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Seeing Red Again

Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 5:10am by Lieutenant JG Bastian Mann

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Lotus Major

The room was lit up with lights that seemed too bright for the dingy complex they were in. The table spanned across the length of the room, people on both sides. The room itself was a bit of a shock to most people since the floors were metallic that had a slight decline towards the middle of the room, a drain located in the middle, just under the table. There were murmurs and whispers from the 15 people the lined the table, but no one spoke too loudly. At the head of the table, a single chair that still sat empty. Two men stood at either side of the table.

One of those men, Bastian Mann, was clad in black pants, a thigh holster on his right side, the left hip holding a small sword that was sheathed. The hilt was an elaborate dark green serpent’s head. He was wearing a black shirt that was housed under a grey jacket that hid another firearm on each side of his torso. He was staring at each of the men, listening to bits of their conversations. Being one of the top Gun Runners for the Plixian Organization, it seemed weird to him that he was standing more as a guard then sitting at the table, but who knew what was going to happen now.
The leader, Gorex Pytel, walked in the room. Each man stood, a sign of respect for the old War Lord. He walked in, no real emotion shone on his hard featured face, riddled with the scars of a life of pain. Clad in an all black robe with a red lined hood, the man stared at everyone. “Please, sit,” he said in a soft tone.

Everyone did as ordered except for Bastian and the man opposite to him, Rylie Peirce, the head of the slave trade for the Plixians. “I am sure you are all curious as to why I brought you here,” he said as he took a seat, making eye contact with every person at the table. Each person dropping their head as Gorex looked at them. “Well, it is a simple notion. One of you, has betrayed me.”

The room broke out in mild chaos, each man yelling to be heard, professing their undying love and loyalty. Gorex smiled slightly, looking at both Bastian and Rylie, nodding. Each of them started walking slowly down the row of men shouting.
“Silence,” he said, waiting for everyone to stop. “Please. You all know this isn’t the first time this has come up, but this is also the worst in quite some time. One of you not only sold me out to Father, but to the planet officials who have asked for help from StarFleet.” Gorex sighed. “Now, if it were just to father, that would be an easy fix. But since the federation is already here to what I can only assume is to mess with our gains, this must be dealt with accordingly.”

As Bastian ended up behind an Andorian who actually looked pretty neutral about the situation, Gorex flashed Bastian a very quick look that made him and Riley stop. Bastian already knew that it was his turn for this deed, and his right hand slowly found itself on the hilt of his short sword.

Gorex shook his head. “Twilen, why?”

The Andorian didn’t look away. In fact, he looked more confident in his convictions. “I sold you out to Father because you’re becoming too big for your own right. You are starting to think you’re a God, but I didn’t sell you out to the planet.”

Gorex nodded slightly. “We are becoming more powerful by the day. Eventually, we will over take Father and his organization and run the rest off. This planet will be mine, and there is little you can do about it.”

The Andorian started to speak but Gorex nodded, and in the blink of an eye Bastian withdrew his short sword and stabbed him through the throat, the blue blood started to gush from around the blade. As he withdrew it the Andorian’s neck, the blood spurting across the room a few times as he tried to breath, splashing one of the other men in the face. Bastian wiped the blood off his sword using the Andorian’s own shirt and replaced it in its home.

Gorex stood as the Andorian kept fighting for the small life he had left. “Bastian, I need to speak with you. The rest of you, clean this mess up. This is your lesson, again. Do not cross me.”

He turned to walk out as Bastian met him at the door, following him out.

“Sir,” Bastian said as a few moments had passed, walking down the corridors. “The Federation?”

Gorex smiled slightly. “He didn’t sell us out to them, but they are here. He did sell me out to Father and I wanted to make it more public this time.”

Bastian nodded slightly. “What can I do for you Sir?”

Gorex stopped and turned to Bastian. “Step up your gun operations. I need you to get your men to start pressing into other territory. I want to over take the other Lords, and soon. The federation being here is of no consequence and will stop nothing. Bas,” he said putting his hand on the man’s shoulder. “I know it’s been some years since Karvin killed Merrious, and I know you looked up to him.”

“He treated me like a son,” Bastian stated.

“The anniversary is soon, and I know this time of year can be hard on you. I want you to use that. You have served me well in the years since taking over Merrious’ position. I want you to use your ruthlessness that I know you have, that anger that you possess, and do your worst. I have faith.” Gorex smiled, nodded and walked away.

Bastian watched the man walk away. He stood there for a long few moments, thinking about what was said. Not only was it close to the anniversary that Merrious was killed, but the federation had decided to knock on the door. The anger started boiling over a little more. He was once a member of the beloved Federation, sent here to infiltrate one of the organizations to get intel on them to bring them down. Since then, they left him after the first 3 years. He had no conversations with his contact in 5. He had been on this desolate crap planet for 8 long years, learning to survive on his own. Trying to fit in with people that he wasn’t akin to. Now, however, Bastian was someone different. Something different. Now, it might be time to get back at the Federation for leaving him alone.


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