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Restless night

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 1:18pm by Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Returning Home (Shore Leave)
Location: Hallway near brig

For all his enthusiasm about going to space and being assigned to a ship, even Theodore had nights where he just couldn't sleep. He rose from his bed, grabbed his cross and put it on, with a general mono-chrome polo going over that and some khaki shorts and bedroom slippers. He then made for his replicator and spoke. "cold cheerwine, no ice.." When the drink materialized, he grabbed it and began to sip as he walked out into the hall and decided to explore the ship some. A few minutes later though, he found himself near the brig. ~"Not someplace I ever want to wind up...."~

Ensign Sadie Turner groaned and dropped her head back in the chair, bored out of her brains. She'd pissed off her supervisor and ended up with a crap shift for the week. Brig duty, over nights. She turned when she heard the doors open wondering if someone else was being dropped off. She looked up, "Who the hell are you?"

~"Ok...she's smokin' hot.."~ He thought to himself as he looked the ensign over briefly and quickly. He sipped his cheerwine and smiled at the ensign. "Ensign Theodore Treadagar, assistant security chief, just assigned to Gladiator at the beginning of the week.."

"Welcome to the shit show." Sadie said grinning at him. She made a face, "Um. Crap that means I'll be reporting to you huh?" Sadie sighed. She made a show of getting up from her chair and giving him a half assed salute. "So.... I've just added to my days on the crap shift didn't I?"

~"Smokin' hot and a subordinate?! Wonder if this will go like that story I heard of great grandfather and his Andorian lieutenant...?"~ He chuckled to the point of laughing. "No need to salute, I'm not even in uniform as you can see." He walked over and looked around the brig. "What's your name ensign?" He smiled warmly at her as he turned back to face her and sipped his drink...

Sadie smirked, "Sadie Turner. Trouble maker extraordinaire. You might as well know I'm a project kid, like Commander Kavi." she said tipping her chin up. She dropped back down in her chair and picked up her large cup of coffee. She looked up at him, wondering if he understood the meaning of it.

He absolutely didn't know what she was talking about and it showed on his face with the momentary blank stare. "Well its a pleasure to meet you ensign turner." He smiled at her. "And no you haven't added to your days on the 'crap shift'. I'm not that cruel." He couldn't help but gaze at her again before starting to make his way towards the door. "So what landed you down here at this awful time?"

"I mouthed off to my supervisor because I felt like I had scored high enough on the last readiness drill." she said. "He didn't think I did. We disagreed, nearly came to blows, and here I am guarding the brig rather than being IN it." she said. "You should check in to the project, there are a few of them around this boat considering Graysons relationship with Kavi. He drops them here frequently thinking she's a good example of success." she shrugged.

"Well now that I'm the assistant security chief, I believe that makes me your supervisor correct?" He was enjoying the banter with her, probably because his heart was going pitter patter but still. "What project are you talking about? I literally was assigned here four days ago.."

Sadie offered him a flirty smile. Surely Sid wouldn't be pissed if she flirted to get out of a crap shift? "Project Refit. Admiral Grayson runs a branch of the Academy built for reforming teenaged criminals. We agree, we serve double the time in service than our sentence, but we have education and work in trade. If we fail before the time is over we get put back in prison for the remainder of the time agreed to be served, on top of whatever sentence of the new crime we committed to get kicked out." She folded her arms and looked at him through her lashes, "You both supervise and work for criminals. You like that?"

"An interesting plan, well I'm glad you agreed. May I ask what got you here in the first place?" He walked back from the door and made his way to sit across from her desk, still sipping his drink but starting to get low. He then looked around and made sure there was a replicator for refills. "Also, what's your specialty, other than trouble making?"

Sadie leaned forward, "I killed someone." she lied. It was fun to mess with people. "I'm dangerous. Real assassin level dangerous." she said. "You can never tell how many knives i've got on my person at a time." she said.

He decided to get cheeky. "Computer..scan ensign turner, how many knives doe she have on her person at this moment?" He chuckled and waited for the computer to answer...

=/\= Ensign Sadie Turner has one knife on her person. =/\=

Sadie squinted her eyes at him. "That was cheating. Ok so maybe I'm not the one with blades every where. Kavi is the one with that back story." she shrugged. "Still don't mess with me. You never know what might happen." she grinned.

"Technically yes, but I did just prove your statement wrong..." He smirked somewhat playfully though his flirting skills were minimal. "I could say the same to you, because even though I am considering lowering your 'punishment', I could always make it worse." His excitement was growing because of the implied danger and it was indeed exciting to him...

Sadie arched her brows at him, "oh, are you the kind of supervisor that responds to... favors?" she asked lowering her tone to a seductive level.

"You'll just have to find out, as will I, you're my first ever supervisee." He sipped some more of his drink and then stood and made his way to the replicator and refilled his drink before coming back and sitting back in front of her..

"You know... If i was a straight laced girl, I'd report you to Winchester for propositioning a subordinate." Sadie giggled, "Something like that could land you out of starfleet and in prison you know." she teased.

"Here's the thing though Ms. Turner.." He turned serious for a moment. "I'm not propositioning...flirting...yes...if not horribly...but not propositioning.." He sighed. "I'm just restless as I haven't fully gotten used to the way this ship feels and sounds while I'm sleeping..."

Sadie nodded, "It takes a while. I live on a sail boat on Memphis Island, so coming back to Gladiator throws me off every time. I might as well be doing the crap shift because I can't sleep any way." she shrugged.

Theodore sighed some and sipped more of his drink. "So what do you do to relax Ms. Turner?" He asked as he finally started to feel some sleep start to overtake him...

Sadie laughed, "Do you want the truth?" she asked. She paused before she put her hands behind her head and put her feet on the desk. "I have sex." she said. "Nothing more fun."

His face flushed to the shade of his drink and he simply sat there for a moment, his silence and embarrassment signaled his "inexperience" in matters of the flesh...

Sadie laughed, tipping her head back, and holding her stomach. "OOOOOH that's hilarious. Makes me think I need to find someone to set you up with.. wait... never mind... Go visits Counselor Caldera."

"I've already met her and..." he shook his head as he remembered her stripper pole. "That woman...can be ever so slightly scary.." He gulped audibly as he quickly stood and refilled his drink, asking himself why he was still sitting around with Sadie, did he like her? Absolutely. Was she out of his league? Again, absolutely. Did this excite him and make him think he had a chance? With a certainty that any kind of boldness would be plastered all over his tombstone...

"Shes nuts, but some how she survives here." Sadie shrugged, "I wish that meant I could get away with a lot more." she shrugged. "But no. I have to follow the rules." she scoffed. "At least I got permission to live on the boat with Sid."

"Sid?" He asked as he finally started to calm down a bit...

"Sid, Yeah Sidwell Gamge, he runs the the best bar on the ship, and on Memphis Island. I kind of live with him... well not kind of. I guess I actually DO live with him now." She said shrugging. "Its weird. Any way. What do you think of Gladiator so far? Full of hot people huh?"

"not one to mince words are you Turner?" He asked as he blushed yet again. "Gladiator is quite a ship, if not eccentric. I'm definitely looking forward to my time aboard her.."

Sadie shrugged, "At least someone will enjoy it. I can't wait to get out of here. I'm only here because my parents forced me to be a part of the program so I didn't shame them any further. Of course haven't heard any thing from them since. And good riddance."

"What about trying to find your own way in what you've got before you?" He asked seriously. "Would it hurt you that much just to try to give things a chance?"

Sadie rolled her eyes, "Damn you sound like Sid. I don't want to bother trying here. I wasn't a true willing participant. I want my freedom, and I have to play the long game in order to get it." she grumbled.

"What if I gave you a good amount of freedom? Starting with tonight being your last graveyard at the brig?" He smiled at her earnestly. "I did a little brushing up on you before I came down here. Nothing major, just found out about you from the personnel files. I feel that you could really enjoy yourself if you had a superior who was understanding.."

Sadie smirked, "You're the one that has to deal with the wrath of my team leader." she said. "However, I'd be an idiot not to take you up on the offer. Unless of course this is a test and by end running my current sup I'd end up proving that My loyalty shifts with the wind." she laughed.

He simply smiled as he slid a padd over to her detailing how he had negotiated to be her new sup. "You were saying?"

"Guess that means I owe you one." Sadie said. "I think I'll enjoy working with you."

"As I shall with you..."

Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Ensign Sadie Turner
Security Officer
USS Gladiator-A


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