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A Tour

Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 9:24am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: USS Gladiator :: Various Locations


After the young Ensign left sickbay and the rather disgruntled looking Intelligence officer followed, Marina cleaned up the biobed that she used before finishing up the task she had been working on before he arrived, the oh-so-fun inventory checklist. She was checking the supplies in the main ward, and it took only a couple minutes to finish writing down what she needed to restock on before making her way up to her quarters to change out of her uniform. She slipped on a simple ankle-length dress with double slits that stopped halfway up her thighs. It was a dark blue with pink flowers down the middle and lace on the shoulders, with black sandals to match. It was one of her favorite casual dresses. She let down her hair, putting in a little coconut oil to tame it and give it some shine before heading back to sickbay to wait for the young man. It was then she realized that she didn't know his name, which would be helpful when adding his injury to his file but also make conversation less awkward. She arrived in sickbay with a couple minutes to spare so chatted with a couple nurses while she waited.

Theodore's heart was pounding. He had never been as successful flirting with a lady as he was with the doctor. He honestly wondered if something was up. He dressed in black slacks, black dress shoes and a dark purple polo shirt. ~"Welp...time to see how this will go.."~ He thought to himself and made his way to sickbay. He saw Marina in her dress and froze for a moment, unable to keep himself from blushing and then finally cleared his throat. "Excuse me Doctor, I believe I have an appointment..."

Marina turned when she heard a voice speak, and turned to see the blond-haired man with some very pink cheeks and gave a little smile. "Well, you are just in time, Ensign." She walked with him out of sickbay before adding, "I realized in the excitement of a burnt shoulder, we never properly exchanged names. I'm Marina Ellison."

Theodore gave a slight bow as he walked beside the beautiful doctor. "A pleasure Dr. Ellison, I'm Theodore Treadagar IV.." He did his best to keep his thoughts on being a gentleman with her. "So shall we make for the lounge firstly or do you have a particular place you want to go?"

"Nice to meet you." Marina thought for a moment as they walked. Really the only places she was familiar with were her quarters, sickbay, one of the holodecks, the bridge, and its room attachments, mainly the briefing rooms and the Captain's ready room. "I have no preference. I haven't really been anywhere so I wouldn't be sure of where to start," she responded, her hands folded lightly behind her back. She could tell Theodore really liked her, but her own experiences with these things was holding her back, preventing her from fully returning the emotion. Yeah, she thought he was cute, but she decided to see where it went instead of fretting over possibilities. "Why don't we go to the lounge first, since you suggested it, and then go from there?" She offered.

Remembering how he was raised, Theodore stuck his left hand in his pocket and extended his elbow, giving Marina an arm loop should she want it. "By all means.." He led her on towards the lounge and into it. Once there he looked at her, then the replicators. "Care to get a drink to enjoy while we walk?" He couldn't help but feel a couple pairs of eyes on himself and Marina as he stood there...

She noticed the elbow but didn't loop her hand into it yet. It was a very gentlemanly move, but she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression and let yet another person down for sending mixed messages. Instead, she gave him a smile, "sure. What do you recommend?" The dress she wore definitely accentuated her curves, and it was her favorite dress for that very reason. It also generally made people of every gender take a gander with their eyes, which made her feel good when she wore it.

He did his best to not show the disappointment in not getting her to loop her arm in his. He quickly made his way to the replicator with a smile and returned with two glasses of a sparkling red drink. "A drink of my childhood, cheerwine.." He handed her the very strongly cherry flavored soda. "Shall we continue?"

Marina nodded before looking at the drink. "Is it a wine, or..." She brought the glass closer and took a gentle sniff. "It's very sweet-smelling, like a soda." She took a sip and was hit with the cherry flavor. She blinked, surprised by the taste, before taking another sip. It must be soda. "Is all soda like this?" She asked.

"Not really.." He smiled. "I stumbled up on this stuff during a museum visit in North Carolina. I was hooked from then on, especially since I don't drink alcohol." He led her out of the lounge and towards the turbo lift. "So where shall we go from here?"

She nodded, remembering the location from her Terran Geography classes. "Well, you've seen where I work, how about yours?" Marina suggested, falling into step beside him. She looked down at her cup, "I never had soda growing up. It's really... bubbly, and sweet. I do remember reading about how it's made, how sugar and flavor is added, but do they use real fruit for the flavor, or is it something artificial?"

"Don't know if we could get to the bridge in civvy clothes like this.." He smiled and sipped some of his Cheerwine. "Typically the flavor is an artificial one, especially for Cheerwine." He sighed some. "Still though, I can't get enough of this stuff, especially since the replicator knows the recipe for this stuff..." He walked along beside her as he thought of where to go...

"Remind me to replicate a local Martian drink for you sometime, it's pretty good," she mentioned. Marina then tilted her head a little at the mention of getting to the bridge. "Why not? It's just a ride in the turbolift, and as long as we aren't in the way it should be fine."

"Then replicate a local Martian drink for me sometime.." He gave her a cheeky grin as his smart alleck side showed itself. "Ok...I don't feel totally confident but I'll trust you doc..." He then led her to the turbo lift and tried to peel his eyes off her backside when he followed her in. ~"Be a gentleman you idiot!!"~ He thought to himself.

Marina smiled at his being smart, telling the lift to go up to the bridge. "There's a drink, non-alcoholic, that's filtered through ground up indigenous rock. It's got a slight metallic taste from the iron in the rock, which is the only thing the replicator can't quite create, but it's an 'away from the city' kind of drink."

"Never really had a drink filtered through rocks.." He said with intrigue as the door of the turbo lift opened and he led Marina to his station. "This is where I'll be doing most of my work..." He again felt eyes on him, either because he was on the bridge in casual clothing or because he was with the Doctor and the eyes were jealous...

The officers on the bridge, once seeing it was just two officers instead of someone like the First Officer or the Captain, simply turned back to their duties. It was the swing shift, the senior officers of the previous shift had just left and their shift equivalents took their place. A Lieutenant in red was sitting in the big chair as they "had the bridge."

The room was massive. "Whoa..." David wasn't kidding a while back when he said it felt like the command room of a space station. She took a moment to admire the large oval room, how the three command chairs were semi-enclosed in a circular "rail," and from where the two were standing they had an excellent view of the screen, which currently showed the stars going by. Following Theodore, she looked at the station, not quite understanding most of the controls but nodding anyways. It wasn't her department, so she wasn't expected to know everything. "Are you going to be up here every day then?" she asked.

"Almost.." He said. "See I actually pull double duty.." He punched a few keys and did a very quick systems check and found nothing out of the ordinary. "Not only am I the assistant tactical officer but I'm also a security officer so I might have a deck patrol or two to take care of. It's all a bit confusing sometimes if I'm honest.." He looked around and took a gander at the center seat and momentarily dreamed of his first time in said seat, whenever that might be...

Marina nodded, listening to what he was saying, before following his eyes toward the center chair. She could tell this young man had dreams, and it looked like one of them was to be where that LT was, right in the middle of the room. "You'll get there some day. Just have to get yourself noticed, do hard work with your patrols and your jobs. They'll notice."

He blushed a bit when he looked back to her. "Was it that obvious?" He nervously chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "I guess I have a lot of my great grandfather in me.." He then made for the turbo lift and looked back to her. "I hear the hydroponics area makes for a relaxing almost forest like walking spot..."

Marina chuckled a little before following him back to the lift, the station becoming occupied by another officer. "Lead the way, daydreamer," she said with a light tease.


Lt. Marina Ellison M.D
Chief Medical Officer
USS Gladiator-A


Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Security/Tactical Officer
USS Gladiator-A


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