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The Oath of Enlistment

Posted on Sat Apr 5th, 2014 @ 3:03pm by Crewman Recruit Kanson Pyder

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Kaslau Correctional Colony
Timeline: Current

OOC: Once again, I'd like to thank everyone for such a warm welcome as well are remind everyone that I'm currently joint posting with that I'm working diligently to stay on top of all your tags. Without further ado, allow me to officially introduce Crewman Recruit Kanson Pyder AKA Prisonder 6750!


Getting changed into a slim fit Starfleet Intel uniform in front of 10 Starfleet Correctional Guards armed with phaser rifles, pistols and shock batons was unnerving to a shy, unassuming man like Kanson Pyder so he tried his best to imagine as is if they weren't there. That, however, didn't last long as one of the guards began opening and closing the silver Zippo cigarette lighter with a beautiful spider engraved on the casing he'd 'confiscated' from Kanson's personal affects when he arrived at Kaslau Correctional.

"So this little runt's 'Pyder the Spider.' Am I the only one that thought he'd be more menacing? Damn rap sheet made him out to be some kind of ghostly urban legend, not this little dweeb." Some of the other guards chuckled at the degrading commentary while the Chief Petty Officer on site quickly silenced them and regained discipline amongst his men.

Kanson said nothing as he finished fastening his newly issued uniform up. He was used to people not liking him without him even uttering a word to provoke their disapproval. The only thing that was getting to him was the ping of his coveted Zippo lighter in the hands of that bully in uniform kept opening and closing. That lighter had been with him since he smoked his first cigarette at the age of 11. Granted, that first cigarette made him hack his lungs out, but after just escaping the last orphanage, it tasted like freedom. And then, of course, it tasted better the more he kept doing it...Fast forward 15 years later, and that token from a fond memory AND his cigarettes were in the hands of a man that Pyder typically went out of his way to avoid when not detained by local authorities.

Once Pyder had indicated he was done donning the uniform, the Chief Petty Officer signaled his men to secure his wrists and ankles in pulse cuffs for escort. Once he was properly secured and his mobility was limited by roughly 40% he began walking forward in formation with the other guards who hadn't yet trained their weapons on him as was procedure during Class-5 Threat prisoner transfer.

"Ready to play soldier-boy, Pyder?" the bully with his personal effects asked condescendingly, most likely in an effort to scare him. "Huh?!" Kanson blurted out as confused as he could sell it, while at the same time missing his step due to his restraints and bumping into him. "Watch where you're going!" the bully yelled, raising a shock baton to Pyder, which was quickly belayed by the Chief.

Kanson stepped back in formation, this time much more careful of his steps as the guards flanked his sides, took up staggering firing positions and escorted him fully at gunpoint. That was fine. Pyder got what he wanted. Hidden in his sleeves were everything he could grab from the bully in the short amount of time he had to do it. His Zippo, his cigarettes, the bully's hard copy military ID, his off-base credit chit. Kanson didn't need the latter two, but if it made the bully's life miserable for a week, it was worth it. Timing all of the guards field of vision perfectly, Kanson happily flicked the bully's personal effects into the nearby grating.

The walk down the corridor wasn't that long and after a few stops to let passing personnel by, they arrived at the room for Pyder's date with fate. He stepped in to a nicely carpeted auditorium with uniformed Starfleet officers standing at the front awaiting him to bear witness to the even. As his escort stopped him just short of a table, a Starfleet Lieutenant of Japanese descent stepped forward and silently ordered the guards to undo his restraints. After clearing his throat, the Lieutenant spoke for all to hear.

"Kanson Pyder. In lieu of serving six life sentences, you have opted to accept an offered plea bargain to serve 5 faithful years in Starfleet Intelligence in exchange for a full criminal pardon and release from detainment, is this correct?"

"Y-yes, sir..."

"You are fully aware of the hazards of the duties you will be expected to perform until your 5 year contract has expired, correct?"

"Yes, sir..."

"You are aware that the official records will forever state that you were killed in an attempted capture when you crossed the Romulan Neutral Zone, and that a new identification as well as full Federation citizenship will be provided when you complete your agreed contract with Starfleet Intelligence, correct?"

"Yes, sir..."

"You have not, at any time, been coerced into accepting the terms of your service through extortion, threats of violence or penalty of death and have been documented as being of sound mind by a Federation psychological evaluator, clearing you to make this decision of your own volition, correct?"

"Uh...That is correct...Sir..."

"Kanson Pyder." The Lieutenant announced, stepping off to the side. "You will step forward, place your left hand on the commbadge on the table in front of you, raise your right hand and read the words displayed on the screen.

Pyder first looked at his guards, used to being stopped for doing anything they hadn't first cleared, but moved forward when there was no resistance. The commbadge was his, but merely symbolic for the ceremony. It had all of it's communications technology stripped from it, in case he had any ideas to cannibalize the tech and use it to escape his confinement somehow. With his left hand on the face of the commbadge, and his right hand raised in the air, Kanson spoke the words on the screen in front of him:

"I, Kanson Dale Pyder, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United Federation and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice."

Remembering the teachings of the Drill Instructors assigned over him since his internment, Kanson snapped to attention, face right, marched around the table to the officers in front of him where the Lieutenant was awaiting him. First he pinned the rank insignia of Crewman Recruit to Kanson's collar, followed by the commbadge on his chest. Kanson issued his salute and withdrew it once it was returned by the Lieutenant. "Crewman Recruit, Pyder. Allow me to be the first to welcome you to Starfleet. You are to be accompanied back to your cell where you will await your transfer arrangements to an active duty assignment."

"Aye, sir." Kanson stated curtly, doing his best to follow proper procedure and use the appropriate responses the Chiefs had drilled into him through his crash course in Basic Starfleet Training.

The guards re-shackled Kanson and marched him back to his cell where he would have to wait to find out what Starfleet had in store for him for the next 5 years. Once he was in his cell, the guards shuffled off to their other duties, leaving him alone to enjoy his reclaimed cigarettes in peace. As he lit one and took a deep, satisfying drag he could hear a discussion coming from the overhead vent of his cell. It sounded like two of the guards. Kanson stood on what passed for his cell's bed and leaned in to listen as closely as he could.

"You honestly believe they're gonna give him a full pardon after five years, after everything he stole?"

"Hell no, bro. Mark my words, the fleet's gonna leave his ass to die on the first op that gets botched. No way in hell they're stupid enough to give scum like him a clean slate. For now, he's just the fleet's dirty little secret until he's outlived his usefulness."

Pyder sank back into what passed for the mattress of his prison cell bed. He honestly didn't care if what they were saying was true or not. He'd cross that bridge when he came to it, but for now he had to play ball. For now, he was just happy he wasn't getting flayed alive by those sick Tal Shiar bastards in Romulan Space. They could order him to be a ship's janitor for the next 5 years, and he'd do it with a smile on his face if it meant he wouldn't have to be strung up and tortured again for 32 days straight. It was just another job. That's all it was...


Crewman Recruit Kanson Pyder
Infiltration Specialist
Prisoner 6750 Kaslau Correctional Colony


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