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Dinner date

Posted on Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 @ 4:48pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Timeline: Backpost

Elizabeth looped her arm with Adens as they strolled down the hall way. She was dressed more casually now, but still fashionably, and nicely. "So did she ask us to come to her place for dinner to test us or what?" she smirked at her husband.

"It's what you would do," Aden replied smoothly, flashing her a grin. The first day they were there he'd been looking to make impressions, today he was dressed far more casually in a pair of tan work pants, a black and red woven button up shirt and a pair of work boots. "Besides, I want to meet this Khelev ch'Koro. The Andorian that took the fight to COIL and didn't get himself killed."

"Of course you would." Elizabeth laughed, "Although that is impressive. They were smart enough to stay out of our way," she said as they paused in front of the door. "Just don't try and piss the Andorian off, we don't need that to happen again. No picking fights."

"That wouldn't have lasted, it's why we hit them a few times ourselves," Aden shook his head at his wife. "I want to meet the man, maybe convince him to join the dark side, not fight with him. Of course as an Andorian he'd probably enjoy it."

Elizabeth laughed, "No doubt." she chuckled. She pressed the chime and the two fell in to silence waiting for the door to be answered.

When the door opened up they were greeted by the XO, holding a crying child. "Hi! Come in. I'm sorry, she's being fussy." she said.

Elizabeth felt her heart skip a beat seeing the child. She had four of her own littles at home, plus Virika, Aden's daughter from his Academy years. She'd never been apart from them more than a night before. This trip was a new one for her. "Don't worry about it." she said with a smile.

Mercia led them side and sat Molli on her hip, trying to ignore her fussing, Molli was just mad because her nap had been messed up today at daycare. "Dinner is almost ready, I hope you like Andorian food, Khelev insisted. Khelev, they're here." she called down the hall way. He'd been passing Molli over, when the baby flailed and dumped a sauce all over his shirt. The angry child screamed at Mercia's face. Mercia looked at her guests with a heavy expression, "I'm sorry... We can take her to the day care if we need to."

Elizabeth broke away from Aden and waved her hand, "I wouldn't hear of it, May I?" she asked extending her hands towards her. "Molli isn't it?" she asked.

Mercia hesitantly allowed Elizabeth to take Molli as she nodded.

"Believe me, ONE crying baby will not phase us a bit. If any less than three of our five children are being noisy at once we know they're doing something bad." she laughed.

"Oh... Five?!" Mercia balked.

"They're not all that age," Aden shook his head at his wife. "My oldest is nineteen, and our oldest boy is seven. Virika is still on the Antioch and the rest of them are with my Mamma and Poppa. Although she's going to want another one after this."

Khelev stepped out from the bedroom, he was dressed in a pair of shorts, tennis shoes and a t-shirt with the Starfleet engineering logo. "Welcome to our quarters. Aden and Elizabeth right?"

"That's right," Aden nodded to the big Andorian. "And now I get to meet the man that took on COIL. Sorry for the couple of times you showed up and they were already taken care of, they didn't stay out of the way of me and mine."

"So that was your people on Urman VII and Wei III? They did good work," Khelev grinned. "Also seemed to leave a lot of useful supplies behind."

"Imagine that," Aden replied, looking as mystified as anyone. "Mercia, you are still a beauty."

Mercia tore her eyes away from Elizabeth who was actually doing wonders calming Molli down. "Who me? I know... however I'm dressed down. You should see me when I actually try." she said.

Elizabeth tapped Molli on the nose, getting a bewildered look from her, but at least she'd momentarily stopped crying. "You will have to forgive my husband, he is a total flirt with every one he meets." she smirked before bouncing the little girl.

Mercia grinned, "I like that in a guy. So... did you personally fight COIL or just people in your organization?" she asked. She shot Khelev a glare, "I wanted to take them down. And All the Ice Queens."

"There are still a couple left," Aden spoke up. "I've been looking for them myself, but they've gone to ground and I haven't found anything out. The two incidents he mentioned were my PMC. They were harassing locals who called in some help."

Khelev growled, "So I missed two of them?"

"At least, there could be more. There really is no way to know how many were cloned. I think they're held up at the cloning facility, because it's not been found," Aden said. "Anyway, such a drag. I don't mind a dressed down girl, hell completely undressed is my favorite state."

Khelev's antenna went up at his comment, "You're married and she's taken."

"True on both counts," Aden nodded.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "He never stops." she said. "Which is why he has five children, and likely will double that number."

"You're both insane...." Mercia laughed as she returned to the kitchen to finish getting the food ready. "So... Any chance of getting a hold of whatever data you have on the Ice Queens? Maybe I can put it together with that we have and we can locate the bitches and take them out."

"Is that what it would take for you to trust us?" Elizabeth asked pointedly.

Aden laughed at that and glanced over at his wife, before looking over at Mercia. "I doubt it. We'd have to spend a lot more time together to get her to trust us. It's not a bad thing you know."

"At least he's smart enough to know that I'd never trust them right off the bat." Mercia said as she looked at Khelev.

Elizabeth found a spot to sit next to the toy box and found something new to distract Molli. "If you trusted quickly, I'd not trust you. So how do you feel about going to Lotus Major?"

"I'm pissed." Mercia said flatly.

"Pissed that we'd want an expert on our side or scared that you have to face your past?" Aden looked at Mercia, watching her.

"I've been avoiding going there my entire life. I have ax's to grind, ones that..." she took a deep breath, not wanting to say too much. "I just did every thing I could to avoid it."

"Oh I've got plenty of ax's to grind, your boyfriend fought a one ship war over a big one," Aden smirked at them both. "Can't blame him, I'd have done the same. You touch what doesn't belong to you and there's a price to pay. My point it, we need you. You aint that girl anymore, and we have a job to do. When that job is done, you want to settle some scores and you'll have my gun to help you. Might even have another Andorian to tag along."

Khelev let out a grunt, "You'd help us? Why?"

"High friends in low places," Aden replied.

Mercia watched the man for a long moment, holding her tongue. If she went to grind her ax's, it would need to be her own path. Not shared. "Well I think the food is almost done." She said getting back up and heading for the kitchen to portion out the food.



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