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The Second Full Bar

Posted on Fri Apr 11th, 2014 @ 10:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Captain's Ready Room


Vanora was spending a lot of time on the Bridge recently, more than just her normal Beta shift at the Ops station, plus the Alpha shift debrief and Gamma shift handover meetings. In fact, she couldn't remember the last time she had actually sat down in her own office. Instead, she had taken to carrying around a satchel, filled with various PADDs and document readers that she didn't have anywhere better to put.

Given that she was camping out at the Ops console, she had seen both Khelev and Mercia enter David's ready room, so she knew the full Command Staff was going to be present when she was called in to meet with the Commander. She guessed that this was probably a standard run through of the various systems issues that the Gladiator and SS Wasp were dealing with, now that they were comfortably in orbit around Kaslau and had some time to take stock of their situation and make necessary repairs.

Mercia was standing next to Davids desk with her hands on her hips when the doors opened and Vanora walked in. "There she is." she said. "My partner in holo crime." she added, "You're in trouble now." she commented teasingly.

"Well, you're here, so 'trouble' goes without saying," Vanora ribbed Mercia back. She rifled through her satchel and pulled out the PADDs she assumed would be most relevant for whatever briefing or questions the Commander wanted answered.

Mercia grinned widely, "Finally! Someone learns my middle name!"

"I thought your middle name was pain in the ass," David asked as he leaned back in his chair looking at the group.

"Oh thats my OTHER middle name." she winked.

"Must we endure the torment of listening to you two attempt to flirt with each other?" Khelev said in a fairly deadpanned voice. He glanced at Vanora and felt his antenna quiver almost spontaneously. "What are the two of you doing on the holodeck that is causing trouble? You better not be breaking my ship."

"If your engineers are keeping the holodecks functioning as they're supposed to, we won't have any problems with that, no matter how many dragons we have chasing us around," Vanora winked.

"Dragons," Khelev let out a laugh. "You take a walk through the norther Ka'Thela forests and meet some of the glikar'ma that live there. Far more intimidating then a large lizard."

"Whats a Ka'the... um... Ka'... What?" Mercia frowned at the Andorian.

"They're giant venomous tree spiders," Khelev replied. "Quite intelligent, but die easily when they try and make a meal of an Andorian. Still, the two of you might find it a challenge."

"So, basically, Mr. ch'Koro," Vanora grinned, "You're saying that Mercia and me would be challenged by something that an Andorian finds easy? Sounds like fighting words to me. What do you think, Mercia?"

Mercia folded her arms and nodded gravely. "You might have broken my arm Mister, but I gave you a good fight! I'm a tough girl!" she said.

"Bet he couldn't take us both at the same time," Vanora faux-whispered conspiratorially, loud enough that everyone could hear.

"Knowing you two she-devils you'd cheat using your feminine wiles," Khelev grumbled loudly. "No wiles allowed."

Vanora grinned again. "Mister, the only tools we need are the ones with the sharp edges. You'd better be more worried about those."

"At ease you three," Hawkins replied as he rubbed his temple. He had been having issues sleeping lately with the images of the crew of the SS Wasp. He looked up at his ops officer and then his other officers. "Tell me Lieutenant, why did you come to the Gladiator. You are one of the few that actually got to chose this assignment."

"It came with a Department, Commander," Vanora replied honestly, with a smile. "There were other postings available, yes, but no other CO who trusted a junior lieutenant with no Academy training with running the ship's systems."

"Honestly I'm in agreements with them and I'm quite fed up of it as well," David shrugged as he was looking not to fond of the thought.

"Fed up with... with me, sir?" Vanora almost coughed over the words, she was certainly caught off guard. "Did I do something wrong? If this is about me helping senior staff acquire non-regulation items for their departments, I can explain..."

"Well then start explaining." Mercia said folding her arms. She smirked at the woman. "Because we are all fed up with Junior lieutenant doing less than legal things."

Khelev's antenna stood straight up and he glanced at Vanora, he didn't know she'd chosen this assignment. He could also tell she was worried and that the joke wasn't landing quite as well as they wanted. "Hey, what's wrong with smuggling? Do I have to start pulling arms out of sockets?"

Vanora gave Mercia a blank stare, and then looked from David, to her, to Khelev, and back to Mercia. "You're pulling one over on me, aren't you?" she pouted.

"No I'm not pulling anything over on you at all. I'm tired of seeing my ops department lead as it is. You have surpassed every expectation that this command staff, no matter how short of a time we have been on this ship, has come to expect with the Chief Ops officer," he sighed as he looked at her for a moment. "Quite frankly I am tired of seeing a Lieutenent junior grade excelling at every turn. So we are going to fix that," he finished as he nodded to Mercia.

Vanora's gaze followed David's over to Mercia.

"Wait, you're just going to give it to her?" Khelev looked between them. "WE're not going to make her run a gauntlet or set up the holodeck and make her fight her way though several of us? Maybe set up a ring put it high above the ring and she has to use a ladder to get to it but she has to beat one of us up enough that she can? Boy, you two are softies."

"As much as I'd like see how you all hold up in an all-out brawl, can someone please tell me what you're all talking about?" Vanora said, flustered.

Mercia looked at David, "Geez, he's right, when did we become so BORING?" she complained, giving him a knowing look, with a grin. "Please Khelev, who do you take us for?" she asked the Andorian then smirked at David again.

"Good point," Hawkins tapped in a couple of codes into his desk. He then grinned as he stood up and watched as the group was surrounded by the transporter beams. Moments later, they found themselves on a bridge over a massive tank with flood lights surrounding the large tank. Below there was a calming water at first until they were moving around looking around. But he water below started to show waves as Hawkins finally spoke up. Lieutenant Junior Grade Stele... I hear by promote you to..." he raised the small box over the edge of the water and dropped it. "... Full lieutenant... Only if you can reach the rank."

"Hope you're a good swimmer. And fast." Mercia smirked as she looked over the tank.

The waves started to increase in size as large dark figures started to raise to the surface as David smirked. "Sharks with 'lasers' implanted on their heads!" Got to love old classic Earth entertainment!"

Mercia looked at Khelev and grinned at Vanora. "Sharks with freaking lasers on their freaking heads!" she said then laughed an evil cackle.

Vanora began laughing. "Yes, sir!" she mocked saluted. "I guess I really do get to have all the fun." She pulled out her pair of single piece daggers and, with a running start, dove nearly silently head-first into the water. The sharks dove down after her, roiling the water white. From the surface, the water appeared to calm again, and was silent for a moment, until darker water began pooling at the surface. It was clear to the Command Staff what they were seeing as the dark water transformed into a bright red that spread out over the surface, followed by a furious stream of bubbles.

A few moments later, away from the blood and bubbles, Vanora emerged at the edge of the tank, soaking wet and one knife short, but with the box securely between her teeth. She grabbed the edge of the tank and sheathed the remaining dagger, and then reached up an arm to get an assist from one of the onlookers.

Khelev reached down and took Vanora's hand and plucked her from the water with ease before he set her on the dock. "At least they weren't mutated sea bass, am I right? What? You think I've never done a holonovel in my life?"

She grinned back. "Sea bass would've been worse, I think. They wouldn't have attacked each other so easily."

After a good laugh from Hawkins, he stood before his new Lieutenant and helped her up to her feet. "Lieutenant Vanora Stele, I here by promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges as expected. Congratulations, Lieutenant," David grinned as he stood back a step and saluted her. "Now you are out of regs. Go clean yourself up!"

"Thank you, sir," Vanora saluted back. "This is unexpected, and an honor. I won't let you down. Computer, generate towel," she ordered the holodeck with a smile."

Mercia clapped her hand and grinned, "Welcome to the club Lieutenant." she said.


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