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First dinner and more introductions

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 9:55am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Dining hall

~"What have I gotten myself assigned to?"~ Theodore chuckled to himself as he made for the dining hall. His first few hours aboard ship had been interesting to say the least. Some things he thought he was going to love, others he would rather not think about. He had finally gotten things settled in his quarters before he met his commanding officer and that meeting...well...he was certainly going to remember it. The dining hall was fairly occupied when he entered but did his best to stay unseen, a bit of a quirk of his. He made for the replicators and after a couple touches to the control pad, his meal materialized in the form of a decent sized top sirloin steak with au gratin potatoes and a glass of a sparkling red soda. He smiled and hummed a simple tune to himself as he made for an empty yet large table near one of the forward windows. Sitting down, he bowed his head for a few seconds and then with the same smile from before, began to eat his meal.

The next thing he saw would have most people swear they were seeing double. A pair of creatures, humanoid in the sense of their bodily configuration but alien enough to be unlike anything seen in recent memory. A pair of twins, each with a tray of their own, and one with a PaDD that was apparently either taking dictation or the pair were having a conversation with themselves about something.

"... schedule a control zero condition for oh eight hundred. Carbon calibration and argon lattice to follow."

"Do you think they'll permit a sodium acetone cross spectrum reaction panel? I think one should be scheduled and just inform everyone to hold their breath for three seconds."

"Or maybe ... Oh, hello!" one turned towards Theodore, and then the other joined in the glance. "Sorry, was just talking to myself about the upcoming shakedown. New ship, new science lab."

"You know how that goes, I suppose." now it was her sister's turn to speak. "But well, I can work on the control zeroing later. Do you mind if I join you?" there was a pause between the two, as though expecting a question already. The pair actually gave a smile each, but were careful not to show teeth. "I'm a Dalacari."

"A binary organism..." now it was the other sister's turn to speak. They alternated back and forth like some linguistics tennis match, "I'm two physical bodies with one collective mind. I understand it's a little unusual for non-binary life, looking out it was weird for me to meet some of my..." and she just stopped, mid-thought. Her twin picked up the slack as though it were her's to begin with.

"... first singular life. Oh, sorry, I .. umm... I mean Non-Binary life. It's just we don't like to use that word and well I.." and the pair cleared their throats in unison. Then took a breath.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

The sight before him was indeed very new. He stood and gave a slight bow. If anything his parents and grandparents had taught him well, manners wise. He was amazed at having a pair yet single in front of him and he then motioned to the spots across the table from him. "By all means, please.." He smiled warmly and waited for them to sit before he took his seat again. "I'm Theodore, I just arrived about 6 hours ago and I must say that my first assignment is more than I ever could've imagined. How long have you been aboard?" He asked as he carefully looked them over, but not in a rude manner, just more of rabid curiosity. He then took a bite of his steak and chased that with a sip of his drink.

His manners were rewarded with a wider smile from the pair. Each sat down in their own chairs, different meals before them. If one were to gauge them based off their meal alone, it would seem the pair disliked vegetables but had to have them begrudgingly. A thick steak on one plate, with a few select cuts on the other plate. On the first tray, a light assortment of veggies and some apple slices. On the second, a light salad. Though it was easily 80/20 meat to non-meat.

"My name's Mel Torma. It's excellent to meet a new face." she paused to let that have the focus it deserved. Making new friends and meeting crewmates was important. "If this is your first, then let me be the probably third or fourth person to welcome you aboard." the one that wasn't speaking offered a handshake across the table.

"I hear this is how a majority of your quadrant greets."

Her twin then began the next train of thought, "I've been the assistant to the chief scientist for about a few weeks now. Feels longer sometimes." she giggled, while her non-talking twin took this chance to sample the steak before her, and it was clear why when they smiled they didn't show teeth.

They had teeth. Sharp, pointy, savage predator teeth. A compliment to their animalistic appearance, and a reminder that not all life evolved from peaceful sources.

"A pleasure Mel, I take it since you're a pair yet single, you both share the same name?" He asked as he shook the hand of the other. "Your taste in food is definitely delicious.." He chuckled. "Thank you for the welcome also." He smiled and stayed as cordial as possible. "I just got assigned to tactical and I'm more than ready to show what I can do." He then looked longingly out the window for a moment. "I wonder if this is how my great grandfather felt on his ship..."

The pair of them giggled. "Well, truth be told it's all perspective. To you, I'm a pair of entities that share a common name. To another Dalacari, there's just one of me."

The one enjoying her steak took a moment to clear her mouth before she spoke, which gave her twin time to start to cut into her own meal. "Dal.. sorry. Dalacari evolved from swarm predators. Little lanky fellows that shared a collective sort of cloud mind. You ambush one, the whole swarm jumped you. Marvelous..."

"... evolution, and fast forward a few thousand generations and you have us, the modern Dalacari. Duocorperus Unanimo. So, that mostly explains the diet." the pair motioned to their plates.

"I'll be honest, I hate these little tree things. What are they called?" she tried to recall, actually snapping her fingers until it came to her, through the mouth of her sister form, "Broccoli."

"That's it! But, I have to maintain a proper balanced diet AND I have to balance my diet along my physical forms otherwise I get half-heavy or half-underfed and that's never fun." she paused, only to take a tentative chomp of the offensive foodstuff. Though oddly enough it was her sister form that twitched as she tasted it. Shared responses, perhaps.

"Sorry, I'm dominating the conversation. Dalacari tend to do that, so fair warning. Your great-grandfather was an explorer too?"

The sight unfolding before him brought a giggle to his soul. "Well you certainly are the most unique person I've met and I can imagine many a light hearted moment conversing with you." He then proceeded to take a couple bites of his steak, potatoes and enjoy a sip of his soda, which brought about a quiet burp he had to stifle. "Excuse me.." He actually briefly blushed. He then regained his composure and answered the final question. "Yes, my great grandfather was a Starfleet officer in his own right, even became captain of the U.S.S. Cygnus, one of my biggest inspirations to join Starfleet..." He then proceeded to almost finish his meal..

She couldn't help but giggle, but then had to stifle a small gas pocket herself. "Ooo, excuse me." the pair said in unison.

"A captain? That's very impressive, congratulations. My great-grandfather was a pilot, but just for a shipping company. Cargo and transport, though his was the first to be replaced by an..."

"... all drone controlled system. And my great-grandmother rested easier once that happened. Then all he had to do was maintain the drones and the auto-flight systems." she recalled with a smile.

"See, almost everything on Dalacar is handled by drones. Automotive transit, factory assembly, mass transit, most law enforcement. If there's a threat to Dalacari safety involved..."

"... then it's probably handled by drones. Though we have controllers who oversee the drones, so no uprising." she mentioned with a tip of her fork.

"An impressive system, but even so, I would feel far more comfortable with a bit more control and less drones." he said as he finished his meal. "I haven't eaten like this in a while, but I still feel I could grill better on my own.." He sighed some and looked out the window again with a longing smile. "Guess I'll have to wait till my first shore leave to go to Risa.." He then chuckled again and turned back to Mel. "I'm going to get a refill on my drink, would you care for either of your glasses to be topped off?" He then stood and waited for her answer...

"We're a more fragile people than we let on, so any chance we get to safeguard ourselves or prevent risk, we take it." one said, then both of them held up their respective glasses.

"Lemonade." said one. "Orange juice." said the other. "Dalacari share experiences and sensations between forms. So, drinking two different drinks is a fun experience." she explained as she handed up her glasses.

Halan Zeti, the resident Bajoran engineer, arrived at the lounge. She was still in her uniform, her long black hair was up in a messy french twist with a few tendrils hanging from her face and had plans to meet up with Johana and have a few drinks. She was working the late shift and Zeti didn't want to miss out on spending some time with her. For now, she wanted something to eat and a ice cold beer. She hit the replicator and then the bar to get her drink before spotting the twins and making her way over to the table.

"Ah Mel Torma," She set her tray down and glanced over at the big blonde fellow. "I don't recognize you, my name is Halan Zeti. I'm the chief engineer. I don't believe we've met."

He reached forward and took their glasses just as another crew member joined them, a Bajoran and one that caused a slight redness to appear on Theodore's cheeks. He composed himself and smiled at her after her question and introduction. "No we haven't chief and its a pleasure, I'd offer my hand if I didn't have glasses in them. Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV, assigned to Gladiator's tactical division as of today.." He then stepped away from the table and returned with three filled glasses, one of lemonade, one of orange juice and the final one being his, filled with the same sparkling red soda. He set Mel's glasses in front of her and took his original seat. "So tell me Chief, you just getting off your shift for the day?"

"Yes, I just got out and wanted a nice cold beer and something to eat," She motioned to her plate which had a fish filet with a white wine sauce, rice pilaf and mixed vegetables. "It's not to meet you Theodore, are you new aboard? A ship this big and I lose track of people."

He smiled some as he sipped more of his drink. "Yes, I was just assigned today, going to be in the tactical and security detail of the ship, honestly looking far more to the tactical side of things." He then looked at Mel and smiled. "One of these days, if possible, you have to let me grill you a proper steak, not using the replicators. I have a feeling your taste buds and predatory senses would absolutely love it.." He then turned back to Halan. "This is definitely a big ship Chief, sometimes though I have to wonder what the shipyards were thinking when they designed this monster..."

"They were probably thinking about maximizing space to efficiency ratios." one of the twins said with a nod, "See, all of these systems need power and resources, and those take up space, so..."

"... in order to have more systems, more resources, and ultimately more power you need more space." her twin said, "You should see some of the Dalacari ships. If you think this ship is..."

"... big, you should see a Dalacari Flagship. They're *huge*." There was emphasis there. "Mostly because we have redundant systems and offices for any system and office we can manage."

"Two medical wings, two reactors, two tactical systems. Heck the only things we have one of is a Bridge and a Drone control center." a pause, "Actually no, we have a backup bridge, so..."

"... technically two bridges." she giggled in series, "And I'd actually appreciate that offer. I haven't had an actual grilled meal since, well, I left home. Sure, replicated fare isn't that bad..."

"... but I wouldn't mind some real fare now and then." a pause, "I'll make it up to you with some desserts."

He chuckled a bit as he enjoyed another sip of his soda. "They probably wanted to see what a pancaked Soverign looked like.." He chuckled again. "Basically 20 years of my life has been spent looking at Starfleet history and hull geometry and I have to say...actually....not gonna say it.." He smirked a bit as he took another gulp of his soda...

"I think, they were thinking, they needed bigger command and control ship when they designed this," Zeti waved her hand at the ship itself. "Also, I love steak. I'm just putting that out there, never mind that I'm a senior officer sitting with a couple of junior officers."

"You'd think they would've been able to design something that doesn't look like a pancaked Soverign.." He chuckled some and then smirked at Zeti. "Consider your hint noted and an invitation extended to yourself as well Chief.." He smiled and raised his eyebrows ever so slightly, almost playfully at her. "So what do officers on this ship do for fun..?"

"That's one question you don't want to ask," Captain David Hawkins spoke up as he walked up to the group with Commander Kavi next to him. The two had finished up final checks for the relaunch for the ship and both agreed it was time for a quick dinner before calling it a night. He was back in a crisp leather type uniform, with his pips across his right chest and a a continued five o'clock shadow holding in place. He looked at the group with a glass in hand and raised it respectfully in his way of greeting the group. "So is our new Ensign insulting the sovereign or our new Excalibur? "

Theodore froze in fear when he heard Captain Hawkins' voice behind him. All thoughts of fun and flirting and anything went right out the window. He turned and started to sweat bullets with visible beards on his forehead as he saw his Captain's face. "Neither...sir.." His voice trembled. "More...insulting the designer...not the ship sir.." He tried to take a sip of his drink, which shook when he sipped, almost spilling some soda on his uniform. "At least..this isn't a galaxy class right sir?" He nervously chuckled, hoping his Captain had some sense of humor...

"My father commanded one of the first Galaxy class ships," David raised an eye brow saying seriously as he looked at Mercia with a smirk on his face, hoping she would join in on messing with the ensign.

"Again, not an insult to the crew sir, just not a fan of the design, 20 years of being eyeball deep in hull geometry can certainly influence one's opinion....?" The hanging question in the shaky tone of his voice signaled he was truly terrified and just hoping things were about to lighten up...

Zeti snorted with laughter, before shooting David a sideways look, "Be nice to the new meat, he's offered to make Mel and I steak so I like him already."

Theodore looked to Zeti and felt the warmth of his cheeks as they turned red, then he turned back to Captain Hawkins and then just took his seat and sipped more of his drink. ~"What the !@#$ have I gotten myself into...??"~

Mel's twin forms each gave David a smile. Again, careful not to show teeth.

"It's excellent to see you again Captain. Mister Theodore and the rest of us were in a discussion about hull geometry and the ratio of effectiveness to interior space. I had just mentioned..."

"... that Dalacari designs are a little larger than Starfleet designs, but that's because we believe in redundancy for every system. Well, that and also that a Dalacari ship is mostly full..."

"... of Dalacari, so we could use all the space we can get." the pair giggled. "Though, our division of engineering centers like to recalculate ship design every few decades to make sure..."

"... we're making the most use of the space we bring with us. I know there's no such thing as Drag in space, but.... they like to avoid drag."

Theodore listened to Mel speak and just tried to calm down and sip his soda. ~"I know you're gonna be with me on this journey Great Grandfather, I promise to do you proud.."~ He then looked back at Captain Hawkins and Commander Kavi. "So what do officers do for fun on this ship sir?"

"Well I don't know if I qualify as an officer yet, but in my downtime I enjoy reading. I also enjoy using the Holodeck to recreate famous lakes and swimming pools..."

"... though I have to be careful with those I-have-to-wear-my-swimming-uniform-otherwise-I-sink-in-water-moving-on-this-is-really-good-steak." man she blurted that out quickly.

Listening intently to the words said very quickly by Mel, Theodore simply chuckled and downed more of his soda. "So someone here skinny dips..."

Fact: To identify when a Dalacari blushes, don't look at their cheeks. Look at their ears. Point of fact, both sets of Mel's ears just turned the cutest tint of pink.

"Oh umm.. actually no. No I can't really. I mean, Dalacari have a molecular density higher than water, so unlike humans who can relax and just float, Dalacari need to constantly make..."

"... effort, albeit minimal, to remain afloat. So our uniforms and swimwear have air pockets in key places to help us maintain neutral buoyancy. Skinny dipping, if I catch the cultural..."

"... reference, would be incredibly dangerous and as you know, Dalacari try to minimize risk whenever we can." there was a pause, "Besides, I don't think I have the confidence or the figure..."

"... to do such an act."

Theodore chuckled again as he figured he'd hit the nail on the head. "Well Mel, you never said you went to the holodeck with others, just yourself so I just inferred.." he let his words hang in the air as he waited and hoped someone else would interject...

"She'd look like two drowned rats, it would be hilarious," Zeti spoke up with a chuckle more to herself. "As for what to do... You could learn to make your own hooch, I do in engineering."

Social events weren't Zera's thing. So when he saw a group chatting at a table as he entered the mess hall, he actively avoided it, getting his hard liquor directly from the bar versus from the replicator. At least the crewman there knew to leave him alone when he ordered certain beverages. Terran scotch was a favorite of his, and when the bartender only filled his glass a third of the way he gave the man a glare. "You're joking," he said, cueing the young man to keep pouring until the glass was nearly full. Taking it in his hand, he took a good sip from the glass.

Theodore chuckled again and stood to make his way to the replicator for a refill as he turned to Zeti. "I could, if I were a drinker but I'm not." He then nearly crashed into a bajoran with a full glass of whiskey. "Excuse me sir.." He said as he made his way to the replicator and then back to the table with his crew-mates. "So who's the booze hound who just shot me the scariest of death glares?" He asked the entire table as he sat back down...

Mercia shot Zeti a glare and pressed a finger to her lips, "You're not supposed to talk about the Engineering Special." she chided the woman, "Or how else can I claim I know nothing about it, and yet enjoy it regularly?" she asked. "and that would be Zera." Mercia sipped her own drink, "Who has about as much reason as any of us to be a booze hound at the moment." she said.

A hearty chuckle escaped Theodore's lips. "Commander, who am I going to tell? It's not like I've got a secret comm line to the admiral always open.." He smirked at her. "Fitting in here is going to be interesting, especially since I don't drink or swear or anything like that. But I am extending an open invite to all here to join in the grilling, whenever I can get my hands on some legit steak.." He downed his drink and felt like things were starting to wind down but figured he's stick around and see if anyone else spoke up...

"On top of being a hot, genius engineer I have access to people who can get us things," Zeti grinned broadly. "I can probably find someone who can get us a supply of fresh meat, the question is what kind of steak do you want? You being human, I'd guess beef but there are so many options.

Theodore blushed and smirked at Zeti. "Definitely looking for a huge beef tenderloin and some top sirloin.." He then downed his third glass of cheerwine. "While there are many different options, grilling usually requires beef so we'll keep it at that as I never developed a taste for venison and things of that like.."

The twin forms of Mel gave a smile each. "Well, I'm hardly a connoisseur of such things, but we had plenty of grill nights back home growing up. Dad insisted on being the head chef despite the fact that our househelp could..."

"... easily handle the task. Oh, umm, a househelp is a drone that helps out around the house. Picking up, light cleaning, food prep, wireless shopping, that sorta stuff. Take the menial out..."

"... of the way to let Dalacari enjoy life. Peace of Pursuit, one of the privileges assured every Dalacari in our constitution."

"A very nice assurance.." he sighed some as he sipped his drink and then stood, bowing to those around him slightly. "I must say all that this has been very fun but I feel my bed calling my name. Gotta be up and ready for my first shift tomorrow. Good night all.." he smiled and raised his glass to everyone as he started to walk towards the door...

Lixor arrived taking in a deep breath. He was finally abie to pull himself away from his work for some relaxation and he really couldn't wait. There was a smile on his face, well, a small one anyway and although he was still in uniform he would remedy that later. He glanced around the hall and notice nodded towards the unfamiliar face coming towards him.

Theodore smiled and nodded to the Bolian lieutenant that entered. He side stepped a crewman and decided one more wouldn't hurt and stopped off at the replicator to refill his drink. He then nearly bumped into the Bolian lieutenant as he tried to make his exit. "Excuse me Lieutenant, my apologies..."

The half Bolian nodded and took a step to the side so the man could exit easier, "enjoying your drink Ensign."

He smiled as he walked past. "Just thrilled the replicators know about this drink Lieutenant.." He then made his way down the hall and towards the turbo lift..



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