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Dealing with an Unsettling Outburst of Emotions

Posted on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017 @ 5:28am by

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Science then Lizzy and T'Madh's Quarters
Timeline: After Lizzy's panic attack in 'Oversite'

The sudden flash of emotions that came through over the psychic channel she had with Elizabeth and Paula flared up, causing T'Madh to suddenly stop with reaching for some interesting asteroid samples that she had asked to be collected when they passed it on the way. It was a brief moment later that she felt the wave of panic which was radiating from Lizzy before the half-Betazoid managed to slam down a mental shield to cover it.

T'Madh heard Paula's voice over the mental channel, 'You all right, Hon?'

Lizzy followed it up with a response about slave traders, and the Vulcan woman felt a pinge of guilt run through her. It had been after she had run off to investigate the idea that her mother was Romulan and to explore her own heritage that Lizzy had been trying to follow and got caught by slavers.

Even though her wife was distinctly.. promiscious was the best word and they had an open relationship, T'Madh still had been upset more about Lizzy being forced to do things against her will. She knew that Lizzy had an insatiable sex drive, but it had affected her.

Quickly, she began packing the samples and had made it through the airlock when Elizabeth burst into the science areas. Lizzy's face lit up when she turned and spotted T'Madh, and began heading over. T'Madh opened her arms, stepping forwards and letting Lizzy run into her arms, wrapping her arms around in the prescise moment based on mathematics.

T'Madh dropped her mental barrier at the physical contact, feeling Lizzy's panic and worry rush over her, and she let Lizzy rest her head against T'Madh's shoulder as Lizzy began crying. Holding the half-Betazoid in her arms, she gently leant down and lifted Lizzy up, which wasn't hard with her Vulcan & Romulan strength, "I will take you to a private location so we can talk.. Lizzy."

Lizzy tried to smile weakly at T'Madh's attempt at hiding public emotions, and nodded as she burried her face in her wife's shoulder to hide the tears, which she knew would help.

Some other scientists stepped out and T'Madh shook her head as she carried Lizzy out of the science labs, feeling Lizzy wrap an arm around her to steady herself. When they arrived at the lift, Lizzy tapped the call button with her foot and when it arrived, T'Madh walked in, careful to make sure that Lizzy didn't bump her head.

Luckily, no one was inside and T'Madh brushed some hair from Lizzy's face, "Computer, please take us to our shared quarters. Can you talk about it yet?"

Lizzy shook her head, feeling really choked up.

"Okay. I can do a mind meld when we are back in quarters if you aren't upto speaking."

Lizzy nodded as the lift began moving.

Reaching their quarters with Lizzy still crying and the door closed, T'Madh carried Elizabeth over to the couch before putting her down & then sitting down next to Lizzy, let Lizzy pull her close like some sort of giant teddy bear. T'Madh could stand private emotional displays much better, and she ran her hand through Lizzy's hair.

After a little bit of time, Lizzy reached out, running a hand over T'Madh before saying, "Clothes in way."

T'Madh smiled and nodded, helping Lizzy up and towards the bathroom, turning on the water in the shower until is was nice and warm but not hot. Disrobing, she helped Lizzy out of her clothes before T'Madh sat down on the floor, feeling Lizzy snuggled against her with the warm water running over them, her hand shifting so that they had a direct connection through a meld so it wouldn't disturb Paula.

Through the connection, Lizzy managed to tell the story of what had happened and how the realisation that there were slaver ships around had caused her to panic badly. After Lizzy started calming, T'Madh turned off the water and used a fluffy towel to dry them both off before adjourning to the bedroom. It took about half an hour of holding and a fair amount of lavender massage oil before Lizzy calmed down to be able to speak, "Thank you."

T'Madh nodded, "It is okay. I love you. Do you want some water?"

Lizzy nodded and it didn't take long for T'Madh to replicate some, glad that Lizzy could get herself hydrated again. Sometimes, she knew that her logic got in the way, but this was easier to hold onto after displays like she had gone through.

T'Madh sat down next to Lizzy and spoke after a few moments, "You do know that you are going to need to talk to someone in your department about this, right?"

Lizzy rolled her eyes and nodded, "Yes, T'Madh. But they don't want to be intimate."

T'Madh raised her eyebrows, "If you keep sexually harassing people, I will end up outranking you."

She added, "Or is that too soon?"

Lizzy nodded, "Probably."


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