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Posted on Sat Apr 19th, 2014 @ 1:44am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Counselor's Office

Vanora had heard that the Gladiator would be picking up some new crew during the brief shoreleave, including a new Chief Counselor. The Elasian woman wasn't sure whether she would be having any direct clinical sessions with the new psychologist, but it was nonetheless Vanora's style to meet with any and all new department heads to make sure that they were well stocked with whatever requisitions they might need. Usually, it was not the case that counselors needed anything special, but Vanora had more than a hint that things might be a little bit different when it came to Lieutenant Caldera.

Lizzy had only been aboard for a few hours after the ship arrived, and was in her office going through reports of all the senior staff to get up to speed.

The Counselor's Office was familiar to Vanora. She had, after all, spent more than her fair share of time in one or another since becoming part of Starfleet. She greeted a passing nurse warmly as she passed, before ringing the chime to Caldera's office.

When the door chimed, Lizzy called out, "Hi, come in please."

Vanora entered smiling. "Welcome to the Gladiator, Counselor. I'm Vanora Stele, Chief of Operations."

Lizzy smiled, "Thank you very much. I was going to come and see your department because I wasn't really sure how best to go about it. I've got a few crates down on Kaslau that I need to get shifted up here. How would be the best way?"

"Transporter, usually," Vanora laughed. "Sorry, I couldn't help it. Glad I came down, then, since I was just about to offer my services in helping you get anything you might need for your department. Is there something sensitive, volatile, or biological in the the crates that would necessitate bringing it up by shuttle instead?"

"Oh, okay. I wasn't sure if they have to be screened or anything. Some of it might need a shuttle trip, but I'm sure it won't be too hard to find a willing pilot to help with that."

"I'll have someone take care of it for you." Vanora raised an eyebrow. "Should I be screening these crates? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a by-the-books type of Operations officer. If there's something you need to do your job, I believe you should have it, whether or not its on the pre-approved requisition lists. Hell, I'll even help you get something if you need it. But if it's something that could pose a danger to the crew..."

Lizzy thought for a moment before speaking, "Well, I've got a little bit of a hobby. I like to dabble in the black market. Nothing major really, but I've got a few bottles that might be shined on in a not friendly light, some peaches that didn't exactly go through any customs taxes and some stuff from a Ferengi merchant. None of it is dangerous to the crew."

"But you have a clinical need for these unregulated items, correct?" Vanora said with a straight face, hoping that Lizzy would pick up on the hint.

Lizzy caught on, "Yes, they all have necessary uses. Oh, and that reminds me.. I need to get an accupuncture & massage bed replicated.. It is too big for the standard units. Engineering passed me on."

Vanora smiled. "That will be an easy one. The Gladiator has industrial replicators that Ops can access. One of the benefits of a Sovereign class." She pulled out her PADD and pressed a few buttons. "I've sent you the requisition form, it's pretty straight forward. Just let me know the specs and we'll get you set up. I'll have you come down and take a look before we transport it into whatever space you want to use. Then I'll probably come in and demand that you give me acupuncture and massage," she grinned.

Lizzy grinned, "Thanks, that would be good. You are definitely welcome to come in for sessions."

"More incentive for me to get those made for you as soon as possible, then!"

"Seeing you are here, how have you been going with dealing with your department and the recent events on this ship? I'm planning to talk to all the senior officers to check in."

"My department is handling things pretty well. As you've likely seen from our crew manifest, we're pretty bare bones in terms of our staffing, what with all the holograms running around. But the staff I have seem to take their jobs seriously, and I try to make sure they aren't overworked. How they've been dealing with our supposed shakedown cruise going south," Vanora shook her head sadly. "That ship, the Wasp. What happened to those people, it was awful. I think even the crew who weren't over there are going to be having nightmares about that."

"Yes, I was a bit disturbed about when I heard about that, and I wasn't even there. If you feel like any of them are struggling, please direct them to Counseling so either me or Ensign Hemlorac can help. It could take days or weeks or months before they crack even."

The Chief Ops nodded. "Will do. I've been to see Amity myself recently, about the Wasp and some unrelated personal issues. Won't be long before you see me in a professional capacity as well. If only to get one of those massages," she winked.

"I am glad that you have been seeing Amity about this. I definitely got the opinion that some of the crew would rather have a rabid targ gnaw off a leg then visit Counseling."

"I used to be like that, too," Vanora admitted. "Some of the crew are very young, and the others, well, let's just say it doesn't take long looking at the personnel records to see that we have folks on this ship who have gone through more pain than anyone should in this day and age. You've got a tough job ahead of you, Counselor."

"I love new challenges, and this ship will definitely give them to me in spades. It may take awhile and a lot of prodding, but I will get through to everyone eventually - even if it nearly kills them. I'm too spunky to give in."

Vanora laughed. "Spunky will get you all sorts of reactions on this ship, I'm sure. Just try not to actually kill anyone: with Marines and Starfleet Intel both with a presence on the ship, not to mention the former Security Chief as XO, getting away with murder is likely close to impossible."

Lilly giggled, "Yes, I'm sure it will, and quite often, very enjoyable ones. No wonder she seems like a hard-ass. My meeting with her was very unusual and interesting.. I expect that at some point, I'll be brigged but I'll take you advice about the non-murdering idea."

"Department Heads getting thrown into the brig by the XO seems to be turning into a sort of right of passage. It wasn't this XO who did it last, but the previous one. He threw the former Chief Diplomatic Officer, who is now the Chief of Security, into the brig for... actually, I never really did understand what it was for." She smirked. "It sounds a lot more confounded now that I'm retelling it out loud."

Lizzy laughed, "Sounds like this is gong to be a very interesting ship. I haven't had time to talk to the security chief yet really, so I'll have to follow up and see if he is doing okay."

"Interesting is why we joined Starfleet after all, isn't it?"

"Yep, that is definitely true."

At that point in time, a loud beeping came from the terminal nearby followed by an announcement from the computer,
[Lieutenant Caldera, this is your ten minute reminder for counseling appointment for Corporal Winslow.]

Lizzy turned, tapping a button "Sorry about that - I'm quite disorganized and rely on the computer to keep me on time. I need to get ready but I would like to talk later."


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