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Target practice

Posted on Sun Sep 3rd, 2017 @ 9:22am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Holodeck

The first couple days onboard Gladiator had been stressful to say the least. Three years out of the academy without going to an assignment had adversely affected Theodore's ability to adapt to situations quickly. At least he had his music in his cabin and today, he had some holodeck time. He felt like trying to expand his acquaintances and keyed his communicator. "Lt. Leyar, please report to holodeck 5 at your earliest convenience.." He began working on the control pad and waiting for Lt. Leyar to show up...

As much as he wanted to ignore it, he knew that the counselor was getting on his case about spending too little time outside of work. With a sigh, Zera tapped his badge, "I'll be there in 30. Lieutenant Zera out." He knew it was common for people to confuse his name, and it became habitual for him to correct them. It was the way his name was presented in his file.

As promised, the Bajoran entered the holodeck 30 minutes later, spotting the new security officer at a control pad. "What is it?" He asked, a little more curt than intended.

~"wow...rude.."~ He thought to himself as he turned towards the lieutenant and placed his hand on the classic assault phaser on his hip. "Because of nearly making you spill some whiskey two days ago, was curious if you would be interested in some target practice to get better acquainted..."

He then took the assault phaser out of its holster and readied it...

Zera debated correcting the man on his drink from not too long ago, but deemed it unimportant. Instead, he nodded and pulled out his own phaser. "Getting acquainted by shooting at things... not bad. It just may work." Looking at the man, he asked, "you got a specific program in mind?"

Theodore simply smirked as he looked towards the dark wall of the holodeck. "Computer target practice simulation Riker 7, delta difficulty, one player per round..." He then quickly made sure his assault phaser was locked and loaded and took aim. The targets began flying around and he delighted when he pulled a three double kills in a row by letting targets line up. He then proceeded to lay down an impressive score for his round and then he calmed down and cooled down as he looked at Zera. "Your turn..."

The Bajoran watched the other man before swapping places. "Not bad for an Ensign." When he spoke this time, it held more of a bantering tone over an insulting one, although his neutral countenance failed to match the tone. In the time he watched the security officer go through the simulation, an observer would have seen Zera's expression change from annoyance to a sort of curiosity. He checked his own phaser as he heard the program beep to indicate that it was starting. He hadn't used this program before, but it was only his reaction time that was delayed.

A couple minutes later, the simulation ended, showing his score slightly above Theodore's. "I am serious, though. Few Ensigns get that kind of score on target practice," he commented as he walked back towards his companion. While he was warmed up, the simulation hardly dented his energy; at the same time, target practice normally didn't require too much energy to begin with.

But the idea of being nearly matched by an Ensign admittedly made him a little jealous. "You want to alternate programs? That way it's a slightly more even playing field, with us taking turns on the other's turf," he suggested.

Theodore simply smirked back at the lieutenant and pulled the energy clip out of his phaser to check its charge. "I've got enough in this for at least four more rounds..." He then slapped the clip back in and 'racked' the phaser. "You're on...choose the level and difficulty.."

Nodding, Zera called out, "computer, run training program klep-omega-4. Level 7 difficulty, random generation." As the holodeck changed to the desired program, the Bajoran turned to his partner and said, "this is closer to your typical tactical away mission scenario, so you are required to move, but same concept."

The holodeck changed to what resembled a space station that had taken a beating. There was rubble and debris everywhere, and the area was illuminated by backup generators. "Computer, freeze section 6A, render observation only." That area happened to be where Theodore was standing. "That way you can keep up and not have to move," Zera then explained with a little smile.

Theodore was impressed with the program selected. He'd played it a couple times back at the academy but he was first to admit it wasn't a favorite of his. Still though, if one was going to train one needed to be in as real a situation as possible. He readied his phaser and looked at Zera. "Lead on...I'll see if I can figure the program out.."

"If you want to trail with me, that's fine, or you can stay there and the program will move around you." Leaving it up to him, Zera told the program to start, listening to the countdown beeps. Once it hit zero, he went into the program, his phaser raised, and as he moved through the program he took out holograms as they appeared. His Intelligence training he would argue gave him an upper hand, as he was able to move around and catch the holograms by surprise when he went in for the kill.

When he got to the end, the program froze, showing his score on a nearby wall. Panting a little, he turned to Theodore and said, "you're up."

A challenging smirk came across Theodore's face as he 'racked' his phaser and took his starting position. "Let's see how I fare.." He waited for the counter to reach zero and charged off into the course. His attitude was a bit brash given his demeanor but he loved a good phaser competition, especially using his great grandfather's phaser. While he didn't have much real life combat training, his peripheral vision was acutely sharp, one of his little tricks that he used to trounce his opponents at the academy. Most of the holograms went down to head shots with a couple being shoulder shots. The final two though, were where Theodore's athleticism and memory showed themselves. A fallen support and pile of rubble were the final obstacle. Charging full speed at the support, Theodore head shotted the hologram that popped up behind the support and then pulled a baseball slide while shooting over his shoulder to ping the final hologram. The course now finished, he stood, wiped himself off and looked to Zera as the computer calculated his score....

"Prophets..." Zera watched as Theodore's score well passed his own. "How the hell did you do that?"

"Honestly?" He sighed as he checked his magazine charge again. "Great peripheral vision and a killer memory.."

I should practice more, the Bajoran mused. In all his years, he had never seen someone his age with such a sharp eye. "So we're tied, your turn." Pausing, he then asked, "where did you train before Starfleet?"

"I didn't..see my parents are professors at a prestigious university on Earth. I spent my first 17 years of my life being inundated into starfleet history and hull geometry." He sighed some wistfully as he briefly felt homesick. "I'll pick the mission, but you have to go first for the final round..." He chuckled as he waited for Zera's response..

Zera didn't fully buy it, but he certainly didn't show it in his expression. While some people are graced with a good aim, it takes practice to become that good. The vision and memory he mentioned would only get you so far. "Alright," he said, waiting for the program to load, his neutral countenance almost making him appear bored. Or angry. Admittedly he was a little jealous, because that was his second best score, and while he had beaten his first, it was in a different simulation, so it wasn't fair to compare it to that.

"Computer.." Theodore spoke up. "Simulation pattern Delta 9, difficulty, omega..." He looked at Zera almost daring him. "10 second countdown..begin.."

The program was fairly simple training simulation, an empty room with an upper level and various crates. "You picked the one training program I hate," Zera grumbled as the computer made it to five. Adjusting his grip on the phaser, he waited for the signal before taking aim at the first target that showed up, the hologram exploding into little chips before disappearing. Another appeared from behind a crate, and the Bajoran turned and shot it in the shoulder. This went on for a couple minutes before it ended, leaving Zera a little breathless. He hated the runners up above, because almost every time he aimed for them, a target on the ground shot at him. He knew his score wasn't as impressive as it should, and he knew that the other man was going to beat him.

"I must commend you for doing as good as you did on your most hated program.." Theodore said as he made sure he had a spare mag in his pocket. He double checked the current charge on the mag in his phaser then slapped it in and racked the phaser. "Computer...begin simulation!" The simulation began and his movements were almost fluid as he pinged the targets as they appeared. This level was his trump card. He'd spent days upon weeks back at the academy memorizing the program. It made him infamous back at the academy. Nearly halfway through the program, the charge ran out and Theodore was forced to do a rapid mag change, dropping the depleted mag on the floor as he quickly racked his new mag and ping two targets that appeared simultaneously. The end of the simulation was fast approaching as he turned for the final two targets, it could be seen that Theodore was cheekily performing this simulation with his eyes closed. He pinged the penultimate target with an under arm shot across his body and as the final target appeared, he rested his phaser behind his head, firing over his opposite shoulder and squeezed the trigger...


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