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Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 7:06pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

The hum of the turbolift was as soothing as hearing the running engines of the ship. David stood inside the turbolift traveling to his destination wandering if he and his crew were ready for this. But if he was really being honest, he was wandering if he was really ready to move on from the last mission. It still seemed to way on him more and more as he tried to not think about it. There were times that he was starting to wander if he was ever going to be able to move on like the past other times he had lost people. But this almost seemed to different for him.

His thoughts had clouded his primary focus so much that once the turbolift doors slid open at his destination, he had been standing there for almost twenty seconds in his own world. The sound of consoles were heard and a voice saying 'sir?' snapped him out to see the massive bridge that was the Gladiator's Command center. He quickly nodded at the young female office that had been looking at him curiously awaiting her chance to use the lift. "Carry on, ensign," he simply said as he stepped past her and around the massive arch around the central seating holding his security officers. It was so large, they had a primary and secondary tactical and security stations for his leading officer. He looked around the large room to see that most of his departments had stations for their chief and deputies.

"Report?" David asked his first officer as he made his way around the arch and to their chairs where their were five chairs total in the center of the bridge. He looked to at the view port at the front of the bridge where a holographic screen put out data for them to see the progress and a quick reference of the ship's primary systems.

"We are about to drop out of warp, right on schedule, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise." Mercia said. "For some." she muttered quietly.

"Alright, well go ahead and get the department head's and deputies to the bridge and our guests," he ordered Mercia as he took his seat and looked at the front of the bridge. "Helm, drop us out of warp and take us in half impulse and launch deep space probes and scout ships to get an idea of any possible threats."

Theodore couldn't stop thinking about the new pip on his collar. Almost to the point of pure distraction. Hearing the order for probes, he keyed his console. "Launching probes sir, 180 degree spread pattern in front of the ship.." His station beeped as the probes launched and sped away from the Gladiator...

Paula had been on the bridge for the last fifteen minutes and was letting Theo gain some experience after all he had waited three years to do this, Still she would step in if need be and give him a hand like she had been when on her first assignment and believed that you gained it by learning on the job as she watched the probes leave the ship. she said," Good job Theo," as she knew giving praise would help his confidence.

Lizzy had been lurking to the side of the bridge for a bit in a non-threatening spot that was out of the way, and came out to where she could get a better view when the captain gave directions to call for everyone. She wanted to help out as much as she could, especially when her antics had caused a bit of grief for David and Mercia - although she was honestly happy to be back to being a Lieutenant. She had joked a few times about doing things to get demoted, but they were jokes. In hindsight, Grace hadn't been the best person to call coz she was like a pitbull.

Zera, being the highest-ranked representative of Intelligence at the moment, answered the call to the bridge, appearing a moment later and silently walking to his station. Relieving the fill-in officer with a nod, he began viewing the standard sensor data coming in, working with security to check for anything out of the ordinary.

The blue man heard the order to the bridge and glanced over at a Ensign not far form where he was working in the lab, "Farris, you're in charge seeing Darius is in sickbay."

The human Ensign nodded at Lixor and moved over to where his superior was though he didn't say anything.

Within a short time the doors to the bridge hissed open and the Science Chief walked in glancing around a moment before moving in towards his station and relieving the officer there.

Marina arrived a couple minutes later and stood near the back of the bridge. She wasn't sure why she was needed there but had her med kit just in case, holding it in front of her with both hands wrapped around the handle.

Lizzy grinned as she spotted Marina with a med kit, wondering if she should think of something like that next time. Maybe the should have a counselling kit? It was something to at least bring up at the next department meeting.

"All stations report readiness." Mercia called standing up. She glanced over at the doors as they opened yet again, revealing the 'guests'. She met the mans eyes for a brief moment before turning back to the holo table display in the front area.

"Tactical and security stations fully ready Commander, probe data is coming back in..." Theodore said as he worked the control panel at his station...

Elizabeth Phyr let out a breath, "This bridge is almost as big as the command station on Peacekeeper Station." she commented, referring to their last official starfleet posting, an Orion II space station.

The ship dropped out of warp and the planet appeared before them. It was busy with little ships moving in out in some areas. All of them seemed to veer away once Gladiator appeared, a number of them jumping to warp as to not be caught by the Federation. "Slave traders...." Mercia muttered passing judgment with out knowing.

Paula looked up from her station and said," We are receiving a hail," as she knew this was something unexpected and decided to scan the vessel, She knew from experience that a vessel like this could be holding something nasty and be prepped in case .

Lixor glanced up at the screen and back down at his controls, "science is ready and processing incoming data."

Lizzy had been looking down and not paying attention when the Gladiator came in but when she looked up, a big wave of panic rushed through her. Letting out a squeak of surprise at the sight of the slave trader ships, she quickly turned and headed straight over to the turbolift, pushing passed a surprised crew-member who had just came out of it.

In a chocked voice, she spoke, "Science. fast."

The blue man's expression had changed when the idea of slaver ships had been spoken. Though he had not actually seen the ships he was well aquatinted with the concept. He tapped on his controls "the hall has a cloaking system, it's blocking scanning the interior. Working on resolution."

"As much as I'd love for Captain Hawkins to order us after them, that's not why we're here. The Black Dwarf Company can wait," Aden was dressed far more comfortably now, the suit was gone and he was wearing a pair of simple tan work pants, black belt, boots and a gray Henley long sleeve shirt with the Antioch's patch on it's pocket and left arm.

Before he could say more, a distant portion of the view screen began to light up, as green and orange pulses began to travel back and forth. A fight had either been going on, which was why the slavers were at this side of the system, or started once the Gladiator dropped out of warp. Aden opened his mouth, he was about to bark orders but closed it when he realized this wasn't his ship, nor was he a Starfleet officer anymore.

"I'd recommend getting close, but keeping us at yellow alert and our shields up. Show of silent strength," Aden said to Hawkins. "But it's your call Captain."

"I concur with Mr. Phyr. Yellow Alert and bring shields up," David ordered as he looked back and growled deep down before taking his place on the bridge and focused on the holo screen over the front view port. He leaned slightly to Marcia so only she could hear. "I don't know what the hell her deal is, but make a note to talk to her about her professional manors. And no more "

Mercia nodded, then paused, "No more what?" she asked her voice full of tension. She was trying hard to focus, but just seeing the ball of a planet before them was unnerving her.

Whilst Paula listened to the two officers chatting when she caught a hint of fear from Lizzy as she knew from their link that something had not been right when the slave ship had arrived in front of them. She sent a message to Lizzy You all right Hon? as she concentrated on the situation at hand and hoped that Theo was making mental notes in his head.

As she gripped the inside of the elevator, Lizzy closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on her breathing for a moment, before she head Paula's voice in her head. She tried to think calmness as she responded, Will be okay. Had a bad incident with slave traders once. as one of their cargo. Thank you, and please don't worry.

For a brief moment, Theodore caught a glimpse of Lizzy and sensed the fear in her once the slave ships had been reported. Something felt off on the bridge for a moment and he very quietly made sure the torpedoes were ready to fire, incase they were needed. He wanted to go ahead and lock on to the slavers but he didn't want to jeopardize the new pip on his collar...

"Whose hailing?" David asked as he watched the klexon lighting turned to a dim yellow as it flashed before them.

"It's the president of the United Colonies," Aden said.

"Oh...." David shrugged as he straightened his uniform and nodded to answer. Within seconds, the holo screen flashed and an image of a female in some formal outfit that Hawkins had never seen before. All he had ever seen a Straruse before, in person. He made a mental note to do a better job of preparing himself next time as he moved forward. "President Zevihil, I am Captain David Hawkins, Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Gladiator."

"Captain Hawkins, you're a welcomed sight. Please, I urge you caution but the United Colonies' space navy just engaged with a fleet of our opposition," The president was in her fifties from a race called the Straruse. She had blue purple skin, white hair with light purple highlights and bio-luminescent green eyes. She had a natural charisma and charm, her shapely figure not hurting her in that regard. "As soon as he is free, my Minister of Defense will transmit landing coordinates for you and your crew."

Seeing the president for the first time, being a bit incorrigible also, Theodore was thinking ~"hubba hubba"~ but still couldn't explain the astonished whistle that audibly escaped his lips....

"Yeah, we have noticed," David nodded as he looked over at their guests. He sighed and looked back at the woman before them. "We come in hopes to refrain from conflict, but can we be of assistance?"

The woman arched one of her brows, but said nothing about the whistle she'd heard, "You can offer us a great deal of assistance, the naval engagement is not what I'd call ideal. When you land, make sure you bring your security forces, any medical staff and relief supplies and someone with the expertise to help upgrade our own infrastructure. This is not the first siege attempt we've endured."

"Of course, madam President. See you soon," Hawkins nodded in response. He waited for the holo screen to return to normal view of the planet below with the site of the stars in the distance "You heard the lady. Inform the shuttle bays we have a green light. Have remaining fighters prepped for escort duties of the shuttles. They are to refrain from entering any conflict unless fired upon. Lieutenant Treadagar. Prepare your security forces, I want you down below. Winchester, have secondary forces ready for emergencies and keep an eye on the conflict above. Phyr and I, along with the other leading members will be in the first shuttle. Others will need directed to their areas as the information comes in. Commander Kavi... you have the bridge. Everyone else. Let's get going."

"Sir, I am not letting you go with out a body guard," replied Paula looking straight at Hawkins as she continued," and I am that person," as she stepped away from her station, she finished," Remember what I said when I took this job Sir?" as Paula was not going to let him go down there with out an escort.

"Stick on him like a fly on shit." Mercia laughed.

Lt.JG Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Tactical/Security Chief
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Paula Winchester
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Chief Science Officer
U.S.S Gladiator-A

Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
U.S.S Gladiator-A


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