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I need body armour for this

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2017 @ 6:26pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Executive Officer's Office
Timeline: backpost

Walking down the corridor with a little clunk-clunk sound, Lizzy reached the door to Mercia's office and put down the face-shield of the Marine body armour that she had borrowed from the armoury on Keira's approval - with the proviso that the XO didn't come hunting her down.

It had been a fair while since Lizzy had gotten up the nerve to chase up some of the semi-regular counseling sessions with Mercia, but she knew that she needed to. Hence the body armour. She had checked where Mercia was and knew that there would be nowhere to run.

Pressing the door buzzer, the counselor waited. It took a surprising amount of control not to do her normal pattern, as she wanted an actual answer.

Mercia flicked off her large viewer where she'd been reviewing some classified information. "Enter." When the doors opened and she saw an armored person she narrowed her eyes, "What the hell is this?" she demanded her body coiling up, her hand was already on a hidden weapon.

Lizzy let out a loud squeak and dropped to the ground as she called out, "Don't shoot." Pulling the helmet off with such force that it rolled across the floor, Lizzy spoke, "Sorry, sorry. I didn't want you to hurt me when I came to do a surprise counseling appointment."

Mercia lowered her weapon, "I'm keeping my hand on this. Sit." she said sternly. The woman was dramatic, but sometimes it was needed. "I'll consider not shooting you, tread carefully."

Lizzy nodded and made her way to a chair before sitting, "So, I wanted to come and find out how you are doing. It has been a fair while since I've seen you for Counselling. How have you been, and how is Moli going?"

Mercia shifted some padds, "I don't need counseling." she said tightly. "Molli is doing fine. She's bonded with Khelev, and is very happy. Its Tali who needs work, i read your last comment from your last session with her. She still wont do anything but stare at you in silence?"

Lizzy shooked her head, "Everyone does. I am glad that Molli is doing well and that Khelev is being good. How is your relationship with him going?"

She frowned a little then, "Yeah, I'm trying. I feel really bad, and want to help her. It is going to take a lot of time, if it is possible. But we are not going to give up. I found out that my mother is going to be visiting, and planning on seeing if she can get through - she's a full telepath. Have you or Molli visited your sister recently?"

"Molli doesn't see her. Tali remembers being pregnant, but it seems like a weird dream to her, but I don't feel that Molli will understand, or be safe. Tali is still so unpredictable." she said. "Don't feel bad. She hardly know who she is, she as part of that she got my hatred of counselors." Mercia smirked. "I learned early that I either had to be a total bitch, or sit in silence until they frustrated themselves. She picked that up..."

Lizzy nodded, "That is probably true, but at some point, Molli probably needs to know. Yeah, I know all about that, Mercia. Although I eventually managed to grind through that shell by sheer stubborness."

Lizzy snapped her fingers, "Oh wait, yeah, that's why I bring body armour. I have learnt to use roundabout conversations to get you to open up here and there. I do have one question. How have you been going with the pressures of Executive Officer?"

She shrugged, "I'm doing. I'm kind of in a place now where I'm just plowing forward with out a lot of direction. I'm antsy." she admitted.

Lizzy nodded, "That sounds good, and I've been trying to be good as much as I can. Just remeber that we are all here to help if we can. I'm not surprised about the impatience. You always reminded me of a bull in a china shop. Khelev should be able to help with the antsy part in other ways - I am sure he would know how to figure that out."

Mercia chuckled, "There is more to being satisfied in life than a good partner in bed." she said. "He gets me though, and he helps. He thinks I need to apply for promotion and my own ship... I think that increasing my desk jockey job responsibilities will make it worse." she admitted.

Lizzy shrugged, "That is true, but it is rather a good stress relief mechanism. I sort of agree about the desk jockey part though. You never really seemed to me like you were suited to doing paperwork. How would you feel if you couldn't go down on away missions and had to sit back in the safety of the ship?"

"I think I'd shoot myself. I'm already thrill seeking." Mercia admitted trying honesty for once.

Lizzy grinned, "Yeah, I think I agree. Anyway, you know the easy way to get demoted now. Just flash everyone you can and get yourself up on sexual harassment charges."

She then tilted her head and added a moment later, "Or is that too soon?"

Deciding it was about time, Lizzy decided to jump in to a major reason she had come and brought the body armor, so she opened up her empathetic senses because she knew this could be a good time, "How are feeling about returning home?"

Mercias smile faded instantly. "i'm fine with it." she said firmly. "Besides, its not home, it was just where I was raised, and I'd like to retain that separation in my mind."

Lizzy looked at Mercia before nodding, "Seperating things in your mind only lasts for so long, Mercia. I tried to do that after my dad died in a shuttle crash when I was thirteen. Six months later, my mom got called in to court and had to use a formal request for lenience from the Betazoid government for her juvenile-deliquent pot-smoking cat burglar daughter. And I got sent to a Catholic nunnery boarding school."

Lizzy shuddered at the memory of that, before continuing, "I know you keep all your cards to your chest and don't like to talk about things. But please know that there are people who are around to talk that care about you. Lean on people and try not to bottle it up & then go postal."

Mercia shrugged and picked up her pen and poked at the desk top. "Who knows will happen, Counselor." Mercias eyes were dark as she looked at Lizzy from under her lids. "I was a trouble making teen too Lizzy, except I wasn't just a thief and drug user. I was a murderer, good at it, and didn't want to stop. I craved blood and the thrill of seeing a life leave a mans eyes..." her voice went wistful for a moment, her voice dark. Years of work and regret and some times she still felt like a part of her was missing because she rejected that life style when she'd been forced to. There were days she questioned if she'd actually chosen to be different or if she's only buried it deep inside because it was the next step in her survival. "I think its smarter for you to just sit back and let me figure out my path. If I go postal, you don't want to be in my way."

Lizzy blinked, "Yeah, I kinda knew that. From all the time you have known me, when do you remeber me ever giving up on someone? Don't you remeber the time I burst in to David's office to verbally tear him a new asshole for the treatment of Lt Shark? Actually, that wasn't the last time I did that. There even was a face slap for one of the times. So I'm not going to give up on you and as you can see, I know how to protect myself. I'm not sure if you remember or realize, but sometimes on leave, I head back to Kaslau to work in the prison there with some very seriously disturbed patients. You are like a little kitten with a pink bow compared to some of them."

Mercia actually smirked at that, "Only because that is the me I let you see. Trust me. If I were to give in to the depravity of my training, and that life, I'd be a nightmare. I guarantee, that the federation would issue a kill on sight order for me. You and I both know how rare those sorts of orders are." Mercia said. It was silent for a moment before she offered a smile, "Any way. Thanks for checking in. I would like to have you do another session with Tali, see if she's ready to meet Molli yet. I would like Molli to see her to reduce confusion, seeing as Tali and I are so Identical. I figure the earlier the better." Mercia paused. "I need Tali not only to accept that she is Tali, but that her confusion over having been pregnant is true, and yet she is not Mollis mother, I am. With her fits of violence i will not expose Molli to her until I'm sure she's stable enough to understand and accept this. Can we work on that next with her?"

Lizzy nodded, "Maybe that is true, but you didn't give into that training and life. We are all here for you."

Looking down for a moment, she spoke, "Sure. I have been seeing her regularly, and it may take some more time. We could try Molli in a viewing room, but not at the moment. I agree that it would not be good if she isn't stable enough. Have you gone to see her?"

"A few days ago. She thought she was me again and got pissed at me being the impostor." Mercia sighed, "Its so hard, because I don't know what woman I am going to see each day..."

Lizzy nodded, "Okay. I'm sorry. It will take time but we need to continue working on it. I would try to give you a hug, but I think you may knife me if I try. Please try not to bottle this up and talk to someone. Anyone. Do you still talk with Lyla or seen her recently?"

Mercia nodded, "She's kind of become Mollis grandmother in essence, so we touch base frequently and talk about parenting things..." she said. "We really haven't dived into this situation though, nothing formal really." she said.

Lizzy grinned, "That's good, but I actually meant more about talking with Lyla about your feelings about Tali. I might have to send her a little message to nudge you."

Mercia sent Lizzy a withering glare before she broke in to a laugh. "You devious little minx. It worked. We did talk about her a little, but it seems to all rout back to parenting. I feel like she's my responsibility and there is an aspect of innocence because she is not capable of controlling herself. Its hard to think she was an angry and hateful woman before this happened to her. I kind of see her like she's another child I have to care for."

Lizzy grinned, "Oh yeah, I am. But it works sometimes. You seem to be doing a good job with Molli, and I think that with time, we can get Tali back. You do have a lot of responsibilities, but you also need to remeber that it isn't always only yours. You do seem to have a tendency to shoulder the weight of the world on your shoulders, like Prometheus. Like how often do you have a night out to relax or something? See if you can get Emmah drunk or something?"

Mercia chuckled, "Most of m relax time is spent in the holodeck fighting, or alone with Khelev." she took a deep breath, "But I'll keep it in mind." she said. "If there isn't any thing else, I've got a lot of work to do..." she said dismissing the counselor.



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