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Zetis Quest part 2

Posted on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:53pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]
Edited on on Sat Aug 5th, 2017 @ 6:55pm

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)

Mercia grabbed his hand and they headed down the hall and back out in to the ship. "So Zeti is already semi drunk, so if you're going to be any fun, we need to catch you up." she grinned. "Our mission is to get her hooked up with someone and then get nasty together." she winked.

"She wants us to help her find someone? That's a lost cause," Khelev smirked at Zeti. "Most of the people we'll run into don't like her or she won't like them."

"I have particular tastes, he's just sour I never hooked up with him," Zeti laughed.

Mercia laughed, "I'd have been all over his ass... back then he was your direct superior, talk about inappropriate. At least our hook ups were never at a time where I was in command of him." she said smirking at Khelev.

"Gross," Khelev grumbled, before taking Merci's arm. "Come on, I want to drink and watch this dumbass make a fool of herself."

"Whatever," Zeti turned and lead the way out of their quarters.

The trio bantered on their way to the bar on Deck Sixteen, which was aptly named, Deck Sixteen Saloon. To make it more fun, just inside the doors was an open room fitted to look like an old style house. There were coat racks, and closets filled with old time sort of items. Mercia grinned and snagged a gun belt.

"What?" she asked as Khelev gave her look. She followed his eyes to the feather boas and corsets and arched her brows at him, "Oh really?" she smirked.

"It does fit this period in earth history," Khelev pointed out. "But it would take some time and it's not like I'm complaining about the dress."

"Oh my God," Zeti rolled her eyes, before she grabbed a cowboy hat and stuck it on her head and started heading into the bar. "I need some whiskey!"

"I second that!" Mercia said. She picked up a feathery hat and tossed a boa around her neck. She waggled her brows at Khelev and then took off after Zeti. She came up to the bar next to Zeti, "We should get a whole bottle." she said.

"That sounds like a good idea," Zeti nodded, she looked over at Mercia and then Khelev who was bringing up the rear. She turned back to the bartender, who was busy at the moment. She wasn't in too big of a rush for the time being.

Mercia looked around for a few moments, "This reminds me of a bar I made a hit in one time." she said. "Classic sort of western bar like this. I had to get in with a gambler, and take him out and make it look like revenge for cheating." she said.

"I always forget you were an assassin when you were younger, I was a freedom fighter and Khelev was a boomer," Zeti was about to say more when the bartender finally stopped in front of her. She flashed him a flirty smile. "A bottle of Draylaxian whiskey and three glasses."

"Right away Commander," The man grabbed three glasses and set them on the counter before he turned around and went under the counter and pulled out a bottle full of a dark brown liquid and a label in another language. He set it down for her. "On your account?"

"Yes, thank you," Zeti grabbed the bottle and the shot glasses before she pulled away and started sauntering towards the table Khelev was already sitting at.

Mercia followed the Bajorian, "There is a reason You and I get along." she laughed. "Do you ever miss that life?" she wondered.

"Always living on the run, starving, trying to fix things that should have been replaced a hundred repairs ago?" Zeti made a slight face at that. "I like working with new gear, being able to eat every day... Actually feeling safe."

Mercia settled in on the chair at the table and took the glasses from her, "Yes well, there was a certain thrill that in hind sight I feel I miss at times. Running, hiding, killing, starving, and yet the thrill of needing to stay alive just seems missing sometimes. Especially now that I'm a mother."

"And you don't think there are other thrills? Just being a mother would be a thrill," Zeti broke the seal on the whiskey and opened it, before pouring three shots of whiskey and passing them out before putting the bottle in the middle of the table. "Not that I'm looking to have a kid right now."

"No, you're not ready for that one yet," Khelev chuckled. "You'd need a stable relationship with someone first."

Mercia laughed, "It helps that's for sure. I was a mess before Khelev showed up on my door step." She sipped her glass and looked at Zeti, "A thrill in some ways, but not in others. I have to be responsible, I can't just... take whatever risk, because the only consequence is fucking up my own life, now I've got her's to think about to, which means less risks."

"And me," Khelev knocked back his first shot of whiskey, letting out a happy sigh. "We're a family."

Zeti followed Khelev, drinking her own shot, before she grabbed the bottle and poured herself another, wanting to waste no time. "Perhaps I can get mixed up in something an need help getting out of it."

She downed her drink and filled her glass as well, "That might be fun," she said before she motioned to Khelev. "Yes but you'd follow me in to trouble and take the risks with me. I wouldn't have to worry about you." Mercia pointed out, "Besides... you know what I'm saying, after all you ran off on a vengeance tour with out me, because you wanted to protect me. you know that if You had to be responsible for me while I was so unstable you'd not be able to take the same risks as you could with me at my full place." she commented.

"I also wasn't expecting to live," Khelev pointed out, he took the bottle from Mercia and poured himself another. "I didn't want you to die with me."

Zeti knocked back her second shot, before she flashed them both a grin. "Would you two stop being such downers? I want to have fun and meet someone."

Mercia elbowed Zeti, "I'm not being a downer. I like talking about the old days. Makes me feel alive, its either that, or I'm going to go find someone to punch and start a bar fight maybe?"

"On the ship you're the XO of?" Zeti asked Mercia, before her third shot went back. She was starting to feel very good, as her other buzz had been waning. "And I still haven't found someone fun."

"There are quite a few people interested, several took interest as you walked in and still are," Khelev said.

"I hate those antenna sometimes," Zeti chuckled. "Makes it too easy."

"Why do you think I like human girls so much? They're easy to read," Khelev smirked. "I won't tell you who, but one of them is a redhead."

"I do like redheads! Boy or girl?" Zeti grinned.

"I'm not telling."

Mercia looked around seeing a verity, some human and some not human, "I'd say you have a shot with a number of people." she pointed at a woman at the bar, "That is a very interesting one there, not sure if she's human though." she commented. "Why don't you go hit on her and find out?"

Zeti eyed Mercia for a moment, before she downed a fourth shot. She looked over at the woman for a moment, before glancing at Khelev. He didn't make any indication and she made a face at him, before she poured another and drained it, leaving her glass upside down on the table.

Once she was on her feet, she stuck her tongue out at both of them before she started heading to the bar with a little sway to her hips. She slid into the seat next to the redhead. "Mind if I buy you a drink?"

She glanced over at the woman, her spotted face smiled. "To what end there Bajoran?" she asked. "I have a drink already, so you must want something."

"I wouldn't have sat here and offered to buy you the next one if I didn't want something, that bit was obvious," Zeti replied with a half smile. "My name is Zeti."

"Johena." she said. "It is nice to meet you, and yes you can buy me a drink, although it seems to me you are mildly tipsy already, are you sure you should drink more?" she asked, a flash of red pulsed through her skin, an electric current under her flesh.

Zeti caught the red glow and arched one of her brows, that was something interesting for sure. She wasn't human, but also unfamiliar. "It's nice to meet you Johena, I don't think I've ever met someone from your race before. Your bioluminescence is beautiful."

Johena smiled, "I've been told so." she said. "I like your erring." she added, "I find it fascinating that your people always wear them, I always thought that it would it would be dishonorable to buy one and wear it any way." she said.

"It does have significant religious meaning, but is also individual to each person," Zeti replied with a flirty smile. "I've seen other cultures wear similar jewelry, I doubt any Bajoran would take offence to that."

The woman raised her finger to the bar tender, asking for another glass of rum. "Good to know, I'll pick one up next time I'm at a store that sells them." Another spark rushed through her, and she smiled again, "Nice choice of hat, I like your style. So... Zeti... engineer right?"

"Correct," Zeti nodded, he motioned for the bartender to get her one as well. Might as well enjoy it, right? "I keep this ship moving. What do you do Johena? I've not seen you around and I'd have remembered such a stunning woman."

She chuckled, "I'm a civilian in the medical department, Registered Nurse." she said. "Considering how big the ships hospital is, and the fact I work in the area that is more likely to receive enlisted, vs. officers it makes sense why we have not seen each other.. Johena said. She took her new drink and smiled, "I've seen you before though, in passing in the hall way."

"If I was a bitch, I'm sorry. It seems I have something of a reputation," Zeti laughed softly at that, she nodded to the bartender when he dropped off their next round. "That or I was up to my elbows in a project, this ship has a lot issues that need a steady hand."

"The medical department is pretty much the same. Every one has bumps and bruises." Johena laughed. "I didn't have any thing more than just a glance in passing. I think you'd seen me long enough to be a bitch to me we'd have had this drink a little sooner."

Zeti arched one of her brows, as she looked at the redhead. The bartender dropped off their drinks and she took a moment to take a gulp before looking back at Johena. "You're probably right, I'm about as subtle as a bag of hammers."

Johena laughed, "No kidding." she said. "You have some what of a reputation. I don't mind it though. I wouldn't expect anything less considering you're Bajoran, and the right age to have been a part of the resistance on your world." she said. Johena took a sip her drink, "Its alright, I can be shy sometimes, I need a little bold sometimes."

"I was also in the Maquis. We left to escape everything and ended up right back in the middle of it. That and Bajoran women are brazen and bold," Zeti gave Johena an impish smile. "So what have you heard about me? I feel like I'm at such a disadvantage, as I don't know much about you, other than the fact that you're beautiful."

She laughed "You're flattering." she said. "I heard that you are tough, but reliable, you can fix almost any thing..." she said. "I've also treated an enlisted guy you threw a wrench at him and hit him in the head." she said raising her brows. "I heard a lot of nasty things about you that day." she laughed.

Zeti couldn't help the giggle that came out of her mouth at that, "I didn't throw the wrench at him! That's a lie, I'd be put up on charges if I'd done that. It was on top of a console he was working on, he'd left it on the edge and when he slid out it fell on his head. They're right about me being able to fix almost anything, I'm good with my hands."

Johena humphed, "Ok, maybe he just theorized that you dropped it on his head, because you were in a bad mood that day." she giggled. "Good with your hands hmm? Maybe I should tell you to prove it?"

"I won't deny that I'm tough, but I teach and I keep my people in line and demand the best," Zeti grinned, rather proud of herself. "I'd love to prove it to you. Why don't we finish our drinks and hit the dance floor?"

Johena eyed her for a moment, "I think that sounds like a good idea, because If I stay here and keep drinking I will end up too drunk to dance, and I have a hunch you want to see me glow."

"I want to get to know you," Zeti knocked back what was left in her glass, before she stood up from the chair she was sitting and offered Johena her hand. "If we fit, I'd love to see you glow."

"You say that now." Johena laughed. She glanced around the room, before finally placing her hand in Zetis, "Only way to find out is to try." she purred as she got up from her stool. "What about your friends you came in with?" she wondered.

"They came with me to help. Andorian antenna are very good at picking up vibration, he was pretty sure you were an interested party," Zeti laughed softly as the two of them started towards the dance floor. She caught a couple of guys sizing her up, and made mental note of it. "I'm sure they'll join us on the dance floor."

Johena looked over at them, "They can try, but maybe I won't be focused on your friends, when I've got a cute girl instead?" she teased.

Zeti giggled, glancing over at Johena just before the two of them stepped onto the dance floor. Considering it was a western themed bar, the music was focused on old cowboy music. For the moment the floor was full and there wasn't a specific type of dance going on, but from past experience she knew they did line dancing and square dancing, which could be a lot of fun. She was happy enough to be out on the dance floor.

As Johenas heart rate went up, so did the flashes in her skin, she pulsated energy through her body with a red glow as she laughed and enjoyed sticking close to Zeti. After the week she'd had, she needed a good diversion, and flirting with a federation officer, while would get her in to some trouble, was also something enjoyable, and the exact distraction she'd needed.

The music had Zeti moving, but the way Johena's skin glowed and seemed to speed up as they dance had her enthralled with the idea of spending the evening doing more than just dancing. The two of were good at reading each other, moving together with the music and the way they danced and touched each other progressed with each song from simply trying to learn to dance together to far more sensual and exciting. When the DJ announced they'd shift gears to start doing line dancing, she pulled Johena in close and kissed her, unable to resist any longer.

Johena was a bit stunned, but accepted the kiss, pulling Zeti close. She pulled back, "Do you like line dancing or shall we disappear?" she asked. She glanced towards the back of the room, feeling eyes on her, but she wasn't certain from where.

Zeti pulled back slightly, noting the surprise. Was she being too froward? It was hard to say, she wasn't exactly in a state of mind where she was thinking clearly, "I've actually never done it, watched it though. We can disappear Johena."

She hesitated, "I don't want to end the night too quickly," she said. "But you kissed me, now I kind of want to see what else you'd do if you're not worried about what people will see?"

"I'm not one who is generally worried about that," Zeti giggled softly, as she took Johena's hand and started to lead her off of the dance floor, so they weren't in the way. "What's the matter? It was just a kiss... I'm sorry if it was too forward. We can find a quiet spot in the bar and talk?"

Johena blushed, sending red flashes through her cheeks, "Oh! No. thats not it at all. It surprised me, but I quite liked it." she smirked. "But I think I'd not mind getting to know you a little more." she purred.

"If I'm too forward, don't be afraid to tell me," Zeti slipped her arm around the small of Johena's back and held her side as she started to guide her towards the back of the bar. There was a more comfortable sitting area where they could chat. "I promise that I'll only bite if you want me to."

She laughed, "Oh you promise?" she snickered, which received a wicked look from Zeti. "I should warn you, its possible someone will attempt to disrupt us, especially if we get more handsy with each other. Just ignore them."

Zeti's curiosity flared and she arched one of her brows, what had she just gotten herself into? She decided to wait until they were in a little more private booth, they had a bunch of them along the back. Each one had a table in the middle with one big couch wrapped around it with plenty of room to sit. Zeti had Johena go in first, before she slid in next to her, "Who is going to try and disrupt us and why?"

Johena laughed, "Really You don't want to know. why ruin a good meet up with crap from the past?" she asked pushing a stray lock of Zetis hair over her ear.

Zeti tilted her head slightly towards Johena's touch and let out a sigh to indicate she enjoyed it. "That's a good point, although I want to know who's ass I am going to be kicking for daring to interrupt us."

"Too many to count, and it’s not worth it. Trust me. Just be prepared to leave if we need to." she said before Johena leaned forward and kissed her again. She didn't want Zeti to run screaming, and too much more information and that is exactly what would happen.

Zeti wanted to press, but she could read people and this wasn't something Johena was ready to trust her with. Besides, would she even care in the morning? A sly smile crossed her lips after Johena kissed her. She closed the small gap and softly kissed her again, "I can handle that, my room is secure, they won't be able to bother us there."

Johena giggled, “Well then. Maybe we should retire there. It would certainly be easier to relax, without concern I think.” she said.

“Agreed,” Zeti slid back out of the booth, she took Johena’s hand, lightly kissed the back of it and then helped her up.

She intertwined their fingers and did a quick scan of the place, looking for the guys she’d seen earlier. Something about what she said, combined with the way they’d looked at them had her on edge as they left the bar. She kept sweeping the corridor with her eyes, and finally managed to relax once they were inside the lift. She pulled Johena close and kissed her, stoking the small flame they were kindling between them.

Once they were out of the lift, Zeti lead her back to her quarters where the two of them satisfied their hunger before both of them passed out in each other’s arms.



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