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Si vis pacem, fac bellum - Part 1

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 4:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Lotus Major


The government of the United Colonies and the Starfleet crew that had come down to the surface had started working together well. The needs of the UC were far greater than one ship to ever meet but it was a start and the medical supplies that the Gladiator was able to bring and make to order with their industrial replicators were invaluable to the embattled people below.

It also meant it was time for Aden to break off from the main group and get to the business of why he snuck onto the planet instead of just showed up with his ship and handled the situation in a much more violent and permanent solution. He was armed with his own phaser, a small engineering kit he carried with him everywhere he went, his communicator, a fatigue colored soft-shell jacket with zipper pockets in the arm and right and left with one in the middle, jeans, work boots and a button up shirt that made him look like any working class stiff.

The direction he was heading in would mean not staying in Zevihil City. Aden had arranged for a small craft to be tucked away, one that looked like an old beat up ship that had seen better days. It was inconspicuous and he was dressed enough like a blue collar worker, no one would likely even bat an eye at him moving through the neighbourhood to his small, humble craft. Blending in was something he’d gotten considerably good at.

Once he was aboard, he took off the small concealed phaser he was carrying, opened a small locker and traded it out with a holster that carried a familiar phaser in it. A small smirk crossed his lips as he looked over the worn, but cared for leather and he pulled it around his hips and fastened it up, the phaser resting on his right thigh and he felt right for the first time since embarking on this journey. The handle was ergonomic and had a shield in the center with a sword of fire in the middle. It had a battery style magazine, with a thumb safety on the right and the left. The trigger looked like one solid piece and it had three dot glow site, and tapered out as it got down to the end. It was big and powerful.

After a moment, he pulled out a second holster that tucked on his front left hip in a cross draw style. This one was smaller, had an ergonomic grip and the battery pack sitting in the middle of it, styled after a cylinder from an older style revolver and had a slight green glow signifying it was a disruptor. Once he was sure it was in place on his belt, he closed the locker and took a seat at the helm. He’d gotten here under the cover of Starfleet, it was time to do what needed to be done.

The shuttle was up in the air and heading north away from Zevihil city shortly after it left the ground, keeping to the civilian transport lanes with it’s pilot doing it’s best to stay inconspicuous. After about two hours, Aden broke off from the civilian traffic and landed in a field that had a couple of beacons in the ground denoting it was a landing zone.

Once the shuttle was shut down, he made his way outside and looked towards the ranch house in the distance. There were two large barns situated around it and there were a couple of turteons with humanoid figured riding them. A turteon was an animal that had been domesticated on this planet a long time ago, it was similar to a horse from earth, but it had three horns on it’s head and had a little more muscle.

As the riders approached the shuttle, they slowed and a rather burly human that looked to be in his sixties, had on a blue button up shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, a worn hat and a pistol on his hip stopped to take a look down at Aden. He had a rifle in his saddle but didn’t look like he was nervous about the man he’d just come up to.

The second rider was a woman, she had the older man’s eyes and was wearing a similar outfit and carrying a rifle herself.

“Captain Phyr,” The older man nodded to him.

“Kain Fulton and the infamous Cecille,” Aden smirked as he looked up over the two of them. “I need a horse.”

“They’re called turteons,” Kain replied with a slight growl. “You show up on that Starfleet ship?”

“I did.”

“You about to start something?” Cecille asked him bluntly.

Aden looked up at her, the smirk didn’t fade, but the look in his eyes went from happy to see old friends to something far more dark and sinister. “I’m here to end it.”


Halan Zeti as Captain Aden Phyr


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