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Mission Briefing

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2017 @ 9:58am by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Operation Red Garden

Before him, David Hawkins looked out of the ships view port and sipped on his coffee to get him to wake up. Before him. He watched as the stars flew by them as the ship traveled at high warp to their up coming destination for their mission. They were still days out and dispute the fact that they could have been there by now with the ships Quantam Slipstream drive, but the engineering team were doing some extensive diagnostics to further add to the research and advancement of the technology. He didn't completely understand all their techie babble. All he knew was, ol' fashion warp speed was the way to go.

The door swished open quietly, and the twin forms of Mel Torma padded their way in. Each held a PaDD under their arms, as though walking into a classroom for the first time. The collective consciousness of the Dalacari noticed Hawkins, and she took the chance to walk up by him, to also glance out the view port at the stars streaking by.

"Our oldest allies are the Ts'usugi." one started, "They close all the view ports on their craft before they engage their warp drives. They say that the Dark spaces aren't meant to be directly observed..."

"... and that looking into the depths would drive them mad. It's long since been disproved, but out of respect they still close the view ports once they reach a certain speed."

"Their drive systems work different than our's. I've always enjoyed the view, but I hear the view from their drive systems is darker. More, I guess the word is sinister." she posed with a pair of smiles. Still no teeth.

"How are you today, sir?"

David looked at the twin form next to him and nodded with a slight grin on his face. He looked back at the view before them as he signed before speaking. "I am not doing to bad, just in deep thought now a days. How are you adjusting to life on Gladiator? And I am sorry we didn't stick around long enough for you to go site seeing on Memphis Island. I'm sure you would enjoy it."

"There's always the next time." The pair gave a smirk each. "Do they have bears?" one asked, while the other kept that smirk alive.

Lixor's dark eyes glanced about as he walked in the room falling back onto an old habit of his and then he moved into the room. He smiled faintly as he saw Miss Torma and the captain at the vew port and walked closer to join them, "Anything of interest to observe Captain," he questioned with a nod.

"Just the sight before us. Sorry we couldn't stay longer on the island as it just seems like forever since we had done anything planet side with them. But I digress," he shrugged as he looked at Lixor. "You ready to head back out on another mission?"

The blue man nodded and offered a wider smile than normal, "I am sir, and so is my department."

Not long after the blue man had arrived, Paula entered with a PADD in her hand and having met Theo the other day and smiled at the thought of how she had made him understand that she did not tolerate any unrest in her department, as word had spread that any slack would be met with punishment and that punishment would mean her speaking to Hayter and have him drill them hard. Still could be worse than having a laugh in your head every night as she didn't know what Lizzy would do next.

as she looked around the room, Paula knew that the additions that the crew had made in the last few weeks had made her Stronger, but today they would find out where the next mission took them and hoped that nothing back home would go wrong as Davina's class was about to go on a field trip. she took her seat and prepped herself for the briefing to start.

The doors swished and a slightly nervous Theodore walked in. He really didn't say anything but just nodded at Captain Hawkins as he sipped his always present cheerwine. He smiled to Mel when he saw her and made for the tail end of the closest long table, very surprised he'd beaten his boss to the briefing...

Lizzy entered into the room and looked around the room for a seat. Well at least one eye did, as she had a smiley face eyepatch on one of her eyes. Heading over to a seat, she spoke, "Captain, before you make a comment, I had a little martial arts accident and have to wear an eye-patch for a few days. Keira did apologize a lot for accidentally clocking me in the eye and the bruising is going down. It looks worse then it is, but kinda yucky."

Mercia walked in to the room and retrived her fresh cup of coffee before she turned to the table. "Going full pirate now Counselor?" she smirked. "I hear our guests, who will arrive soon, hate pirates." she said. "ALLLLWAYS looking to make an impression." she teased the woman.

David turned and just cocked his head slightly at the sight before them. "How... no... why?"

Lizzy grinned mischievously, "Aye, you scurvy land-lubbers. T'Madh convinced me that it would be a bit too far if I used a fake peg-leg. And well, I'm sure you remeber Ace and his potty-mouth."

"Ok but seriously... why wasn't medical able to treat you? It seems like something they would be able to handle," the captain continued on wandering what was before him.

Theodore cleared his throat some and sipped his cheerwine. "Perhaps our crazy counselor decided she wanted to wear an eyepatch sir?" His simple and honest response was anything if not adorably innocent, betraying his lack of space experience...

Marina walked in just in time to hear some of the conversation and came to a stop behind Lizzy. "Perhaps I had my invisibility cloak on." Pausing enough for her presence to be acknowledged, she continued by pulling out her tricorder. "Looks like it will be fine," she said, scanning the woman's face. "If it hurts after three days, come see me. I'm Doctor Ellison, by the way."

Lizzy giggled as she turned to Theodore, "I should warn you that it isn't a good idea to encourage my antics. G'Day, Doctor. It will be okay - I self-treated myself. I'm cross-trained in Medicine although I don't really do it anymore."

"Saying that to a physician is like nails on a chalkboard," Marina said with a cringe, shaking her head. She moved to take a seat in one of the chairs, and felt herself going back a bit further than expected. The feeling of "falling" made her flail, the chair making a light thump as the seat back came to its upright position. "Every damn time..." she muttered, her hands on the table to make sure she wasn't actually falling.

Theodore couldn't help but laugh a bit at Marina's misfortune. "Careful Doc, I thought you were masterful with your patients.." His off handed attempt at a flirting jab probably worked as well as it seemed...

Lizzy grinned to the doc, "Feel free to spank me for it later."

Recovering from her slick move with the chair, Marina turned to Theodore. "It looked like she managed just fine." She winked at Lizzy. "You know how to reach me."

Elizabeth Phyr dressed in a pencil skirt business suit, with her hair down, held on to Aden's elbow as they walked in to the large room. She was amazed at how large this ship was. It might as well have been a space station, the advanced tech that was obvious even in this room surprised and pleased her. She pasted a bright smile on her face and walked forward with grace, her heels clicking slightly with each step.

Mercia glanced up seeing the pair of Phyrs, out of obligation and she turned to face them. "Captain, Mrs. Phyr, have a seat here." she said motioning to a pair of chairs at the table. "Help yourself to some coffee, I was told you prefer it extra strong, and made sure the kitchen provided some.

"Thank you Commander." Elizabeth said brightly and looked at Aden with a silent look, asking for a cup. No one would ever see it in her face, but the first night away from the kids had been rough on her, and she was quietly exhausted.

Mel took the chance to examine Lizzy a bit from across the room. This would mark the second time she had met the woman in an official capacity, and the second time the woman had done something or was in the middle of something beyond explanation. "Are you alright?" Mel's first instinct was to question. "Maybe you're allergic to some of the usual medical treatments? I could offer to see if anything in the Sciences department could help..."

"... stabilize your condition without exposing you to anything that triggers a reaction." she offered.

Lizzy pulled up the eyepatch to show the bruise and how her eyelid was a bit swollen, "It's fine. See, it isn't that bad. But just a bit sensitive to light at the moment. I could wear sunglasses if it helps, but I thought that was better. I've been icing it." She put the eyepatch down after that.

In a very cheeky and brief move, Theodore typed up on his padd and the song "I wear my sunglasses at night" briefly filled the room, causing him to giggle ever so slightly...

David heard the words come from his new Security and tactical assistant which made him smirk as he fully turned to address the room. As he did, he saw the final personal walk in, one being John Hayter. The marine commander looked almost beat as he carried himself to the coffee, pour himself a mug, and plop down in a far chair which was assigned for senior officers, He sat the Padd down on the table before him and leaned back slightly as he crattled the mug between his hands blowing on it ever so slightly before taking a sip. David made a mental note to check up on him after the meeting but still, it was unusual to see the man like this. He usually had a pep in his step.

Zera had entered right before Hayter did, his signature annoyance resting on his face. It looked like the meeting was about to start so he simply took a seat. He was the only other junior officer in the room, but it didn't intimidate him; he was the highest rank in the intelligence department at the moment, which made him acting chief yet again. Placing the tablet he brought for notes on the table, the male Bajoran turned his attention to the head of the room.

Lixor had found his seat after the his superior had mentioned getting the things started. He was his usual neutral self observing those around him. He drew in a breath waiting eagerly.

"Alright take your seats," David ordered as he walked up to his guests and turned to his leading officers. "Good morning all, We have our new mission, and with it only forcing us back out there after a brief R&R, its for a good cause. I'd like you all to meat our guests. This is Retired Captain Aden Phyr and his wife, former Starfleet Diplomat Elizabeth Phyr. They are coming with us on our mission as our mission advisers and are to be treated equally as any one else on this ship." He turned to Aden and nodded as he stepped off to the side and took an empty chair. "Captain, you have the floor."

Aden nodded to the room, having just arrived a few moments before. He was dressed in a white shirt with light blue pin stripes, a lines light orange and blue tie, gray slacks, a gray vest and black dress shoes. He was well dressed more because he was being official but he would have been far more comfortable in a Starfleet uniform. "As he said, former Captain. I commanded a defiant class and a sovereign class vessel for a total of ten years, honestly this is bringing back some good memories, thank you all for having me. When I retired I took command of a cargo ship, in that position I've met a lot of interesting people and made some friends and a few enemies."

"Some of you are familiar with Lotus Major, it's the third planet in the Lotus system and it sits on the Cardassian boarder. For many years it's been little more than a lawless waste land where the most ruthless of men and women ran the show. Twenty five years ago a woman by the name of Phenn Zevihil pulled three colonies together and formed the United Colonies of Lotus Major, most of us call it UC for short, and created a democratic government, the first one the surface of the world had ever seen. Over the next fifteen years more colonies joined her, each one helping in whatever way they could. Seven years ago I met President Zevihil when I was still a Captain in Starfleet when she made contact to begin the process of joining the Federation. They've gone from a handful of colonies to a controlling almost sixty percent of the planet."

"The remaining part of the world is controlled by three warlords that are not inclined to join the UC. The Secretary of Defense believes the UC has the military might to unite the planet, however that is not the way of the Federation and Zevihil has managed to get the three of them to sit down to a diplomatic conference to begin the process of uniting the world. This is not our only challenge, but one of several. They've been suffering from a blight, a red fungus that is decimating crops and they're requesting we help modernizing their infrastructure and manufacturing, that is a long term goal which my project management firm will be handling once we can bring some stability but Zeti will be starting with the Capital city. We're your friendly neighborhood Starfleet officers, so lots of big smiles and telling them how wonderful Federation membership is."

"Which is where I am here to help coach you all on. You have a history of being rough around the edges, I'll be helping you become the smiling energetic faces that will make the popular believe that the Federation can save them." she said.

"Can the Federation save them?" Mercia asked.

"It saved you." Elizabeth quipped back.

A curiosity rose in Theodore's thoughts and he couldn't help but interject. "Excuse me sir. What are the possibilities of an ambush? If the final three warlords, who showed no sign before of willingness to talk finally came together, how do we know they're not just trying to eliminate Zevihil and throw the region back into chaos?" He sipped his cheerwine and very briefly let his eyes wander over both Lizzy and Marina...

"Eyes up front, a good bottle of wine and they'll let you look all you like," Aden smirked, catching Theodore's glance at both women. The young man had good tastes, although he wouldn't admit that out loud. "And if it took you two seconds to think there might be an ambush, what do you think three ruthless, power hungry warlords have thought up by now? Whenever going into a situation like this I assume the worst and I always have a plan to kill everyone I meet."

Theodore's face turned as red as his soda he was sipping. "Apologies sir, just new to my position and trying to make sure everything is covered." He then barely got his composure under control. "On that note sir, if such plans need to be enacted, how would we set them in motion?"

Lizzy spoke up, "Captain, speak for your own wife. I'm cheap enough that it takes a lot less then a bottle." Turning to Theodore, she added, "And Ensign, you made a good point. Certain captains should learn to deal with comments better."

Mel, occupying the two chairs to the side of Lixor, took that moment to raise a hand on one of her forms to be recognized. "With respects, if this is a diplomatic mission aimed at uniting every faction, then perhaps going in already prepared to end everyone present may not be the best stratagem." one started, while the other picked up after a momentary pause, "We could convince them that being in an alliance would grant them more influence by virtue of removing potential enemies. I admit that we have to tread lightly but if there's a..."

"... way that we can end the hostilities without employing bodybags, or in certain cases dust bins, then we should focus on that." she paused again, "And I understand that of course that's our focus, but just having those options already in mind can cause you to fall back on them as the easier option."

"We're not here to take the easy way." she concluded, before settling back in.

"It's always better to negotiate from a position of strength and considering those three warlords still allow slavery, I'd suggest being prepared but that Captain Hawkins' decision," Aden replied.

The twins each nodded in acceptance, "I can certainly see your point, especially with the revelation of the usage of slavery. I suppose being a Dalacari I'm more inclined to lean towards a peaceful resolution."

"And while I'm hopeful for a non-violent resolution..." the other twin stated, "... like you said sir, it's best to be prepared."

The CSO listened intently and tilted his head slightly when it was mentioned they needed to be all smiles and talk up the Federation. He did let a little smirk escape at the mention of being, "rough around the edges." He was and for good reason.

"It is obvious that this mission is unlike our normal diplomatic mission. Heck, I am not much of the diplomatic type of person in the first place. So this means we all need to hope for the best, but expect the worse. I, for one, do not like surprises and the lose of life. So you all are held to do what is best to keep us up to par with what is expected. Show that we are here to help, but we aren't here to be toyed with either."

Lixor nodded as he herd the last part then glaced over at the two guests and back towards his CO, "I would suggest then we ready our departments for both possibilities, delivering aid or defensive maneuvers."

Mel gave a pair of nods in silent support of Lixor's suggestion.

Marina kept silent for now, knowing that in either situation she would need to keep sickbay on alert in case anything did come up.

"Ok, so Mr. Phyr, what did you have in mind for assignments for the crew?" David asked as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the man with A slight nod.

"If it were me I'd have your CSO take lead on helping the crop growth, your Security teams prepped for urban combat and protection detail, engineering will want to prep a team to help retrofit two manufacturing facilities and finally assign the Captain and diplomatic department to work with my wife and the President of the UC," Aden folded his arms behind his back and smiled. "But this isn't my ship, it's yours."

"We in medical can assist science with the crops," Marina chipped in. She glanced at Lixor, "I think between the two departments, we will have sufficient resources to tackle the fungus issue and work on something to either eliminate it or control it."

The blue man nodded at Marina as he heard her suggestion regarding their departments, "sounds like a good plan."

Elizabeth lowered her coffee cup, "Of course, however the priority for the medical department will be to supply and assist local hospital and clinics. We want to show the poor and former slaves that we really can help them and heal them." she said. "A show of good will. There are a lot of poor and abused on this planet, every medic on the ship could be busy for years taking care of all these people." she said.

Lixor looked over at the diplomat as she spoke and nodded his understanding. Two ideas were going through his mind and neither of them were appropriate. The first was that if what he was hearing from her was correct then they needed a medical ship, not the Gladiator to take on the massive medical need. The other was this, where was the Federation when he was in the failed colony? He said nothing about either thought thinking it best to keep his negativity to himself. Perhaps the Federation had learned from past mistakes, either that or their was something they wanted bad enough that they were going to put on a good show.

Marina nodded to the woman. "Of course, ma'am, I agree. I was just thinking of potential possibilities." She felt like she was getting ahead of herself so decided to leave it at that.

Zera leaned forward in a way to signal he had something to say. "Where do you want the intelligence department, Captain? If we pile our resources, we could assist security with the protection detail and control."

"Sounds good to me," David shrugged as he looked at Zeta before turning to Aden. "I am just the captain of the ship, not the mission specialist... former Captain."

Lizzy had been thinking and then turned to Aden, "Captain, do you think that I would be able to help you at all with empathic reading? Otherwise, I can probably help with the Medical staff and Counselling can chip in whether people need help."

"I'm trying to defer to Captain Hawkins on many of these matters, but I believe an empath could only help the situation," Aden nodded to the counselor.

Lixor tilted his head slightly as he listened intently to the conversations then he spoke up, "Do we know who Science should contact once we have arrived, "it would be helpful to speak to someone about what research has already been done and what information has already been gathered about the crop blight."

"The UC Presentent has a science official who will be providing you with whatever you need to get the job done. If we can set the planet on the right path, we can save it. We might not be able to do good everywhere, but we'd like to whenever we can."

"And when it increases your wealth?" Mercia quipped leveling her gaze at the woman, still a bit unnerved by her.

Aden quirked one of his brows and couldn't help but smirk at Mercia, he liked her more and more, "Oh we're not doing this for the accumulation of wealth, the president asked me for a favor and I acquiesced. I'm going to end up losing out because they're not exactly rich, but that's not the point. And people want to kill me on the planet you know, they'd do worse to my wife. This isn't a vacation for us, although I'll admit I tend to have more fun when people want to kill me but I'm just too pretty for God to let me die."

Zeti snorted and held back a laugh, "Oh here we go. You really should stay on track Captain, you've not been in a Starfleet briefings in a while."

"Yes, yes I need to be more uptight and proper," Aden rolled his eyes at Zeti. "Any other questions?"

"Alright," David sighed as he looked around the room before taking charge. "Alright. Away teams will be assigned as planned, but for now, everyone should have some work to do to get prepped for this mission. Take some time to get an idea of what's going on if you don't already know, with the cardassians so once we get there, we aren't completely out of the loop. Counselor, go ahead and work with medical department and assist the doctor as needed. The good doctor is in charge, so nothing out of line. If there is nothing elsr... You are all dismissed."

Theodore stood and nodded towards the Captain. "Captain.." he then grabbed a padd and made his way out and towards the security station so that he could prepare himself for the upcoming mission.

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