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discussing home

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Location: Outside Davina's Quarters
Timeline: MD 1-14:00 Hrs

After finishing her duties at the petting zoo and making a fuss of BO Bo, Davina returned to her dorm to find Cadet Maria Hart standing outside her quarters. This bothered Davina a lot after Maria had told everyone that they were now an item after the way she had helped the girl out when some of the other classmates had picked on her.

“Hey Maria, what brings you by?” she asked the young woman who was leaning up against the wall. She knew that she always had information to pass on. Could her path be Intel related? She started to wonder as he knew that she gathered information quickly. As Maria looked up at Davina and stood up and gave a friendly finger wave to her.

“Hey Hon, News for you,” she said looking at her. She continued,” Lieutenant Commander Reynolds is taking us on a Field study of the Island where BO BO came from,” as Davina knew that it might be interesting to see just where her Mom and Aunt Caldara found the baby giraffe. As this was going to be part of their Science course work.

Davina responded,” Do we know when we leave?” asking the question to her friend who knew everything. As she said,” I’d have to let Aunt Lisa know and Mom,” as she knew things had been hard on Maria what with being adopted and how she had understood that herself as she too was adopted. But lucky for her she had a good role model and someone who pushed her in a way to get to where she was today. But Maria hadn’t had the same, from what she had let slip was that the only reason she had done well in school was to get away from the family.

“Well, I need a favour hon, I need a senior officer to sign mine so that I can go?” replied Maria looking at Davina. “Could you ask Lieutenant Creed for me?” as she stood in front of her, She continued,” My folks didn’t want me to join Starfleet, as they said that I would be made a fool of,” as Davina looked back at her confused.

“Why would they think that you would be a fool at Starfleet?” Davina asked looking back at her. She knew that Maria hadn’t said much about home since they had been talking and having their friendship grow although Maria had kissed her in front of classmates after a few of them had taunted her by saying that she had slept with a girl. Which she knew she hadn’t, but by kissing Davina it had played into the bullies hands.

“Well, my folks are farmers,” replied Maria as she looked back at Davina. She continued,” My dad said that Starfleet is for rich kids and not farmers like us,” but Maria had proved her folks wrong by getting the grads needed for the entrance exam and here she was. She finished, “So I know my folks won’t sign the mission forms,”
Davina responded,” But it is part of our coursework Maria,” as she walked near to her, she continued,” You will be ok,” as she gave her a smile.

“Apparently my dad is trying to get me out of Starfleet by saying that they never consented as Women on our planet are not allowed to make decisions for ourselves,” she continued, “ and only the men can and know what is best for us,”
Davina thought ~ Now that is something like 20th Century Earth thinking, ~ as she remembered her history about a movement in the 20th Century called the suffragettes who then got women the right to vote in the year 1918. However; with Maria still here it seemed that things were a problem for her. “That is bang out of order Maria, which sounds like a dictatorship,” she finished,” Not a freedom,”

Davina looked at her, “ It is only a science led mission to discover more about where BO BO came from and if there are any more like him,” she continued,” We should only be there five days that’s all,” but she had a feeling this was not going to go well for the class.“Why don’t we go find somewhere to have a drink and clam you down,” she said as she put an arm around her friends waist as Maria gave a short nod and headed off towards the Academy’s Mess Hall.

Cadet Davina Winchester


Enlisted Cadet Maria Hart


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