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Zeti's Quest part 1

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:50pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]
Edited on on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:54pm

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)

Zeti smoothed out her grey backless halter top, the silvery snake skin pattern shimmering in the low light. Her tight black leather pants hugged her hips and her heels clicked as she made her way across the floor of the lounge, towards the bar. Three glasses of whiskey in and she was feeling pretty good about her prospects.

Mercia looked towards the door, wondering where Khelev was, the baby was with child care, and he'd had a few things to finish up on a project before joining her. She was starting to wonder if she was gonna be stood up again. Khelev sometimes got his mind too deep in to his projects. She shifted her blue dress with the low scoop neck and crisscrossed straps around her chest and back, she'd been saving it for a date night with Khelev.

Her eyes landed on Zeti and she arched her brows, "You're too dressed up not to be draping yourself all over some poor bloke." she said before she took a sip of her drink.

"You looking to be some poor bloke?" Zeti asked, giving the XO a cheeky grin as she came up to the bar and glanced about for the bartender. "I've had about a half of a fifth of scotch and I'm looking for a good time."

Mercia laughed, "I'm no bloke." she said, looking at her. "I'm not in to chicks either." she said softly. "Sounds like you need a wing man... or woman. Too bad we're not on Memphis Island or at a station bar, I bet I could find you a good time quite quickly. That is if I don't start a bar fight first."

"This isn't the only bar on the ship," Zeti pointed out and made a face. "You also like the blue one, although he'd be more likely to join than get angry..."

"You would know. He used to be your boss." she said. Mercia looked over over, "Plus I think he stood me up again, Maybe we should hit up an actual bar on this ship. I've not checked them out yet." she suggested.

"You want to get into a bar fight on your own ship? I knew I liked you..." Zeti asked, smirking at Mercia playfully. "And he's your boyfriend, helping to raise your sister's daughter. Can you honestly say he'd be upset?"

Mercia laughed, "If he didn't get to watch I think, still not in to chicks." she giggled. Mercia downed her drink, "You pick a bar and lets go make some trouble. I'm the XO, I'll get us out of it... If I can't then I'll just get grumbled at by Hawkins, and I'll give him some speech about how I'm struggling to figure out who I am now and my old habits keep popping up and I don't understand it.. maybe I should talk to Lizzy blah blah blah." she smirked.

"Talk to Lizzy? Why would you want to talk about your problems? That's why so many species have invented booze," Zeti made a face at that, before she smirked at Mercia. "You know what else is straight? A noodle until it gets wet. Don't worry though, I'm not looking to sleep my way up in rank."

Mercia pushed her glass back, "I've heard that line plenty of times." she said waggling her finger at her, "You're not the first woman that tried to hit on me." she said. "As for Lizzy... I don't actually talk to her. I just tell David I do so he thinks I'm working through my problems." she grinned, "Not that I'm teaching you to lie to your captain or any thing." Mercia said with a devilish smirk.

"You don't have to teach me how to be bad," Zeti laughed at her. "I've had many teachers, some I bet could teach you a thing or two. Let's go, I'm getting thirsty again."

Mercia turned and headed for the hall way. She messaged Khelev in case he decided to show up eventually. "I don't know Z. I think you and I could spend days recounting the number of ways we have killed people and COULD kill people." she said as they entered the hall way.

"I'd rather find someone hot and willing," Zeti waggled her brows at her. "We can sit around and swap stories later, let's head down to the deck sixteen bar. It's like it's made out of the American cowboy age."

"Really?" Mercia asked. "That sounds interesting, and suddenly I feel over dressed, like i should be in a corset or cowboy boots or something." Mercia said.

"I'm sure we'll be fine!" Zeti looked over at the XO, before she considered changing. She was dressed far more like she should be in a night club then a country bar, but then again they were in space and not the American southwest. "We're going to draw a lot of attention."

"Two senior officers drinking the night away in a bar that the officers, enlisted and civilians have access to? Why ever would we draw attention?" Mercia smirked.

"I meant because we're both hot, but that too..." Zeti laughed at herself, she'd had a lot to drink and wasn't planning on stopping for a while. "Although you have to convince that blue idiot to stop doing whatever he's doing and come find us."

Mercia looked at her phone, "We should stop by and harass him, He's in his workshop at home, and he's gotten in to one of his focuses I'll bet because he's not replied. Good thing we have a holonanny that automatically activated if he steps foot in his workshop... well if he is in it for more than two minuets, just in case." Mercia laughed, "Want to help me get him off his project and come pick a fight with us?"

Zeti grinned at Mercia and nodded, "Yes that sounds like fun. I haven't really pissed him off in a good long time. Although you are my wing man for the night and don't forget it."

Mercia laughed, "I wont forget," she promised and turned down another hall way, heading for a lift. It was a few decks up and a long way back to her quarters, it was much faster to take the lift. "So what's your interest? she asked. "Only chicks?"

"No, I'm... I believe humans would call me queer," Zeti replied with a nod, they were in a lift a moment later and she leaned up against the wall. "I like both, it's too bad you don't or I'd tell you to forget about Khelev."

She looked over her, "Tried it... sort of... I wasn't in to it." she said with a shrug. "Besides, once you go Andorian... There really is no way back, they're passionate, and aggressive, and rather spontaneous. I like it."

"I've heard the same said of Bajorans, maybe you didn't try with the right person," Zeti chuckled softly and winked at Mercia. "I've been drinking and I'm shameless, if I step too far, tell me."

"I'll just knock you on your ass and play with Khelevs sticks, if you annoy me too much." she chuckled as the pair of them moved off the lift and continued down the hall. SHe paused at her door and tapped her code.

The living room was dark, considering the baby was at the child care center for the night it was relieving. She moved to the hall and opened the first door, which led to Khelev's workshop. She leaned against the door and folded her arms.

Zeti walked up behind Mercia and looked over her shoulder, his workshop looked like what his office used to. At least he was keeping busy. She grinned at him, "Come on bitch, or Mercia and I are going to go drinking and probably end up at my place."

Khelev had been slightly surprised when the door opened, he'd just gotten up from his seat and was about to head out. With Zeti and Merci standing there looking at him, he was surprised. "Your place? I doubt that. I was just about to head down."

"Oh I don't know, she was making a lot of interesting propositions." Mercia said. "You may have arrived too late, if I hadn't come to fetch you, considering you're already nearly an hour beyond the time you planned to meet me at Sids." Mercia pouted.

"I did warn you that I might be a little late," Khelev gave Mercia an unimpressed look and glanced back at Zeti. "You better knock it off or I'll rip your arm off and beat you to death with it."

Zeti gave him a charming grin as she slipped an arm around Mercia, "She's really hot, and you've made that threat many times. I am not afraid."

Khelev glanced between them, his antenna flicking at the air a few times before he took a breath, "I need to change my shirt and we can go. Keep your hands off."

Mercia stepped aside as he passed, "You heard him, Hands off. You always obeyed him right?" Mercia teased. "I mean, I'm a hands on sort of person, and he better hurry up or I'll become more than a wing man." she joked.

"I hardly ever obeyed him," Zeti giggled at that. "And you're only giving me reason to slow him down. Maybe you should take a second to think about that."

Mercia looked at the Bajoran woman for a moment and made a face, "Yeah... if its not making him hurry, there is no point." she said. She moved down the hall after Khelev and motioned for Zeti to follow. She poked her head in to the bedroom as Khelev pulled his shirt off, "See the exoskeleton? Its handy for holding on." she said as if she was speaking in a documentary about Andorians.

Zeti had followed her, she glanced at Khelev and back at her, "I've seen an Andorian naked before. I was a bit of a whore when I was in the academy. I know a thing or two about them."

Khelev turned his head and glared slightly, "Why are you both following me?"

"Because she motioned for me to follow," Zeti pipped up. "Not like you hate the idea of two women ogling you."

"No he doesn't, and I'm going to keep describing him until he finishes changing, because he's late, and yes he warned me, but I don't care." Mercia smirked. "Lets hope he's going to change his pants too." she smirked at Zeti, knowing she was about to get something thrown at her.

"Are you sure you want to go back out?" She'd leaned close and almost whispered it in Mercia's ear. She knew Khelev would hear her with those damned antenna of his.

"My pants are clean," Khelev grumbled, before he glanced over at the two of them, mildly intrigued by the idea.

"That the are." Mercia said. "You have too much drink you. We are going to get you someone else to hook up with." she told the Bajoran, "Surely you're more fun than just proposing threesomes and sex?" she said with a pout.

Zeti stuck her tongue out at Mercia, as she folded her arms across her chest, "I've got jokes too, people like my jokes."

"Keep telling yourself that," Khelev chuckled.

"Bitch," Zeti grumbled at him.

"Jerk," Khelev shot back.

Mercia rolled her eyes, "Somethings never change..." she said. "HURRY UP! I want to go before I get too tired to enjoy my evening. Being in charge of you jackasses is hard work... then add in the kid. Seriously I'm supposed to enjoy myself tonight."

"You're not in charge of me," Khelev shot her a slight glare.

Zeti laughed out loud at that, "You sure about that? She's your girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that means she runs the show."

"You're such a pain in the ass," Khelev had finished getting dressed and offered Mercia his hand. "Let's go, before I hit Zeti."



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