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Time Flies...

Posted on Fri Sep 29th, 2017 @ 9:36am by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: MD2-09:00 Hrs

The hum of the ship traveling at warp was almost a soothing sound as David had started to get used to the new ship’s odds and ends. He, and his staff, had been overwhelmed at first as they never expected to be in charge of one of the largest and most bulky ships in the fleet. The size alone was more than enough to explain why they weren’t worthy. But it was the sheer size of the new crew compliment that had his focus even more. Yes, he had been a Task force commander overseeing several more than that, but it wasn’t completely the same. He had completely different captains and they had their own senior staff. All he really oversaw were the reports of the ship and assign missions to them. That was practically all it was. Now, he was in a position to actually see and maintain those people. It was quite a site to say the least.

Hawkins looked over at his XO, who was sitting his his chair behind his desk almost acting as though she owned the place. "You comfy?"

Mercia closed her eyes and snored, dropping her head down before she grinning at him and giggling.

The door to the ready room chimed and both looked over at the door and called in unison to approve entrance. "Hey..." David looked at her quickly. "... I'm still captain. So knock it off."

"Make me!" Mercia challenged him as she put her feet up on the desk.

Paula stood outside the ready room looking for her deputy to arrive, She asked," Are you alright Ensign?" as she remembered her first time meeting the Captain and the XO of the Gladiator, As she stood there with her PADD under her arm, She wondered why the Captain had asked for this meeting.

Theodore's heart was aflutter as he made his way towards the ready room. He couldn't believe it. He hadn't been on Gladiator long but here it was, a moment he was thrilled to be a part of. He tried to steady himself as he keyed the door chime for the ready room...

"Enter!" The captain and XO's voices could be heard as he stood straight and turned to the door to give the ensign his full attention.

As Paula entered first with Theo behind her, She said," Captain, Commander, What's up?" She asked knowing that in the meeting she noticed that Kavi didn't like the sound of where they were headed. Maybe this was the reason they had been asked to come here. as she looked back at Theo who had come to a halt next to her.

Theodore entered the ready room and saw all the attendants, which made it plainly clear to him that this was definitely happening. He stood still and nodded. "Ensign Theodore Treadagar, reporting as requested sir!" He then stood at ease...

"Ease up before you break something," Hawkins spoke up as he shook his head before he handed Paula a Padd and a small box. "Alright Winchester, it's been cleared and approved. He is your crewman, so have at it."

Paula read the PADD and smiled and turned to face Theo, Ensign Theodore Treadagar IV, it is my great pleasure," grinning from ear to ear, she continued "to Promote you to Lieutenant junior grade, with all right forth with," as Paula knew she could not have a Ensign as her Deputy and had portioned for it after her meeting with him. as she looked back at him.

Theodore listened and beamed as the words were read to him. He'd only been on Gladiator a very short time and to be promoted already, it was a dream come true for him. He did his best to hide his excitement but failed miserably, characterized by the huge, cheesy grin he was wearing as he took it all in.

"Congratulations Lieutenant," replied Paula.

"Thank you ma'am!" Theodore almost exclaimed. "I honestly don't know what to say other than another thank you and to request permission to be dismissed so I can go put my new pip on!"

David cleared his voice as he pointed to the small box that he had handed to Paula. "The box, Lieutenant Winchester."

"Oh yes , here you go Lieutenant," as she handed the box over to Theo, "Again Congratulations, you deserve it," as she once again gave him a smile and gave a wink to Hawkins as if to say Thank you. but still she was concerned about Mercia about the heading of the Gladiator.

Theodore's hands were shaking as he took the box. Even with all the words spoken to him, this moment finally made everything click and a wave of emotion covered him like a rogue tsunami. "I hope I don't start blubbering like an idiot.." He said as he opened the box and took out the black pip that was lined in gold. His hands were trembling and he had a bit of a fumble as he tried to put the pip on his collar.

Mercia dropped her feet off Davids desk and came around it. "Here nervous Nelly." she said taking the pip out of the box. She pinned it to his collar then nodded. "That looks better."

"Well Lieutenant. Your promotion has been in pending due to the inability to get you assigned to a primary assignment. Don't ever hold back when you have your own career ahead of ya. Obviously there are paper-pushers that seemed to think that they don't have to keep things going if it doesn't have to do with themselves or those they are pampering. So I had Kavi to investigate the matter a little. Once she found the snag, I jumped in and pushed it through, mainly threatening a life or two. Nothing to minor," the captian shrugged as he looked at the two security officers before him. "I expect you two to get better at working together. With this mission coming up, I expect you both on your best stance. Get this ship's defenses ready for anything and those security staff up to par as well. If either of you need to work with Hayter, get at it now while we are in transit. Any questions?"

"Just one Sir," replied Paula looking at Kavi, "What does this Planet Have to do with Kavi?" as she needed to know and not find out on the planet's surface or in a fire fight. as she had been planning to get the staff toughened up before they reached the Planet. and have Hayter get the new guys up to par.

Mercia shot Paula a glare. "My connection to Lotus Major has nothing to do with the mission, so you don't need to concern yourself with it."

Paula turned to Theo and said," Excuse me Theo, Can you go see the section Heads for me?" as she knew this was going to get Personal between her and the Commander, But for her she needed to know the lay of the land and the only place she could get that information was from Kavi.

Theodore picked up on a subtle hint and stood at attention for a moment. "Ma'am.." He then turned and left the room, a very noticeable spring in his step...

After her deputy had left Paula turned to face Kavi and said," I need all the information about that Planet and you are the best person I've got," looking at her, She continued," As I am not sending my Officers in blind," as she moved closer to the Commander.

I'll leave this to you two," David waved his hand as he started for the door. "And Paula, ask her. Don't demand from her. Otherwise I'll have to have a medical emergency to report in my sick bay. Do I make myself clear?"

" Yes Sir," she replied whilst keeping her gaze upon Mercia" as she knew this was going to get frosty between her and the XO, She said "Now Am I going to get that Information or do I just let you go alone down there?" as she gave Mercia a choice and not demanding it like Hawkins has suggested to her

"And Kavi, be nice."

Mercia shot David a glare, "you're no fun." she muttered before she dropped in the chair behind the desk again. "Ask away, but remember my intel is 15 or more years old." she said.


Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lt. JG Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Tactical/Security Chief
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A


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