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What happens on Kaslau stays on Kaslau

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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Kaslau
Timeline: Prior to arrival of USS Gladiator

Leaning across the bar of the smoke-filled tavern that she had been directed to, Lizzy smiled to a rough-looking man of questionable heritage, as he wiped a glass clean, "What can I get you?"

Lizzy slid a credit strip over along with the silver disc she had been given, "Hmm.. A Silmar Sling."

He nodded to her, and began pouring the drink before sliding the short glass over to her. The green concoction had blue-mist sliding out of it, and she gave it a sip, feeling the liquid on the way down in a nice way. After a few moments, shetasted a chocolate after-taste.

He turned away and returned with a small device that he handed over, "This will get you there."

Lizzy finished her drink before leaving the bar.

~~~ Twenty minutes later ~~~

Leaving the more civilised section of Kaslau, Elizabeth followed the directions that she been given at the bar by the slightly-shady Tellarite and finally reached the warehouse.

Walking along the length, she took a peek around the edge and spotted the door way down the darkened corridor.

Moving quietly but with measured steps, Lizzy reached the door and keyed in the code she had been given 5-6-2-9-4. There was a click and she pushed open the doorway before slipping inside.

Heading down the passageway, she reached a door with a buzzer and pressed it. A section of the doorway slid open and she could see someone inside looking at her.

A gravelly voice spoke, "Why are you here?"

"I was sent by a Tellarite, Garat. He said that I could be helped with some items I wanted to procure. Here is the tag he gave me."

She slid it through the panel before the person shut it. There was some clunks and the door opened, as the cloaked person spoke,

Lizzy did so, finding it really dark without much light inside, as the door was closed behind her. Suddenly, she was grabbed and pushed hard against a wall.

Hands began patting her down, moving down and across intimate areas, before she was released.

The gravelly voice spoke, "What do you want? I assume that you have seen out inventory."

"A case of Tirisian peaches and two boxes of Viridian oil paints. I can trade a few bottles of bloodwine and some Ferengi holo-programs."

The man made a humming noise before nodding, "Make it 4 bottles."

Lizzy countered, "Throw in some chocolates too and you have a deal."

He nodded, "Okay. But there is one more thing that could be part of the deal, Betazoid. What happens on Kaslau stays on Kaslau."

Lizzy was about to ask what he meant when the man moved forwards, pulling her to him as he crushed her lips with his. She sighed happily as she melted into his arms. A moment later, she felt a hand brush against her from behind, and she smiled as the zip at the back of her dress began slowing moving downwards.


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