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Unusual Combat Casualty

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Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Shuttle
Timeline: Backposted to Combat incident

At the pilot's seat, Ham watched the Gladiator go down into the atmosphere and smiled as Lizzy slipped into the co-pilot's seat, "They are going in, Comman.. sorry, Lizzy, and we will lose visual soon."

Lizzy nodded, "It's fine, Ham. This plan is risky, but the crew over there are the best and the Captain will get them through."

Although she wasn't really the best trained for this - being a counsellor and having just managed to pass some aspects of her Academy courses that dealt with that, she had managed to scrape through enough in her training to be a Lieutenant Commander since. She wasn't fully bridge certified yet, but working on it anyway.

Watching the sensors, she could see the fighters and the other civilian vessels. So when the sign of 14 incoming vessels showed up, she spoke, "Ensign. Everyone, red alert."

Lizzy knew the protocols off by heart, and behind them, the small little crew lept to action.

Ham nodded, "Aye aye, Commander. I see them. Shields up."

Ensign White nodded, "Shields are up now, and transferring power to combat situation."

T'Madh moved to the Sensors, not as anxious but still quite awake. Lizzy was pleased that Vulcan biochemistry seemed to be quite good at fighting some of the effects, and realised it had been a dumb-ass move on her part which she would make sure to note for later - don't roofie your wife with a sedative in a crisis.

Charlie moved to the Engineering console, preparing the shuttle for whatever it could do. Lizzy spoke, "Crewman Anders, you can help Ensign Byrne if we get attacked, okay? Just follow his directions."

Penny nodded, "Yes, Ma'am."

Lizzy fought back a shudder as she watched outside, "Ensign, you will be better at flight combat tactics then I am, so you have full authority."

"Gotcha, Commander."

WHen the order came in from the Gladiator to go to action and form defensive, Lizzy sent an non-audio acknowledgement as Ham flew the shuttle into the right spot.

The outside shields took some hits and shook a little & then Lizzy spotted a raider wiz by them. Turning to Charlie, she asked, "How hard is it to ignite shuttle fuel with shuttle engines?"

"What do you mean?"

"Dump some fuel in a cloud and then when that guy goes through it, ignite it so he burns. It might cripple it."

"Possibly. I'll need some help."

Lizzy nodded, getting up as Penny came over too, "How can we help?"

Charlie nodded, and between the three of them, they adjusted settings while T'Madh and Ham planned out the right path and time.

It took a few minutes and then when everyone was strapped in, Charlie pressed the button to begin releasing a mist of fuel. T'Madh timed the path and then spoke, "Three. Two.. One.. Now."

Ham fired the engines at full power and then the whole shuttle shook as the explosion behind send the little shuttle rocketing forwards, twisting and looping until the reverse thrusters got it back to normal.

It was at that point, that a spray shot out from an upper conduit that had ruptured, hitting Lizzy. She yelped in surprise as a very cold sensation splashed across her, and fell back out of her chair, rolling away from it. The co-pilot's console where she had been sitting was still being sprayed, ice forming and the glass cracking under the temperature change

Charlie turned and spoke, "Shit. That's coolant. Get your uniform off fast, Commander before it freezes. Penny, blankets and med kit! I'll shutdown that section.."

Penny nodded, "Aye."

Lizzy began quickly tearing off the uniform with T'Madh's help as Penny raced and returned with some blankets from the back. Between Penny and T'Madh, they helped get the contaminated uniform off and wrapped the now-shivering counsellor up in blankets.

T'Madh spoke, using a towel to rub Lizzy's hair, "Trust you to find a way to loose your uniform in this situation, Elizabeth."

Lizzy frowned and chattered, "Bite me. Think. okay.. quick.. acting.. but cold. We.. need. to. give. it. a. funeral."

Charlie grinned from the console and spoke, "I am glad but we can skip the funeral for a uniform. I was worried there. I can setup a warmer in the back for you, Commander."

T'Madh spoke, "I can do that, Ensign. It would be more logical to effect repairs."

Charlie nodded and went to his job as T'Madh and Penny helped Lizzy into the back, getting her into some more blankets and with a warmer, along with some hot tea.


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