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Meeting the boss

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 11:37am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Conference room

After his meeting with the ship's counselor, which is a meeting he was very likely to remember for the rest of his life, Theodore headed for the main conference room. He had been told he'd meet his duty officer there. He absolutely had no idea what to expect when he made it to the conference room, adjusted his uniform and haircut and entered, surprised to see that he'd made it first so he took a seat near the head of the table, leaving the head chair to the duty officer...

Paula had heard that she had gained a new security officer by the name of Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV, Having read his Service jacket and that being as this was his first posting, he was now her Number one and as such she demanded discipline from her officers as the Security department knew that you crossed her you knew it. it pleased her that Starfleet had sent her a fresh Ensign for her to teach as she made her way to the Conference room although she had preferred the Office that she had acquired from Julian after he had left the ship sometime ago.

As the door slid open she noticed the young Ensign had already here and on time which bode well for future meetings with him, as she crossed the room to take the seat opposite him and sat down, She said "Welcome Ensign, I am Lieutenant Paula Winchester," as she introduced herself, Please tell me a bit about yourself?"as she asked him the question.

When his duty officer entered and happened to be a woman, as he'd only been told it was Lt. Winchester, he stood immediately and stood at attention till she sat down, to which he followed suit. His senses were going crazy and he did his best to keep his head clear, trying to avoid any awkward moments like when he met the counselor. Her tone and questioning were very direct, something he'd have to get used to, but not un-expected for a chief of security and tactical. He cleared his throat and answered. "A pleasure Lieutenant. What would you care to know about me? I can rattle off specifics but I don't want to bore my new duty officer. Obviously this is my first ever assignment but I've tried to keep my skills as sharp as they can be..."

Paula could sense the awkwardness in his posture, Paula asked," What I want to know ensign is why did you chose to join Starfleet," looking at him, She continued "and more importantly Security? as being his boss and being direct with him showed him that she was not to be messed with. She hoped that he was not going to try and flirt with her as she did not Swing that way.

Something felt harsh and off about her so he played it by the book. He straightened himself in his chair and took a breath. "Lieutenant, I chose to join starfleet because of wanting to be like my great grandfather, the former captain of the U.S.S. Cygnus. I dream to one day have a captain's chair of my own. I also decided on tactical because that is where my strengths seemed to show through in the academy, security is a part of my duty on this ship because tactical and security go hand in hand..."

"I see" replied Paula noting that he was willing to do anything to please her and show willingness. this showed her that he was willing to learn which pleased her a lot, She asked "Do you know how to use a bow and arrow?" as she knew that was now a requirement of all her officers here on the Gladiator.

The question completely caught him off guard. ~"Why would she want to know if I can use one of those??"~ He thought to himself before realizing he was taking far too long to answer so he cleared his throat and proceeded to answer. "No ma'am, the closest I've come to a bow & arrow is a simple plasma rifle my grandfather had and even that was an antique I wasn't really allowed to use more than once or twice.." He changed his posture just a bit. "May I ask why I would need to know how to use that?" His tone still showed total respect, just genuine curiosity...

"The reason I was asking Ensign," she stated, "Is that I want my staff to be versatile in all forms of weaponry," she continued, looking back at him. She thought~ I wonder if he understands what I want from my staff,~ as she looked back at him. she said," I want you to understand not to rely on just your side arm or rifle but other forms of weaponry," and hoped that this might show him meaning of what she wanted.

He seemed to ponder on her words as he listened, granted there could be away missions or dire situations where a phaser or rifle wouldn't be available. He kept a normal looking face and replied to her. "While I don't know how to use one yet, I will dedicate myself to trainings to get proficient with one.." He then felt something uneasy as he sat there waiting on her to respond...

"That is good to hear Ensign," replied Paula, she continued," I will be taking classes on archery in the holodeck at 14:00 hrs every Saturday," as she had heard about a completion between ships and wanted a team to put forward as well, but also have them know how to use one if the need ever arose. as she looked back at him, she finished," I also understand that you are my Deputy chief and with that comes a role of responsibility, " as she understood the role as she had held it herself.

His nervousness showed ever so slightly as he listened to her talk about the archery classes and then when she seemed to look straight through him, or at least that was how he felt when she mentioned he was her deputy. "That is my understanding as well Lieutenant... I will do my best to execute my duties as they should be.." He gulped a little bit as he had a severe case of dry mouth...

"Good," replied Paula, she looked back at him, "your next scheduled meetings are with the Section heads so you can get to know them," she continued looking at her new deputy, she finished," any problems, my door is always open," as she looked back at him and wondered if that was all he wanted from her today.

"Thank you ma'am.." He stood at attention for a moment then turned and made his way out of the office and back to his quarters so he could change his undershirt which was soaked in sweat. ~"I never knew she'd be that scary.."~ he though as he got changed and then left his room, making for the bridge...

Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Security Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gladiator-A


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