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Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 8:33pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG Bastian Mann

Mission: Operation Red Garden

Mercia moved deeper in to the city, in to a section classified as 'The Old Town'. Once upon a time it had been the thriving center of commerce and life on this rock. Old forts were scattered around, still structurally sound, but no longer used for governmental purposes. From above the city sprawled from horizon to horizon, which meant it was easy to lose yourself in it. That was exactly what Mercia had intended.

She'd taken a public transport for two hours as near to the Old Town as she could get. This section of the city was shunned by the higher class people, except for those who made their fortune in this section, People like Father, Like Tramar, Like Karvin... criminals, cheaters, slavers... The old town harbored the scum of the universe and bred more from infancy to murderous adulthood.

Walking on foot deeper in to the Old Town, and away from the newer part of the city where the Phyrs and the Gladiator crew would be working to bring this planet in to the Federation, Mercia felt a deep sense of home. For the first 13 years of her life she'd run these streets. She'd manipulated people out of money and supplies, she'd robbed, beat, threatened, and even killed. All on the orders of the man who had taken in all the street rats and turned them in to his personal fleet of thieves and flock of killers. He called himself Father, and honestly Mercia didn't know his real name, she didn't care... she just needed to find out if he was still alive, and if so, correct that problem.

After her long walk she found herself getting hungry, and stopped by a street vendor selling a local meat on a stick. Mercia asked no questions as to what the meat was, and hoped it fouse, this planets equivalent of rats. It had been a staple of her diet years ago, and the smell of it, made her mouth water. She pulled a few coins from her secure pockets and stepped up to the cart and offered the old woman a smile as she exchanged her coins for food.

"Oh! Oh my, you've returned!" the old woman said.

Mercia felt her stomach tighten, "How could I stay away?" she asked casually as she looked at the woman, not knowing who she was.

"I told you, if you found a way to leave, never come back. What are you doing here?" the old woman whispered.

"Reminiscing." Mercia said suspiciously. She raised her meat stick and stepped away.

The old woman looked confused but had another customer stepping up close, "Tell your mother to stop by sometime." she called.

Mercia paused and looked back, but the woman was already refocused. Her mother was dead. She'd been murdered here nearly 30 years ago, and Mercia had no idea who this woman was. She frowned and took a bite of the meat before she turned and continued on, wanting to disappear into the crowd, feeling deeply unnerved. She needed to find Father, or someone in his organization.


Bastian took another swig of his beer and placed the glass back on the table. The small little bar in the downtown of Old Town affectionately named The Prestige by everyone in Old Town, was one of the few places everyone could get a drink or some food and not worry about being murdered. Because of that, it made them very popular. The little bar had Rules of being a common ground, so no one was allowed to do legit business here. The owners were shrouded in their own mystery, and no one knew who ran the place, including its own workers. This was how it kept in business. No one knew who to bribe, or kill.

Sitting across from him was an Andorian Male, clad in almost the same black jacket and jeans that Bastian was in. Something about their line of work, it was always nice to be comfortable. He downed his own Andorian Ale and started laughing. “You know Bas, you are a glum SOB. Lighten up man. It’s just another female.”

“Yeah, another that I like who did some shady crap behind my back,” he grunted.

“I could kill her for you,” Zolex said with a grin.

Bastian looked at the Andorian and shook his head. “You know, killing every girlfriend that cheats on me is kind of a bad reputation. And besides, that’s small game for an assassin like you my friend. “ He looked over at the bartender and threw up two fingers, a sign for another round for the two of them. When he looked back at his friend, the Andorian was fixated on something out the window.

“How about I make you feel better and worse at the same time,” he said nodding out the window.

Bastian cocked his head slightly then looked at the window. It took a few moments of his eyes scanning the amount of people out there, his eyes landing on the back of a woman at a vendor. Something about her seemed very familiar. He couldn’t quite place it until she turned around, and his eyes lit up with fire and excitement at the same time. “Tali,” he said under his breath.

He quickly turned back around. “Do you still have those little nano drones you use for surveillance?”

The Andorian smiled. “Of course I do. They are always on me.”

“Price?” Bastian asked, turning back to see Tali leaving, but slowly. “You know what, I don’t have time for negotiation. Whatever you want, we will work it out. I want what you have.”

“Deal,” Zolex said. He took off two cuffs that were hiding under his sleeves. “One is the nano drones. There are 5. I know you know how to use them since your brokered the deal to get them. The other is the control pad and screen for them. I modified it so that you can see what it sees in real time, as well as a 3 hour buffer of back logs.”

Bastian nodded, slid them under his own cuffs and ran out the door. He stared at Tali for a moment and smiled. It was going to be fun hunting her down, and finally ending her life. He took one of the drones off the cuff, pressed it, twisted his wrist and tossed it in the air. After only a few meters in the air, it was silent and invisible. He turned on the HUD on his other sleeve, watching the device in real time and flying it through the air until he found Tali. Something still seemed weird about her, however it still looked like Tali, and that’s all he needed. He tapped her on the HUD and placed the drone in auto follow mode.

Bastian smiled a little bit. “I got you now wench.”



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