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What the Sh...?!?!

Posted on Thu Nov 9th, 2017 @ 8:13am by Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Marine Country - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

/// ON ///

“Stay…” John’s voice was stern and strong, but neutral as he slowly took a couple steps backwards as he looked at the Sheppard pup before him. She sat there focused on him and had a hard time sitting still as her tail wagged excessively in excitement. Her forward paws were straight and holding her in place but her rear itching to move. “Good girl…” the marine said slightly as he now stood about 15 feet before her. A long pause of silence came over both of them, which seemed to last for an eternity for the pup as her tail moved more and more and her body itching to move came over her more. It was only the several months of training that they had been working on, that made it easier for her to know that her master was going to reward her for her obedience in doing this trick.

“Fetch! “He called out as he watched her launch from her position and darted for the item in his stretched out hand. She sprung in the air and gripped onto the item just as Hayter released his grip on it to prevent her from doing any damage to herself or his hand. Sammy shook the rod in her mouth side to side a couple times before walking and hoping around her master before coming to a sitting position in front of him.

"Good girl!" He praised her as he stood at attention. "Speak!" He ordered and she quickly allowed a bark come out without releasing the rod she had in her mouth. She looked at him and started to chew, only to stop as she heard his praise and order to stop. Finally, after a couple other commands, he gave the drop command, which she released the item and barked again in excitement before Hayter gave her a treat. “Good girl. Well done!" He praised her once again as he heard the chirp from his ear communicator.

=^= Richardson to Hayter. Colonel, I know you told me to leave ya a long unless you were needed... but you are being requested to report to the bridge. =^= A female voice was heard as he keeled down to pat his companion.

"What the he'll do they need from me? I thought we were told to stay out of this mission. They didn't want to have marines on the ground in fear of raising the concerns of the local people with our advanced weapons specialists..." John mocked as he shook his head at Hawkins orders to keep the marines on board.

=^=I don't think that's the reason, sir, and Hawkins changed his mind. The Captain took a small squad down with him.=^=

"Oh... I need to have a little conversation with Davy boy if he thinks he can just do as he pleases without asking me…" the marine colonel muttered under his voice as he started for the door, Sammy now in a trot around him.

=^=This request was sent from a junior grade officer. Not the normal chain of command. =^=

“Copy. Thanks… Hayter …”

=^= …John, you are needed in the fighter bay, now! We have 3 fighters on an unscheduled launch. =^= the female voice cut him off before he could cut the female off.

“What?!?!” John questioned as he sped up to a sprint, Sammy now following pursuit, catching and passing him as they exited the marine training holodeck and started down the corridor. “Get out of the way!” he yelled at personal as he and his companion dodged people left and right until they finally slammed against the sides of the hallways. “Richardson, get Kavi up to speed and lock down those launches! They haven’t been cleared without…”

=^=Already tried,=^= the female marine responded quickly. =^=Security and engineers are already working them. =^=Weapons fire picked up in the launch bay! =^=

The ship was quickly responsive as the klaxon lighting flashed red. Hayter and Sammy finally made their way into the operations room of the launch bay only to see the aftermath. The emergency tractor beams had already latched onto the fighters and were holding them in place, medical trained marines worked on helping an engineer up as other technicians ran to the humming fighters to work on deactivating their drives.

“Colonel!” a male flight control officer looked up from his controls and pointed to a screen which was flashing. “Unauthorized transport was made at our attached cargo hold transporter system.”

“Who the hell did that?” Hayter huffed as he tried to catch his breath, Sammy walking quickly around the room sniffing and barking every so often. “Sammy, calm down!”

“I think it was the Executive Officer sir…”

“Commander Kavi?”

“Aye, sir…” a technician from the side responded rubbing her head.

A long pause came over him as people tried to gather their cool before Hayter sighed and shook his head as he ordered them to collect their findings and report to him as soon as possible. As he and Sammy left the control room, he almost seemed to stomp as they worked their way to the nearest turbolift. =^=Hayter to Tayla d’Jax, meet me in the Ready Room as soon as possible.=^=

/// OFF ///

Lt. Colonel John Hayter
Marine Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


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