded firmly, "Nearest is DS 13, then back to Memphis Island for resupply." she said. She nodded to the twin forms and David before leaving the office.

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