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New Golden Blood

Posted on Fri Aug 18th, 2017 @ 5:56pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

/// ON ///

We will be finding the Gladiator-A in orbit docked at Deep Space 5 over a planet which has the Joint Federation/Romulan colony/base called Memphis Island. This is all found in the Nuetral Zone between the two superpowers and have come to a working joint peace (this is all in our SIMs story line, not everyone out there agrees and goes our way.) Memphis Island is seen as Gladiator's Home base when its not on missions.

In this post, we will start off easy, At this time, Captian Hawkins is preparing for his Leave, and so Commander Mercia Kavi, his Executive Officer and Lieutenant Colonel John Hayter, the Marine Commanding Officer(think MACO of the 24th century actually part of Starfleet command) will be in the room as well with Hawkins for your character to meet.

All our writing is third person past tense. So keep this in mind. You control your character, and all we can do with your character is reaction or movements, but not full on control or speaking for them. This is the same for you and our characters. The only exception is for the Admin of the SIM in question to move a story plot. If you have any questions, you may ask in a chatroom or on here using OOC and your character's name with what you have in mind.

With this being an email, just hit REPLY ALL, so all three of us are getting it. This is just temporary until we are able to get your application approved. From there, you just hit save every time you add to it, never post until you are for sure you are good. All this sound good? If so, Any of us can start the JP. I'm still at work, so Email is the fastest I can respond.


Commander Mercia Kavi walked in to the ready room and placed a cup on the desk. It was tradition that Hawkns and Mercia bring each other coffee every morning. It was her turn today. They'd drink replicated, but the perks of having several REAL cafes on this monster ship was better quality coffee. "You're seriously taking leave?" she sighed, "I thought you were still pulling my leg." she grumbled.

Looking up from the desk, David sat before her in civilian clothing rocking in the chair. It was unexpected to her, but he had to deal with one last thing before he tried to even think about leaving the ship. "Of course I was pulling your leg, but there is now a new dress code to which only Commanding Officers are allowed. So you better start thinking about your own command if you want to rock this new outfit."

Primary Loading Dock - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

~"Good grief, what a monster.."~ Those were the thoughts racing through Theodore's head as he crossed the boarding ramp to the Gladiator, his newest and first assignment. Three years out of the academy and he'd finally gotten a ship instead of constantly waiting on the dreaded waiting list. At least he had been compensated though and had seen a couple stations as he traveled in hopes of gaining said first assignment. This one came so far out of left field though he was a bit curious as to why he'd even been considered. Still though, he loved the feeling of the carpet under his shoes as he stepped across the threshold. He found a computer console and then keyed a couple spots on the screen.

"Computer, Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV, reporting, permission to come aboard?" He waited a moment as the computer processed his voice pattern.

"Permission granted."

He then sighed as it was now official. "Computer, can you guide me to where Captain Hawkins is?"

Again there was a pause from the computer then a beep. "Please follow the illuminated pathway.."

He then saw lights proceeding down the hallway towards a turbolift. Once in the turbo lift, he felt the lift engage and rise towards what he figured was going to be the bridge. He still had his pack with him and when the turbolift doors opened, he saw the lights leading to the door just to the left of the exit. He audibly gulped and tightened his grip on the strap of his pack.

~"Here goes.."~ He then hit the button to ring the door chime..

"Enter!" Hawkins called out as he looked away from Mercia to the door as he grabbed the offered coffee. A young officer in a gold uniform walked in, he seemed capable of himself as David could see slight reluctance but excitement within every step the man had.

"Well, looks like we get a fresh wave of new personal while we are here," the man in civilian cloths smirked, obviously not the typical CO response but that seemed to have gone out the window now a days. "Captain David Hawkins."

When he heard the call to enter, Theodore stepped forward through the sliding doors. He saw two people in the room and was shocked to see one in civilian clothing. He did his best to keep his confidence about him. He didn't pay much attention to the woman in the room as he was trying to be as professional as possible. When Captain Hawkins greeted him though, in a very unusual manner, he did relax just a slight bit.

"Sir, Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV, reporting for duty.." He pulled a pad out of his bag and handed it towards the Captain. "I must say sir, it's an honor and I've been waiting for an assignment for a good while now..." His tone was cordial and respectful, even though there was still a bit of first assignment jitters to be heard in his voice...

Taking the device from the ensign, David motioned for him to relax. Fresh recruits typically were excited and nervous, but whay got him was the idea that they were honoured. As he looked over the transfer paperwork and career history, David spoke up wanting to get an idea of who and what the young man was.

"So Ensign, from what I see here, you were basically floating around, from station to station... three years?"

Theodore took the motion and did relax just a bit. He looked around the room briefly and also at the other officer, more than likely the first officer since she had commander pips on her collar. He wondered when or if she was going to speak but he kept his primary focus on Captain Hawkins. His next question caught him a bit off guard.

"Well sir, not really floating from station to station. Apparently Starfleet didn't have an assignment for me when I graduated so the station "postings" are actually me meeting with officers to see if they'd like to have me on their crew. This is my first true assignment and I'm very eager to show what I can do.."

"Not a typical response for a new recruit. But I'm not seeing anything negative in your service record either," David admitted as he handed it to Mercia as he leaned back crossing his arms over his chest and looked the man over. "So, tell us about yourself, Ensign?"

"Did you work any missions during that three years or are you truly wet behind the ears?" Mercia asked as she leaned against the desk and folded her arms.

Theodore was a bit surprised to be doubly questioned but he barely let it show. He would usually answer ladies first but since his new captain was sitting across from him with something of an apparent sternness, rank trumped chivalry and manners. "Well sir, I wish I could say I'm fourth generation Starfleet but I'm only the second generation of my family to serve. My great grandfather was the first, becoming the captain of the U.S.S. Cygnus and commanding her with prestige and honor. It was that honor that inspired me to want to join up, since because my parents work at Ohio State University as professors of history and starship hull geometry, I was bathed in starfleet history. My imagination took off and I couldn't wait to feel the same feelings my great grandfather felt when he took his first seat in that chair. Granted that's many years out for me but it's a goal." He blushed momentarily but quickly made it diminish as he turned to Mercia. "To answer your question ma'am, I have not had any missions, just trainings to keep my senses sharp. I still delight in trouncing my competitors though in target practice. Especially because I don't use a typical dolphin style phaser.." He then smiled proudly and reached into his bag, producing a classig assault phaser pistol, de-activated for the moment and began to rotate the weapon, like he was showing off a prized treasure. "This was my great grandfather's and I've had it updated and meticulously maintained since I was able to handle it, but this makes it especially more rewarding to succeed in a target challenge." He then placed the weapon back into his bag and looked at both officers. "So I'm a history nerd with a couple quirks and I am dripping wet to give the shortest answer to both of your questions..." He stood there waiting to see what would happen next....

"Nice!" Mercia said with interest, "I like good quality weaponry." she said. "What goals do you have in your career here?"

He turned to Mercia and tried to hide a blush as talking about his desires made him ever so slightly bashful but he persevered and related his dreams to her. "Well Commander, my ultimate goal is to again, gain my own ship, it doesn't have to be a battleship such as this, in all honesty I've floated an idea to Starfleet through my professor three years ago about updating and utilizing much smaller ships from years ago. But that's a total pipe dream." He chuckled a bit. "While I'm stationed here I hope to be a very integral part of the crew who can be relied upon and trusted in situations of dire need..." He then looked to Captain Hawkins and then back to the commander to gauge their reactions..

"Ensign... You obviously haven't heard the rumors of this ship, have you?" The man in charge raised a good point as he leaned forward looking at the new recruit wandering what all the man had been told.

He looked to the Captain with true concern. "I haven't heard anything sir, I was literally just told I had been assigned to the tactical department on this says so in the pad I handed you.." He then looked back to Mercia, showing visible concern...

Mercia folded her arms and smirked, not helping him any. She and David frequently messed with the new meat.

"Good enough for me. Welcome aboard Ensign and you are being assigned as assistant security and Tactical under the command of lieutenant Paula Winchester," David finished as he leaned back in his chair.

"Thank you sir!" Theodore said with a face that beamed excitement. "I look forward to becoming an integral part of this crew sir!" He grabbed his pack and turned to make for the door then sheepishly turned back. "Excuse me sir, but what deck are my quarters on?"

"Deck Four is where all assistant chiefs have their quarters. We wish you well," David answered as he stood along with the Ensign before him. The two saluted before the ranking officers watched the man walked out. He wandered how long it would take before the young man felt at home.

The sound of the computer monitor chirping informing him of an incoming message. He sighed as he tapped the link with his command codes to unlock it. "Well damn..." David muttered in a low growl. "Guess my leave request is denied. Lucky you."

/// OFF ///


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