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The Phyrs

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 5:32pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Operation Red Garden

Normal is a word that means something different to everyone, it’s a relative term. What was normal for one, was completely abnormal for another. For most people, they live and work their entire lives without ever really traveling or seeing what the galaxy had to offer. It was a big place, with a lot of worlds and cultures and experiences that many never experienced. Captain Aden Phyr was not one such individual.

He’d spent twenty years in Starfleet, working his way up to the captain’s chair, only to get his own cargo ship, the CS Antioch, and had spent the last few years as a freighter captain. At least that’s how it was on the surface, his father and his great uncle had been cargo ship captains, both building information networks and cargo companies that did a great many things. Both of them imparting their knowledge into him and while he learned the Starfleet way, he spent a great deal of his down time on his own labor, building up his own networks, and business. He had more than enough he could retire and live a life of luxury and yet something drove him to do more.

His blonde hair was kept short, his beard neat and his blue eyes were ever watchful as the ships came in and out of the star base. Elizabeth, his wife, was sitting on the black couch that was along the walls and took up about half the room. There were black and red pillows alternating and there were a couple of black tables that had candles on top, with red stools in the part of the room the couch wasn’t. They’d chosen Rouge Bar & Lounge because he knew it and it was swanky. He’d ordered some high end drinks and they were waiting to meet the Captain of the Gladiator.

Elizabeth’s pedigree was as good as his, she’d grown up in Jerusalem, and became a very good diplomat. She’d have been an ambassador if she’d remained, but decided she wanted to leave Starfleet herself. Now, her talents were sought out by governments across the galaxy, and because of her silver tongue they two of them had quite the reputation.

Elizabeth looked up at her dashing husband, a fancy glass in her hand, she wore red dress with silver accents. Having worked in diplomacy, when she was on the job she was always dressed to the nines. Her hair was half up with a pair of victorian curls on the crown of her head. “Are you nervous about traveling on a starfleet ship again?” she asked him curiously as he paced, “or is that you are excited about diving in interplanetary politics with warlords threatening domination?” she winked.

“Warlords that would lose if they tried, but would devastate the planet back to where it was twenty five years ago,” Aden replied, without looking over at his wife. “I’m not nervous, I’m cautious. I want my ship, my crew but Caxius still wants to kill me. If I showed up backing Zevihil, he’ll start shooting anything and everything. The other two will jump in and a full planetary war starts, leaving Lotus Major far worse off. I want to build the place up.”

“If I didn’t know better I’d call you a philanthropist.” she teased. Aden certainly did have a good heart, however she knew he wouldn’t be swinging the deals he was if there wasn’t a very good pay off in the end for their still growing family. “This is a better way, as much as I hate leaving the ship, we have examined all the data, the only way to solidify this planet and ensure its entry into the federation is to be a little more quiet about our presence.” She sipped her drink and stood up, approaching him.

“I know, but the reason why we’re so good, is because of the people we have around us,” Aden finally turned to look at his wife and managed a smile, he was dressed in a navy suit, with shiny black derby lace up shoes, a white shirt and a blue tie. “I am a philanthropist, I want my company on the ground to build roads, mass transit, infrastructure and give the people down there jobs. I’ve always believed in the triple bottom line, it’s one of the reasons why I’m so successful.”

Elizabeth winked and glanced down at the ring on her finger, she’d not been with him due to his wealth, in fact she knew nothing of it until they were married, and she didn’t care. She enjoyed the wealth now. “I enjoy your success.” she said. “Let’s hope all your children inherit the mind of their father.” she said, “I have no ambition to rule an empire, but some days it feels like that is where we are headed.”

“I’m not an emperor and the moment I think I am one we’re in trouble,” Aden leaned forward, kissing his wife as he gently cupped her cheek. “I’d give it all up and go live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere as long as I get to bring you with me.”

Her eyes brightened at that, “You say such pretty things.” she laughed. “So just me? What about the four kids we left with your parents?” she said as she moved her arms around his waist and swayed a bit. Having a teenager and three young children at home meant they didn’t get many chances to dress up and be on their own.

“They stay with my parents, maybe go to your parents. Either way it’s just us, it’ll be somewhere tropical so we won’t need to wear much,” Aden gave her a devilish grin. “Of course that’ll lead to more kids, or we’ll have to prevent more kids… Damn kids.”

“Damn kids.” Elizabeth laughed, repeating him. “I think I like this idea. Maybe we should give a try after this mission and ride the Gladiator back to this Memphis Island place and buy an island?” she suggested. “I assume I have enough in my fun spending account to buy an island?” she joked. “Make our own little tropical get away.” she said.

“That sounds like a good place to do it too, it’s become more traveled, but it’s still sleepy and not a lot of people know about it. We could put in a small above ground house, with a lot more hidden under it,” Aden thought about it for a moment. “I like this plan. Maybe we’ll let the kids visit once in awhile.”

Elizabeth pulled back and took his hand, spinning under his arm. “Only every once in awhile.” she told him. “I’m glad you picked this suit, other than your roguish street clothes this is one of my favorite looks on you.” she purred.

"I always go for roguish myself." Commander Mercia Kavi said as she entered the lounge with Zeti and Hawkins by her side. She looked over at Zeti who's normally bitchy features brightened seeing the gaggingly cute couple looking like they belonged in a lounge like this one. "I feel under dressed." she said looking down at her uniform.

"More dressed than most," David smirked as he walked in with the pair of ladies next to him. He looked at the couple before them and straightened his duty uniform and straightened his holster on his thigh before shrugging. "But I'm not much for formal either."

Zeti squealed, as she had no idea this was who they were meeting with, and practically tackled Aden as she kissed both of his cheeks and followed Liz closely after, "You didn't tell me you were the special consultants for this mission!"

"You didn't ask," Aden laughed and kissed Zeti's forehead. "You're Captain and XO are looking at us funny."

"That's just what they look like," Zeti quipped. "David, Mercia, this is Aden Phyr. He's like my older brother, if I had one."

"And my wife Elizabeth," Aden nodded. He took a look at the both of them before offering his hand. "It's nice to meet you both. You are every bit the marine your file says you are, Captain, and you Mercia are a breathtaking woman."

Mercia laughed and took his hand, "Oh I like him." she said.

"He is ever the charmer." Elizabeth said after she kissed Zeti' cheek, she'd not seen her in a long time except via video. "Its how he managed to win me over." Elizabeth elbowed Aden. "I'll order drinks, what would you all like?" she asked.

"Order really expensive stuff, they're good for it," Zeti grinned. "And don't get any idea's Mercia, he's a flirt but anyone who's anyone would side with Elizabeth if he were to do something stupid."

"She's not wrong," Aden shrugged his shoulders.

A slight smirk arose on David's face as he walked up to the man and greeted the man with a solid hand shake. "David will do just fine." After greeting Aden, he nodded out of respect to his wife. "And a pleasure to meet you as well, Mrs Phyr."

"Down to business," Aden said finally. "David, The President of the largest government on Lotus Major contacted me and requested that I come to Starfleet to help facilitate a multi-step plan with the end goal of Lotus Major becoming a Federation member world. They call themselves the Unified Colonies of Lotus Major and they are facing massive issues, but this all starts with negotiating peace with the three Warlords that control the parts of the world that UC does not. The most powerful of the three is Caxius and he wants to kill me because I sided with the UC about five years ago, that and because I killed his brother when he pulled a gun on me intent on killing me. I need you to broker a peace, we need to start the process of unifying the world, because if we can't it will mean war. That's not the only issue they're suffering, the UC is struggling with a blight killing their crops and they need massive amounts of infrastructure work. My company is prepared to move in, we're one of the finest project management firms in the Federation, but we need the planet stable before we can. We do this right, everyone wins."

"Did you say Lotus Major?" Mercia asked the blood draining from her face.

Elizabeths had just returned from the bar as Aden had finished his speal. Her eyes flickered to the woman, and appraised her, knowingly. "Is that going to be a problem Commander?" her voice asked.

Mercia looked up at her, distrust flashing through her. She pasted on a charming smile, "Not at all, I was just making sure I heard that right." she said.

Elizabeth sat down gracefully next to Aden, her hand touching his knee as she smiled. A waitress brought over a tray of glasses and a few bottles. She picked up her wine glass and took a breath, "This work is important for every one on the planet. The planet was a slum twenty years ago, a lot of hard work and investment has gone on there to bring it to where it is, now it stands on the knife edge, success or failure for this planet and... these people... Its in our hands. With our firm, and the power of the Federation together we can make a real difference." Her eyes rested on Mercia, she was a wild card, and she and Aden had discussed her involvement deeply.

"As you mentioned, I am a marine at heart," David spoke up hoping to get the attention of of Mercia. He could already tell that there was hatred running through her mind and heart. "... And the Gladiator is far from a ship to offer peace. Maybe the former Sovereign class, but the new and improved Gladiator is just as her name calls, a warrior... a battleship. If a Starfleet battleship were to come in orbit of a Cardassian world, I am sure that there will be some major discomfort from those people."

Elizabeth waved her wine glass, "Sometimes politics is discomfort. Sometimes peace comes with a show of force." she said. "We selected this ship for various reasons. When dealing with ruthless warlords, who believe the Federation is nothing more than joke full of weak and useless peace makers... they need to see possibilities. Fear is a tool, but it is all they have, and they're struggling to hold it. We can topple that, prove to people that we do actually have power greater than theirs... why, winning the support of the true power of the planet, the people, will be far easier. We don't have to topple war lords if their people are prepared and bold enough to do it themselves, which also means what we set in to motion will last."

"Until they send someone to slit your throat and post your head on a pike." Mercia said as she shifted uncomfortably. "Survival and ruthlessness is all this planet is..."

"So flex our muscles, to remind them of who's in charge," David shrugged trying to get off the deathly thoughts of his XO. "Do You have your own supply ships prepped for launch? Or is this going to be the mission to set up the foundation for your company's presents?"

"Commander, survival and ruthlessness is a way of life. We are trying to change that," Aden glanced at David. "I don't have supply ships, we are going to be the long term project management team that helps the planet enter a new era. We're taking cities from many different states and modernizing them and the hope is to use all local firms and labor. I have the expertise in organizing the how and the when. The Gladiator is the perfect choice, not only does it have the muscle, it has the capacity for both diplomatic and relief operations without bringing in an entire fleet and making it look like we're a conquering force."

"And what is in it for me?" The captain smirked as he crossed his arms across his chest. He looked at them as he knew that this was the reasoning for the re-dacting his leave paperwork. "This means clearing out cargo bays and what of your people? All this just on a hunch that they will agree and approve of all this?"

"My people are ready, this has been in the works for years and I don't deal on this level with hunches. Lotus Major is on the verge of becoming a key system that the Breen and Cardassians both will want," Aden smirked as he put his arms around his back. "The truth is I don't have to give you anything, this is an order from someone in your chain of command but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention I have a few ulterior motives. Zeti has spoken highly of both of you, I've read your files and I'm always on the look out for good people for my organization. Cultivating a relationship now gives me friends in Starfleet and when you decide to join the civilian job market I'm fairly certain I could find a place for you."

This quickly picked up an interest for both Hawkins and Mercia as they had both talked about resigning their commissions for a less than normal day to day adventures of the Star Fleet calling. Deep down, he was highly split on this concept of not working for the Federation. Still, he had felt the dislike of their constant issues they saw widen that gap more and more, till he was ready to even start planning for the future.

"I may have to take you up on that offer, good sir. And even if command ordered it on us, we still prefer to take pride in our work. So it helps to have that incentive," Hawkins explained. "So tell me, is this going to be an in and out project for you?"

"Interesting that you'd ask me that Captain," Aden smiled at the man again, he took a moment to size him up. Was he asking because he didn't know or because he wanted to see how Aden would react? "The President is a friend and I take care of me and mine. The last man who went after one of mine had his kingdom burned to the ground."

"Fair enough. So this was something from the president," David stated as he wandered how he felt about the thought of the president of the Federation requesting Star Fleet to take part in assisting a civilian company. But as he looked at the former Captain before him, he could see the way Aden held himself. It may habe sounded off, but it seemed that the man before them was that of a protective man... like himself for his crew. "Zeti, I am leaving it in your hands with the cargo space requirements. And depending on the personal space requirements for the workers, I am going to have Mercia and Emmah set up quarters as needed."

Mercia sipped on her drink as she watched this group, she glanced at David when he started to issue orders. "Is it just the two of you, or will you be bringing crew with you?" she asked.

"Just the two of us for this trip, We are a little more... behind the scenes for this part of the project." Elizabeth said. "Emmah is you AI am I correct?" she asked.

Mercia nodded, "She's a free being, hoping for personhood to be granted soon." she said. They were all waiting for the courts to decide the fate of Voyegers Doctor, if he was granted personhood, so could Emmah.

"Fascinating, I would enjoy meeting her." Elizabeth said sweetly. "A hologram with her own emitter, able to live freely. What a strange concept."

Mercia took another drink, "I'm sure you would, the tech surrounding her emitter is classified, even to former starfleet personnel." she said a bit defensively.

Elizabeth looked at Aden and laughed, "We're not looking to steal tech Mercia. Besides, I happen to know her emitter is not starfleet property, that the emitter used to give her freedom first, IS starfleet, however a man named Khelev ch'Koro built her another, and until she has personhood, technically, belongs to him. If we wanted to know about the emitter, we'd just talk to him." she said.

Mercia narrowed her eyes as Elizabeth, not sure if she liked her at all.

"We do our research girl, we're very well connected, and we are good at knowing the players on the board before we invest ourselves in to things." Elizabeth said watching her. "You don't think you can trust me." she stated.

"I don't. You know too much." Mercia snipped, "and you're arrogant in thinking you can change any thing on Lotus Major. That planet is a hell hole, it would be better to destory rather than waste any ones time trying to save it." she said bitterly.

Elizabeth set her drink down and looked at Mercia, "We do our research Mercia. What happened to you there was wrong, and never should have happened. Slavery will end on Lotus Major, it already has greatly reduced with new laws and the government backings that have developed. We are poised to change the course of this world, and your history with it is... outdated." Elizabeth said.

Mercia narrowed her eyes again, and took a long drink, "You don't think I don't keep up on what goes on on Lotus Major?" she asked.

"I'm sure you do." Elizabeth said. "But we are involved with the bigger picture, and we need you see that as well." she said.

Mercia fell silent, brooding behind her glass. She was going to need a few more of these before the night was over.

"Mercia, I know this is opening some old wounds, but our specialty is in rebuilding," Aden said softly. "People, ships, a star base and for the first time a planet. I'm not arrogant enough to believe I can change the planet on my own, but I've got the balls to partner with good people and work as a team to make it happen. Ask around about me, Admiral Grayson has a couple of stories he might tell you."

"Even though my first officer is out spoken, she will follow my lead unless it threatens our people," David spoke up before Mercia could. He knew all to well his words were iffy and quite honestly, he wasn't sure if she was going to be able to handle herself during this up coming mission. "I assume you have plans for all my crew to assist with your efforts?"

"Captain, I'm smarter than I look. Your first officer will do what her moral compass tells her to do and so will you. It's why I requested your ship," Aden gave David a look. "I can't bribe you. As far as the mission, it's not about what I want. I'm the middle man connecting you to people that need your help, that's all."

Mercia scoffed a bit, "You think I have a moral compass?"

Elizabeth smirked a bit. "Every one does, even if the calibration is skewed." she said. She lifted her glass, "Lets go save a planet?" she offered as a toast.

The group all picked up their own glasses and followed suit as they raised their glasses in air. Once they were all raised, the group all on their own time, said "... to saving a planet..." glasses contacted ringing with every contact. Once the ringing disappated, the all took a full of their own drinks.

"I hope you know..." David spoke to Aden as he leaned in close to him just for the two to only hear. "... for the record... I don't think you look stupid, and your intentions are noble. And it's true you can't bribe me... but that don't mean you can't try." He smirked slightly before taking a full of the wine.

"You don't know me, but bribes aren't my style," Aden smirked and took a drink from his glass. "Just drink that glass of wine that likely would cost more than a case of what you usually drink."


Elizabeth Phyr
C.S. Antioch

Captain Aden Phyr
C.S. Antioch

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Chief Engineering officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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