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Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 11:16am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Operation Red Garden

Mercia took her time reacquainting herself with Old Town, remembering sights and learning the changes to the city. She was both delighted and disappointing that things were much the same. A few new structures, but the city lay out hadn't changed, and it was as dirty and scummy as always.

As she walked she kept her eyes on the children in particular. All of Old Town was Fathers territory. He snatched up every cute and clever orphan, lured them with food and shelter, then trained them to steal and gather intelligence for him. Even knowing children around here were vipers people still tended to let their guard down around them. After Mercia's mother was murdered and she ventured on to the street she'd been picked up, a mere five year old little girl. She was full of fear and rage, and Father had used that to form and warp her.

When she had walked for a few hours, she headed in to a door on a corner. Inside was a tiny lobby of a very old motel. She booked a room with untraceable currency and headed in to the room, having requested a certain one. Once inside she secured the door and changed in to fresh clothes. She pulled her hair up to mimic the current local styles she observed on the streets.

Once that was done, she parked herself next to the window. She was on the 5th level, over looking a block across the street which was only two stories in each of the buildings. They looked unremarkable, but they were connected in many ways, some with tunnels, some just because they shared an inner courtyard. Only those who lived there knew what this place was. The outer sections were shelters for the street rats, as well as a smattering of legit business, all owned by Father, secretly of course.

Deeper in the buildings was something far more sinister, the Birds of Prey were trained here, not that most of the street rats knew that part. There were secure doors separating the grimy outer section, from the finer inner section where the Birds were trained and lived. It was a well constructed illusion. Looking down on the complex from here she could see just how much work Father had put in to keeping that illusion alive. No one knew where the Birds came from.

She took a deep breath and turned back to the bed, she popped open a case she'd taken from the Gladiator and pulled out a tablet and a strong scanner. She turned it to the window and scanned the block. It took some time for the data to come together. Some areas were shielded, but the rest, she could see just fine in the scans. It hadn't changed much, if renovations had ever happened in the last twenty years, they'd kept the lay out the same. That was good.

Mercia ate some food and considered her next move. She needed to get in to compound, and find Father. However, the compound was one of the most dangerous places in the universe. Mercia would rather go back to prison than walk in there, however this had to be done. Every one inside was looking for a kill, looking for a way to win Fathers favor. None could be trusted, and in truth Mercia wasn't looking to leave a wake of children's bodies behind her. Granted the children who would attack her would be vicious killers at various levels of skills, but still. Mercia really didn't want to kill brain washed kids to get to Father.

Father was the only one she was out to kill. Kill him, and these kids might have a chance at freedom. With the Phyrs changing things on this planet, maybe some real proper orphanages might make it in to Old Town, places that really did take care of the street rats, and taught the Birds in training real life skills. Maybe she could even get Grayson to open up a Project Refit Program here. Taking out Father was the best move, for every one involved, and then she could do some real good for the people trapped here.

Mercia took a deep breath and tossed her food wrapper away before loading up her weaponry. The sun was setting and it was time to go hunting.


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