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Getting settled

Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2017 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Outside counselor's office

"" Theodore stated as he started to get settled into his quarters. "Please specify the type of music you desire.." The computer's voice was heard saying. "Hmmm...I want something fun for unpacking so, Earth calendar year 1962, band, The Drifters and the song is "Up on the Roof".." The computer beeped and the familiar tune began playing gently in his room bringing a smile to his face as he unpacked odds and ends to start with (the song: ) . He knew he had to report to his duty officer and to the counselor per the Captain's orders but as he looked out the window at Memphis Island, he couldn't help but start to sing with the song, imitating the lead singer quite well. " just have to wish to make it so..let's go...up on the roof...." He then had the song stuck in his head as he hummed it and made his way towards the counselor's office and pressed the button to ring the door chime...

Inside the office, Lizzy was dressed in a lime-green leotard and currently working on some aerial work with silks using the holographic systems available. Stopping, she smiled and called out, "Enter."

Waiting until the door opened, Lizzy began spinning herself down through the silk and landed on the floor, "My name is Lizzy Caldera, and glad to see you. How do you prefer to be called and can I get you anything to drink?"

Theodore was completely floored by seeing the counselor in a leotard and practicing gymnastics, rather skillfully at that. He took a couple steps in and adjusted his collar as he was again floored by her beauty, doing his best to hide a blush. "My name is Theodore and I prefer to be called that thank you. Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV reporting for psych evaluation counselor.." He couldn't help but note some of her curves and did his very best to keep his mind on his job and not to oogle a beautiful woman he had just met. He needed to show proper respect but still a nagging thought entered his head. ~" that's two officers so far I've seen in casual attire, did I just time my arrival right or is everyone on this ship really laid back?"~ He then cleared his throat as he remembered she asked about getting him a drink. "If the replicator is programmed for it, I'd love a cold glass of cheerwine, no ice.." He said as he stood at ease and tried humming 'up on the roof' quietly to himself...

Lizzy smiled, and it didn't take her empathic skills to sense that he blushed, but she didn't want to make a note of it and make him uncomfortable. "Sure, Theodore.. I don't like using rank or position titles, so Lizzy is fine. Have a seat anywhere."

Heading over, Lizzy heard him humming and grinned as she spoke, "Computer, one cold glass of cheerwine with no ice, and a glass of lime sherbet punch, no ice in that either. With a carry tray."


After a few moments, the items appeared, and Lizzy smiled without turning, "Looks like the computer has cheerwine"

Theodore took the cheerwine with a smile and made for the couch. "Thank you counselor. I must say, everyone on this ship so far has been very....nonchalant?" He took a seat on the couch and did his best to stay professional as he was there for a psych eval, not to flirt or oogle lovely ladies, that was for dream time. "So how does one of these evaluations go? I've never had one..."

Lizzy grinned, "Oh yeah, that is true. But this crew does come together and works very well under pressure. Captain Hawkins just has a different style to some captains in Starfleet."

Lizzy mused that it was probably a good idea that she had made sure her stripper pole was collapsed, as she continued, "That's okay. The whole idea is to find out how you are going and you don't need to worry. Nothing that we talk about will be seen by anyone who isn't Counselling.. I've yelled at Admirals and denied them from access when they asked. I do want to point out that I am half-Betazoid and have emapthic abilities. But only if I use them. Some people are uncomfortable with that, so I like to check. Would it make you uncomfortable?"

"I really don't know Counselor.." He said as he did his best to still any thoughts of her beauty and certain areas of her body. "I'm just curious what this is going to entail.." He then leaned back into the couch and waited to see what would happen next...

Lizzy smiled, "That's okay. How my empathic abilities work is that I have to concentrate to be able to read emotions and nothing more except in one person - my Vulcan wife, T'Madh. Apart from T'Madh, it is quite blurry and I have never been able to get more then a sense of the emotional context of thoughts, not the actual thoughts. I could tell for example about ideas of sadness, happiness, anger. In most beings, emotions can sometimes betray lying. It is quite easy to be fooled by it by well-trained people, and there are species that I can't read. I think that it might be best for me to hold that back, Theodore. How are you going so far aboard?"

He relaxed his tension just a bit and again tried not to focus on anything inuendo-ish. "It's been one heck of a ride so far and it's only been 3 hours since I came aboard. I still need to meet my duty officer which has me a bit concerned for just general nervous reasons but other than that, I'm trying to imagine if this is how my great grandfather felt when he stepped aboard his first ship.."

Lizzy smiled, "That is okay. Counselling is always available to help if you need to talk or have problems anytime. You will find this is a good ship, and a good crew. Lieutenant Winchester is a good officer, and you will be able to learn a lot from her. If it has been three hours, you are doing much better then I did. I only lasted two hours before I accidentally knocked out the Executive Officer and put her in Sickbay for two days."

He chuckled a bit and sipped his cheerwine, signaling that he was loosening up just a bit. "Sounds like someone has a temper and a hair trigger for their punching reflex.." He looked up at the ceiling for a moment. "I don't even remember my great grandfather's logs mentioning the ships counselor, I don't think there were any in Starfleet during his time..."

Lizzy grinned, "Nah, I'm just clumsy sometimes when I get distracted. So I accidentally tripped and dropped a pot plant on her. It was terracotta. The plant survived at least. They only started adding counsellors around 2330'ish I think. Being stuck aboard a ship in deep space can causes issues, and that is why we are here."

Theodore couldn't help but chuckle as his imagination ran to many comedic images of a lady with a flower on her head. "So tell me counselor, what does this evaluation involve?" He then sipped some cheerwine and stretched ever so slightly.

Lizzy smiled, "We already started it. But I don't really like the word 'evaluation' - I'm not here to evaluate whether you should be on the ship - I'm here to find out how you are going. From the sounds of it, it is going good. Do you know anyone aboard yet?"

"I've met the captain and the 1st officer, but that's about it." He said as he sipped his cheerwine again. "Almost every experience is new to me and I have to wonder if this is how my great grandfather felt during his first times." He then looked at her and very briefly allowed his thoughts to wander about her leotard and just as quickly, he was behaving himself again...

Lizzy thought about it, "That is probably normal. I am sure that everyone has gotten that at some point, and I would suggest that you take advantage of it it while also listening to your chief. It is always good to get fresh eyes on a situation."

"I'll do that counselor.." He chuckled some as he sipped more of his cheerwine. "I swear this stuff is going to become my blood since I love it so much.." He then cast a glance at Lizzy again but his thought lingered on curiosities about her body more than they should have. He very quickly tried to regain his composure. "So what do we do now?"

Lizzy smiled, "Good. I tend to go for more natural stuff, but it's all good. It depends. We could talk, play cards or I have a stripper pole."

He was sipping his cheerwine and nearly choked when she said 'stripper pole'. "Excuse me?!?!" His face went beet red and there was no controlling his thoughts now..

Lizzy nodded as she sipped from her drink, before responding, "Yes, I have a stripper pole in my office. It is a beautiful 45mm one in beautiful brass."

Putting her drink down, Lizzy got up and walked over to a wall terminal, pressing a button before moving back. From a hole in the floor, the pole began raising up from the floor until it connected into the roof and locked.

When it was finished, Lizzy did a little run and jumped, catching it in her hand before spinning around on it, wrapping her leg as she leant out, her hair streaming behind.

Slowing and then stopping, she grinned, "I started it for exercise."

~"Dear lord what kind of ship have I gotten myself into?!"~ He thought to himself as he was mesmerized by her actions, gazing at her body and turning about as red as his cheerwine...

Lt. JG Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Tactical/Security Chief
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lt Lizzy Caldera,
Chief Counsellor
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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