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Oh Hell No!!!!

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2017 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Gladiator-A

Passing as he stood inside Hawkins' Ready Room, John muttered under his lips as Sammy sat there next to him watching every step waiting for him to start playing with her. A slight whimper came from her as she wasn't sure what was going on. "Not now, girl," John responded as he tried to think it all through as he paused for a moment, thinking he heard something, but went back to his pacing. The Sheppard pup barked and stood up from her sitting position wagging her tell mid-way in excitement.

"No... it ain't funny at all..." he responded to a non-stated statement.

A low growl before a slight bark came from the companion which forced Hayter to stop and look down at her. "Are you growling at me?"

In response, Sammy barked low and finally laid down in place slowly wagging her tail before huffing in boredom.

"Yeah, really grown up of you..." John responded before the chime went off, causing both Sammy and John to look at the door. "Who is it?"

"Who do you think it is dumb ass." Tayla said as she walked in to the room. She looked down at Sammy. "Really? On the bridge?" she said rolling her eyes. "Whats next going to take her on missions?" she asked.

"Oh shut up!" he countered as he pulled her past the door sensors so the door could close. Sammy quickly barked in excitement as she came up to Tayla. John walked around and stood in front of the desk as he looked at her. "And what's wrong with taking Sammy on missions?"

"We don't use animals any more in a military function." she said. She stooped down and played with the pup a little. She was still thinking of getting her own, but for now Johns sufficed as a surrogate. "So what did you call me up here for?"

"Use ballistics and melee weapons once again, along with Federation bringing back the marines a couple decades ago. No reason not to bring old functions back that worked out well. Besides, I hadn't planned on taking her just yet... until you said something... She may come in handy," John remarked as he looked over the two before him before finally explaining. "Kavi is gone..."

Tayla shrugged at his comments, but looked up in alarm at his last comment. "What do you mean gone?!" she demanded as she slowly stood up, which made Sammy whine a bit and paw at her wanting more attention.

"Gone..." he explained again seriously. "... El' Gonno... Not here... "

"Ok so not dead." Tayla said. "Where did she go?"

"The only possible explanation is she transported down to the surface. It wasn't catch anyone's eyes till they saw this," he turned and grabbed a padd and tossed it to her. "It's a letter, or rather a scheduled command message to the bridge crew to have me report to the bridge to take command of the ship for the time being."

Tayla looked at the letter, before she looked over at him. "What the hell is she playing at? Have you traced her comm badge yet? Notified Hawkins? Checked with ch'Koro if he knows what she's doing?"

"Her badge was found in a locker down next to the hanger bay mission prep lockers. I haven't informed Hawkins, nor do I plan to. He has enough on his plate, plus I'm sure that this is her way of atoning for something to do with her past. I have called ch'Koro up here as well to get his two cents in on this," There was a long pause as the two took in all that had just occurred. A slight chuckle came out before he looked at her, now annoyed look. "Sorry, just funny to see that I am acting Commanding Officer and you are my acting first officer."

Tayla looked even more alarmed, "oh Hell no!" she grumbled. "You're getting your ass ready and you're going after her, and I'll stay in command of the ship." she said tightly.

John just raised his eye brows at her and shook his head. "You act like you can tell me what to do... But in this instance, I'm in agreement there. You are more suited to commanding. I'm better at field work."

"Glad you know your place." Tayla smirked as she rounded the desk. "So, rumors are true, and she's got connection here?"

All John could do was shrug before sitting down on the couch and sigh as he palmed his face with one hand and started to pet Sammy as soon as she jumped on the couch and sat next to him. It didn't take long before the chime went off again. This time, before Tayla or John could call out, Sammy started to back over and over again before the door slid open to show the Andorian male walk through. Sammy paused and cocked her head in confusion before barking once more before Hayter silenced her real quick with a command... "Friend..." John looked at the Andorian and stood up in respect to greet him. "Thanks for coming, Mr. Khelev."

Khelev looked at the dog, his antenna arched slightly before he looked over at John and Tayla. He was quiet for a moment as he placed his hands on his hips, he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of work boots on. "You're welcome. What can I do for the two of you?"

"Yeah... what does this place mean for Kavi," John asked bluntly as he patted the dog that was starring down ch'Koro unsure what to think of him, but held her position.

"She grew up here, but that's on her file," Khelev answered. "I know she wasn't happy about being back, but I didn't think she'd run off on her own without telling me at least."

"Seems she did just that apparently." Tayla said with a deep breath. "Hawkins need to focus on the mission at hand. We can handle running the Gladiator for a few hours, but we need to stop her. John's willing to go down and drag her ass back and let Hawkins deal with her later. Can you give us any insight as to where she'd be headed?" she asked.

"No I can't, she was pretty tight lipped," Khelev's antenna raised, his antenna were picking up what they weren't saying. "But that doesn't mean we can't go down and find her."

"Yeah, that's the plan. I'm going down there as soon as the technicians get a transporter coordinates. She seems to have learned very well," John admitted as he looked up at the andorian. "I'm assuming you have already found a way to bypass the security sensors that allow you to leave the ship? You know, with the house arrest thing and all?"

"technically this could be logged as an escorted outing, even though i'm sure you're right." Tayla smirked. "Hurry up you two, before she does something uncorrectable."



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