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Tech Demo

Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 7:07pm by Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Holodeck One

All the final touches were in place, as far as the Dalacari was concerned. The models were loaded, and what wasn't loaded was imported in from her personal preference files. She ran a quick assessment to make sure that things rendered properly and that things worked as they should.

The holodeck was its usual black and yellow when the Dalacari began her task. A single drone combat unit, bipedal but simple. Lightly armored, simple hand actuators... it had all the markings of something designed to assault the enemy in the thousands.

For the moment, Mel had rendered only one. Unarmed, but even in unarmed combat a metal fist with enough effort could seriously harm the target. Then the Dalacari went on to her second task, the heart of the matter.

A black sphere, roughly five feet in diameter, in and of itself a massive tri-quantum computer core. Humming and buzzing, with lights illuminating pathways along its spherical surface and a visible fog from the sheer amount of coolant that it took to keep the computer functional. Surrounding the system was a ring of tubes, computer breakers, and connection media easily two feet thick, with about a foot of walking room between the ring and the sphere. Connected to the ring were easily a dozen displays and consoles, processing data at an amazing capacity, but still just a jumble of shapes, colors and words.

This was the Thinking Engine.

"There. I think that's a good start." Mel said to herself, then each twin tapped her respective comm badge, "Emmah, Lieutenant Zeti, Captain Hawkings. I've prepared a ..."

"... small technical demonstration on some of the Dalacari technology and drone control systems in Holodeck..."

"... One if you have the time."

It didn't take more than a couple minutes before Hawkins, Emmah, and Zeti walked into the holodeck to find the twin form before them. David, in his normal stance with his hands in his pockets in a relaxing manner, stood before Mel. "Alrighty, crazy lady, what ya got for us?"

The pair gave a smirk each. "I'm hardly crazy. Maybe after this posting, though." she teased, before she continued. "I remember there was a show of interest in Dalacari technology, particular to our semi-autonomous drone and ..."

"... drone control technology, and while I can't give a full 'This is how to defeat us' level of a demonstration, I wanted to at least accommodate curiosity." she motioned to the lone drone to her side.

"This is a standard model deployment drone, the kind we would use for internal security or simple law enforcement duty. Full range motion, humanoid hand grips, four hour..."

"... battery life, six hour idle."

"Four hours?" Emmah asked. She glanced down to her belly where her emitter, disguised under a thin holo cover, was held. "My emitter has a 12 hour life, however when near power it can leach that power. Have the Delcari devlopped he same sort of power tech?" she asked.

"No, but when we were making the jump to an autonomous drone force, the four years prior to such were devoted to a portable energy storage renaissance of sorts." Mel started. "We took the..."

"... time to completely re-think battery design, composition, and look at old ideas with new technology. We settled on a few designs that delivered a much nicer and more stable discharge..."

"... of energy over a sufficiently long period of time. Recharging stations are a common sight in any Dalacari town or city at this point, and no home is complete without a hub port." she sounded like she was quoting a commercial.

"Urban defensive units have a four hour lifespan, while the more military focused units can have up to eight with additional power units. That's the humanoid models, of course. Walking..." while she shifted her focus, a new hologram joined the field. Twenty feet tall, bipedal but only in the sense that it had two legs. It looked predatory, but sleek. Lacking arms, it instead had a sensor suite of sorts on its back, and a singular long range cannon mounted on the right side.

"...Tanks and non-humanoid units carry actual plants and a few recharge points. Which, admittedly, makes them nice targets." a pause, as she brought up a hologram of their standard air-space assault drone, which looked like a large ring with various flaps and hardpoints attached to it.

"The drones we use for space engagements and scouting are fueled by micro-matter reactors, and the entire inner ring structure contains a simple nacelle design. We try to limit their use in..."

"... case there's a breach, but they have the capacity to enter atmosphere. We use more traditionally designed drones for atmosphere work, though. Keep the rings to the stars, really."

"Do they breach often when entering and exiting a planet's atmosphere?" Zeti asked, arching one of her brows. She was already wanting to tear into some of the tech, perhaps combined with some Federation tech she could come up with some very interesting things. "And what about your Command and Control systems? It seems like every time we try to test one, something goes horribly wrong. The M5 disaster, the phantom core failure..."

"There's a one in one-hundred thousand failure chance on entry into an atmosphere. We'd rather not take that chance when there's no need to." the pair smirked. "As for Command and..."

"... Control systems, I present to you the Thinking Engine." the silent twin motioned to the spherical system to the side. "A tri-core quantum computer cooled by a Coglate-Bosine..."

"... gelatin, just a few shades above total zero. It calculates projections based on previous encounter data and propagates battle strategies. Once a beneficial strategy is decided upon..."

"... it's sent to the drone units. Key drones in the field act as eyes and ears for the Engines, though if the chain of command is cut, the drones continue on the last good authentic..."

"... strategy. We avoid hostile scenarios by hard coding key directives. Dalacari can never be targets, for example." she explained.

"Sounds... complex..." David admitted as he tried to look over the information. "Are you allowed to share this designs with private citizens?"

"Like Asimov's laws of robotics, build it into the hardware so it can't be hacked with out physically getting into the system. I'm sure you've heard of Doctor Soong and his androids?" Zeti asked, her mind working over time already. "If you are allowed I'd love to see them, I've seen a basic system for small security drones that can be carried in a case, have a base that they can charge at and transmit power and have tons of setting options, this makes it look like a child's toy."

"I'm thinking more along the lines of Emmah's mobile emitter," David informed as he looked at his assistant.

"I'm still waiting back on word from the Republic about exactly how much they are willing to allow to be shared. After all, this is the crux of our entire military. Compromise this and..."

"... my people are essentially defenseless." she explained, "And thank you." she took a little pride in the fact that her people's crowning achievement was looked upon as so advanced.

"We've put lifetimes of thought into the design. Though, when you say Mobile Emitter, why would Miss Emmah need a mobile emitter?"

"And what does it emit?" now the Dalacari was curious.

"It's a holographic emitter, so it emits photons, she's a hologram. When Khelev ch'Koro finished with the Phantom Core, a command and control system for a holographic crew, he started working on a way for them to actually leave the ship. He finished the prototype about a year ago and gave it to Emmah, the first successful crew and the only one that didn't go crazy. I think he considers her his daughter," Zeti explained, she knew about the project but wasn't directly involved with the mobile emitter.

Mel looked over towards Emmah, "So... you're a hologram? A projected representational avatar of a artificial intelligence stored, presumably, on site?" a pause, then both of them got the widest, most energetic smiles.

"That's amazing!! How do you handle the signal drift between materials of differing density and composition?"

"What about latency due to high-gain interference from an active anti-matter reactor?"

"Do you have tactile sensation?"

"Do you experience downtime? Of COURSE you experience downtime, but what do you DREAM of while you do it?"

The questions were fast, and it would seem that the advantage of being a Dalacari was that you could ask them in succession.

"We're not allowed to research too deeply into artificial sentience because our allies are worried that sentience plus a drone army could trigger something worse than..."

"... the Borg, and some of our regional ethical chairs agree that something terrible could happen but this... this is remarkable. You're truly remarkable." a pause, "From a scientific..."

"... standpoint, I mean. I mean, you're also a good person and I'm glad I got to meet you but this is just... I'm impressed and amazed. You've impressed a Dalacari, who was trying..."

"... to impress YOU with her tech, and you did that back." she was, quite obviously, impressed.

"I'm not the one who made the walking talking light bulb," Zeti replied, holding up her hands. "That was my mentor and former Chief Engineer, Khelev ch'Koro. He is still on board in a civilian capacity."

"Consider me impressed." she mentioned. "So... ummm... I'm sorry, this threw my entire demonstration for a loop."

"Mel, I am impressed. We should go and visit your people some time. This is quite an impressive view for sure," David admitted as he looked at the technology as well. He took a closer look before stepping back. "Thank you for showing us this."

Each ear on both twins perked up. "I'd love to introduce you to Dalacar. Just, well, bear in mind... it's full of Dalacari." she warned, with a smirk. She nodded, and then saved the holographic demo as a public file. "I've saved this as a public series so..."

"... if anyone wishes to see the tech in action, or study a representation of it, they can. Thank you." a pause, "Thank you all."

Emmah blushed at the load of questions, excited for the chance to talk about it with someone with true curiosity. "I would be pleased to meet sometime and answer your questions." she offered.

"I didn't know you could blush?" David cocked his head as he looked at his assistant before looking at the twins. "That was a first."

"First time one of my demonstrations was ever one upped by something more interesting. I think if nothing else, we can end things here?" Mel posited, before her twin took over, "And, Miss Emmah, we can coordinate work schedules for a further session. If that works."

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
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