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Si vis pacem, fac bellum - Part 2

Posted on Sun Nov 12th, 2017 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Bonewick - Six hours out of Zevihil City


After a good night’s rest, a couple of hearty meals, and a ten hour ride, Aden had arrived in Bonewick. It was a small town that was set next to a river that flowed to the west and out towards the ocean. It was set in a large clearing and a main road that went north to south and and another that went east to west and was mostly dirt. There were a few businesses, but the two primary sources of employment and income where a dilithium mine and the second was the base of operations for a group of slavers and the first link in a chain that he needed to start to follow.

His first stop was at a tavern on one of the four corners of the main intersection, there were quite a few men and women drinking and a card game going that he didn’t fully recognize. It wasn’t why he was there, so instead he approached the bar and nodded to the Cardassian standing behind it.

“You’re a long way from home Cardassian,” Aden put one of his hand on the bar and looked at the man, he could feel the eyes of everyone on him. “You got an burbon back there?”

“I do,” The Cardassian looked at the man with some disdain, before he grabbed a small glass and set it on the counter, before pouring in some brown liquid.

Aden set down a coin, called a qyra, before he lifted up the glass, he looked at the liquid and took a sniff before taking a sip and letting out a sigh, “That’s not bad for being on the ass end of the galaxy. Maybe you can help me with something else.”

The Cardassian didn’t look very impressed as Aden set down a second qyra. He looked down at the two coins and up at Aden, “What’s the second one for?”

“Information,” Aden locked eyes with the Cardassian. “I’m looking for a Cardassian that goes by the name of Kovat Tajas, peculiar fellow who’s married to Kela. He has a scar on his arm from a disrupter that just grazed him.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Aden could tell the man at the far end of the bar was getting ready to pull his gun and the tavern had gone very quiet at the mention of Kela Tajas and the look in the Cardassian’s eyes told him he was the man Aden was looking for. As Aden picked up his glass with his left hand, he brought it to his lips before he pulled the cross draw phaser. The man at the end of the bar was dead before his hand even touched metal.

Dropping low, Aden pivoted to his left, he heard several of the people behind him going for their own guns. There was one standing by the door, another seated near a stairwell and a third man up by the railing with a rifle. He shoved a table over between him and the standing man as he put two disruptor blasts into the third man’s chest and he fell from the railing. The man in the chair had pulled his gun but Aden put him down before he had a chance to fire and the last man got a shot off, but the table took most of it and Aden returned fire and the man dropped into a slump on the ground.

Nearly everyone else had ran out, including a couple of women from the upper level that had hardly been dressed. The only one that was left was one of the card players, an older Bajoran man, and he seemed content just to watch. The man looked familiar, Aden had the feeling he knew him and felt at ease to his presence. The Bajoran seemed to sense this and just nodded to him.

Satisfied that the Bajoran wouldn’t be troubled, he stood back up and turned towards the Cardassian, who looked like he’d just seen a ghost. Aden level his disruptor at the man’s chest, “You know why I’m here Kovat?”

“No,” The Cardassian shook his head. “I don’t even know who you are.”

“Call your wife and tell her that the one that got away has come for her,” Aden’s voice dropped and had a growl to it, his eyes burning into Kovat. “Aden Phyr has come to collect and if she doesn’t come you die today.”

A glass hit the floor as Kovat’s eyes got wide and he took a step back, “No… She said… It can’t be you.”

The Bajoran stood up from the table he was sitting at and walked over to the bar, he had a Cardassian style phaser on his hip in a cavalry draw style, “You best be calling her son. It’s only going to get ugly if you don’t.”

Aden looked over at the Bajoran, one of his brows raised, that voice was very familiar. He took another look at the man’s face and it suddenly clicked. Being Hebrew, Aden’s parents felt kindred spirits in the Bajorans and they were smugglers and fighters and often dropped weapons, medical supplies and more to the Bajoran resistance and he was a resistance leader they worked with closely.

“Arvus Felk, you got old.”

Felk laughed at that, “And you’re just like your Daddy, boy. Quick to draw and absolutely merciless. Kovat, call her. If he’s here, he’s got my gun.”

Kovat looked at Felk and back at Aden, before nodding slowly. He slowly moved his hand to his wrist and tapped the comm attached to his arm, “Kovat to Kela.”

“Kela here,” Came a distinctly feminine but raspy voice.

“You need to get down to the bar,” Kovat spoke. “Aden Phyr is here and wants to see you.”

There was silence from the comm for a long moment as Aden kept his gun right on Kovat’s chest. His hand was as steady as a rock and with Felk backing his play he was all the more bold.

When Kela finally spoke, he could hear the fear in her voice. “I’m on my way.”

Aden lowered his gun once Kovat had closed the channel, he gave it a spin, before putting it back in it’s holster and slid into one of the seats at the bar that would overlook the entrance.

“Pour three drinks,” Aden instructed. “And keep your hands above the counter, no matter how fast you think you are, I promise I’m faster.”

Felk eyed the front door, before he took a seat himself and nodded to Kovat as he set a glass of brown liquid down in front of him and half smirked as he picked it up and sniffed at it. “It’s good to be working with a Phyr again.”



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