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JP with Khelev and Lizzy

Posted on Sat Apr 19th, 2014 @ 4:19am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Main Engineering, Deck 16
Timeline: Before Hawkins Project

Making her way into Main Engineering on Deck 16, Lizzy stopped inside the door and whistled softly from amazement at the size of the warp core. Her skills in the field of engineering was woefully inadequate and she had barely scraped through with the minimum training that they put everyone through.

But still even if she didn't know how it worked or how to fix it, she thought the core looked beautiful.

A few moments later, a passing male crewman stopped in front of her and noticed her rank, "Excuse me, are you lost, Lieutenant?"

"Umm. No, sorry. I'm looking for the Chief Engineer's office to have a talk to him. I'm the new chief counselor."

He looked her up and down, and Lizzy didn't need her empathic skills to know he was checking her out. She was used to male attention and honestly didn't mind it. He pointed to an office,
"Over there, Lieutenant."


She headed over to the office, where she spotted the Andorian lieutenant inside and knocked on the door, "Excuse me, Sir. I'm Lt JG Lizzy Caldera and I just come aboard as chief counselor. I was wondering if I could talk to you about some things in both of your roles as second officer and chief engineer?"

Khelev looked up from his desk and smiled at the woman as she poked her head into his office. "Please come in Lizzy,"

The office of a chief engineer was usually pretty sparse but Khelev's was an exception. Along the back wall were several traditional Andorian weapons and the head of a Makra he hunted when he became a man. His chair and desk where in front of that with two chairs. Along the opposite wall there was an old worn couch and sitting chair. To his right was a holotable that could display ship's systems and to his left was a small work bench with tools all over it.

"Would you like to sit at my desk or on the couch?" He asked.

Lizzy laughed, "I'm pretty sure that as a profession, us counselors have aversions to normal chairs, so couch would be good. One of the things I would like to find out from you first is in my role as counselor. A couple of things actually. Is there anything that you expect of the Counseling department, and how have you been coping with the recent incidents that happened on this ship?"

"Like a man who just lost a brother," Khelev replied honestly. He was a warrior, they didn't go to counselors and talk about their feelings. They got angry and tore out the throats of their enemies. After a moment he walked over and say down in his chair. "I have no expectations of your department, just keep my staff from going crazy. Seeing what I saw on the Wasp will stick with me."

Lizzy nodded, "I get the sense that you aren't really an 'emotional feely talky' sort of guy, Lieutenant. How do you deal with the pressure that must have been building up, especially because of the Wasp? I don't really know much about say 'Andorians gone wild' sort of activities, and I want to be sure that you are not going to be a powder keg about to explode."

"I know most people think we are barbaric because of how holonovels portray us as beasts that are good for little more then swinging our kal'hris'," Khelev replied as he watched the counselor. "I'm grieving counselor, sometimes that means I get angry but that doesn't mean I'll lose control. I've got people helping me through it."

Lizzy shook her head, "I know that Andorians are not barbarians. When I was on the Atlantis, I was in a passionate 6 month relationship with a female Andorian security officer and her husband, often at the same time. Grief is understandable and if you need any sparring companions, let me know. "

"Often at the same time? Boy some people get to have all the fun," Khelev asked, arching one of his brows. Perhaps he was a little too focused on that thought and shook it from his mind. "I wouldn't want to hurt you, I've already broken one person's arm but she's a hard head. Then again I might take you up on that offer, I've found that often I can learn something new when sparring with a new opponent."

"Sir, I was married to a Klingon warrior for awhile, so honestly, I'm used to that kind of thing. Just give me a time, and I'll be down there with bells and whistles. Not literally that is. Anyway, I've got a couple of questions and Engineering requests too."

Bringing out a pad so she could check them off, she asked, "I am wondering if it would be possible to get some holo-emitters setup in the Counseling offices. Sometimes, it might be useful to make the rooms look a calming scene like a rain forest or a beach."

"You are in luck Lizzy, if you don't mind me calling you Lizzy, your office is already equipped with them. The whole ship is due to the experimental holographic crew," Khelev explained. "What else do you have for me?"

"Next item on the list is that I need to borrow some access time for an industrial replicator. I've got an item that I need to have built and it is a bit too large for a standard replicator unit. The size of this rather unusual couch of balls is about 2 metres by 1.8 metes and connected by links."

Khelev made a quick note of the size of the couch and thought about it for a second. "Do you have a holographic template already or am I going to have to come up with something? I'm sure the computer has a stock list of that kind bed already, but the more of an idea you have the closer I can come to delivering it."

"I will get back to you with the exact plans. I've used one before and found it quite useful for sessions."

"That sounds good," Khelev said with a nod. "You can send the schematics down to me and I'll make sure the job gets done. I'll even deliver it for you, but that might cost extra."

Lizzy smiled, licking her lips, "Cool. Mmmm, sounds interesting about delivery. I'm sure I could definitely make it worth your while."

“Worth my while?” Khelev smiled at that, the counselor was alluring and it was in his nature to make advances. “That sounds delightful, unless it involves me laying on a couch and you asking about my relationship with my mother.”

Lizzy smiled, "Well, it probably will involve a couch and there will be more then talking. That couch will probably need to be cleanable too."

"Aren't you supposed to buy me dinner and drinks first?" Khelev teased her, what was with the beautiful women and him lately? He was normally not so lucky and after getting carried away with Vanora he needed to let loose a little. "Not that I'm complaining, you're quite... enchanting."

Lizzy laughed loudly, "Nah, I'm a rather easy, quickie sort of girl really."

She reached up and pulled down her uniform top until she had exposed her breasts, "Normally just need to do this."

"My, this escalated quickly," Khelev's eyes moved downwards over her breasts and idly licked his lips. What man wouldn't look? He felt a thrill of excitement run through him as his antenna pointed her direction. "I don't think I've ever met a girl quite so forward, forgive me if I'm a little stunned."

Lizzy grinned as she pulled up her top to cover her breasts in case anyone came in, "That's definitely me. My brain is pretty much permanently stuck in 'Go put foot in mouth' mode, and one of my previous commanders called me a flirtatious man eater."

"I was thinking along those lines, but then again I'm not complaining. Maybe if you eased into it a little more?" Khelev suggested with a coy grin, his naturally flirtatious nature was like a well worn glove. This was the part he was good at and what harm was there? "Of course that would mean not being as easy."

Lizzy pouted, "Not as much fun, and I'm honestly not really sure where I would start."

Khelev nodded and grinned at her, "You're right, a leopard can't change her spots and you've got some nice... spots. Not to shift gears, but would you like a drink? I'm thirsty."

Lizzy grinned, "Thanks, I've always been proud of them. Hmm, if I wasn't on duty, I would say yes to a bloodwine, but for the moment, how about a grape Nehi instead?"

"Of course," Khelev nodded as he stood up from his chair and headed to the replicator he had near his desk. He ordered her a grape Nehi and himself a cup of katheka before walking back and sitting next to her on the couch. He set down his mug and unscrewed the bottle cap from the glass bottle and offered it to her. "And I don't have blood wine, at least not here. I have a good vintage of Andorian Ale and some Irish whiskey hidden on the work bench."

Lizzy smiled "Sounds nice. I probably shouldn't mention where I keep my secret spots are to the second officer though. What you don't know can't hurt me."

"I'm the chief engineer, grew up on a freighter and I run all the holograms. I would be willing to bet I could find your entire stash without too much trouble," Khelev said with a grin.

Lizzy sat forwards, "I accept. How about we make a game out of it them? What sort of stakes do you want to do?"

"What's the time frame and the prize?" Khelev loved a good challenge. He leaned forward a bit and met the woman's eyes with his own icy blue ones as he licked his lips. "I'm on leave, I don't plan on sticking around much longer."

Lizzy shrugged and asked, "I hadn't thought that far ahead. There are three spots I keep my scrounged supplies. A week each? Oh, and for prize, upto you if I lose - game for anything. If you do, well.. What size tutu would you be?"

"Big," Khelev laughed softly. "Like really big and I'll have to actually think about what I'd impose on you. Maybe write my reports for a week, that would be good. Give me some time to think about it."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. Have fun looking. I'll warn you that I'm quite good at hiding things."

"I love a good challenge my dear Lizzy," Khelev finished off his katheka, and set his mug aside. He truly enjoyed the bitter liquid. "Was there anything else I could do for you?"

Lizzy shook her head, "Nah, that's all. I'll see you around, Lt ch'Koro. If you ever need to talk about anything with counseling, my door is always open. Just knock first if you hear any screaming or bed shaking."

"Just don't go breaking the things I make for you," Khelev said, giving her a look. "If I need to be counseled I may come see you, I will be careful to listen first."



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