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Posted on Sat Dec 2nd, 2017 @ 7:51am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins] & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & Cadet Junior Grade Zul'arra

Mission: Operation Red Garden
Location: Main Dining Hall
Timeline: Whatever ST's Thanksgiving is

Sweet and savory aromas filled the dining room as Theodore chuckled and set all the place settings at the main table. The chef had agreed with Theo's idea and left him the kitchen to prepare real food for the officers, not replicated food. Candles were lit and each glass was filled with Theo's favorite sparkling red soda. All the food looked like an old time picture of the feasts of Earth past. Theo even chuckled because of his white "Kiss the Cook" apron he was wearing as he prepared the feast. He'd been prepping for the past 7 hours and while he was tired, he was quite pleased with the results. He keyed a group comm signal (everyone listed as an author) and cleared his throat. "Attention everyone, I would be delighted to invite you all to join me for family and fellowship in the main dining hall.."

He then dimmed the lights slightly, removed his apron and waited for his guests to arrive.

Making her way down the corridor, Lizzy smiled and skipped in her turkey onesie costume as T'Madh walked beside her, trying to ignore the obvious sight. Reaching the door, Lizzy smiled when she saw inside, "Wow. Oops. Gobble gobble."

T'Madh looked at Lizzy, then added, "I apologize for my wife, Lieutenant. I believe she was dropped too many times as a child. You have done an impressive job."

Theo nearly fell over when he saw Lizzy. He then began to laugh hysterically as he regained his balance and turned to T'Madh. "It's fine, there's always one in the family who makes everyone laugh." He dried a couple tears his laughing had brought about and bowed slightly to both ladies. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you yet." he said to T'Madh. He then walked them to their seats and pulled their chairs out for them and then helped them up against the table. "We'll fully begin when everyone arrives. Shall I get you anything?"

Family and fellowship. That's what the invite said. Mel turned the phrase around in her heads over and over as she walked through the corridors. "I wonder what he meant." she mused to herself, and the perks of being a Dalacari is that you actually could muse to yourself. "Humans will use any excuse to get together, though. Wonderful species."

"Tribal, I think." she continued to muse to herself as she approached the door to the main dining hall. "Which usually means there's going to be..." and then her musing stopped. That door opened, and the twin forms stood there as the wave of scents and visions bombarded her. "...... food." Oh it was a beautiful spread of foodstuffs. It was obviously some form of human festival, since Lizzy was dressed in some form of ritual mascot costume. Maybe humans really did have a religion around food?

"It's a feast." said one of the twins. "No... it's a festival." said the other. Then there was a pause, "Is... is feast'ival even a word?" they asked Theo in unison as they entered. "Oh this is really something. I'm afraid I didn't bring anything to..."

"... add to the moment. We Dalacari are famous for our desserts. Or perhaps the proper word is infamous, I'm not entirely certain. Oh this is... it's..."

"... I ... I don't even have words. So, tell me a little about this. It's obviously religious or significant because there's an idol." and both twins motioned towards Lizzy with wide smiles on their muzzles.

Theo chuckled at Mel as he helped her towards her seats. "Don't mind lizzy, she's just being silly." He then pulled out both chairs for Mel and helped scoot her against the table. "On Earth, specifically the country called America, there was a holiday called 'Thanksgiving.' It was a holiday where family and friends came together once a year to be together, have fellowship and be thankful for everything that had happened. Granted that's not the history of the original but it's the mood I was going for with this get together.." he then leaned down between Mel's heads and whispered. "I hope my desserts live up to your expectations.." He then smiled and made his way back towards the main door and waited for others to arrive

"Great idea, Theo," David's voice spoke up over the gathered people as he slowly made his way to the group. He wore normal civilian clothes in the form of a buttoned up t-shirt and jeans as he held a glass with a dark bubbly liquid in it. "But I should warn you, this crew is a family. And anytime there is a family gathering... there is chaos... kissing cousins... And drunken idiots," he smirked slightly as he stood near Theo and the others next to the long table.

"As long as the family mostly behaves itself sir.." Theo smiled at his captain. "I cooked, so I'll do the cleaning, I just don't want to have to do too much cleaning.." He chuckled some and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive.

Zeti was the next one to arrive, she had on a sleeveless grey top that had a draped neckline that gathered at the shoulders and sides while showing off her cleavage, around her waist was a wide black leather belt that accentuated her bust. She'd opted for tight leather pants, a pair of black knee suede boots that had 5 inch platform heel, a pair of black tear drop earrings and a wide black, decorative bangle on her right wrist. She was three shots in and arrived before her date, a redhead she'd been into lately, and was happy to have her as her plus one. She's taken the time to style her hair with big curls and had put on some light make up for the first time in a few years.

When she walked in she looked around the room and spotted the table with the booze, she headed straight for it and poured herself a glass of white wine and took a drink as she surveyed the room.

Theo watched Zeti enter and he couldn't help but briefly check out her plus one. ~"Hmmm.."~ He mused to himself and there was something of an audible slap as his palm hit his face when he saw Zeti go for the booze. "Should've left that off the menu..."

Zeti gave Theo a slightly dark look, "No, you take this away and I'll just go get my own and become that person at this feast of thanks."

Mercia strolled in to the room wearing a blue dress, and matching heels. Khelev had already given her crap about dressing to match his skin. She just smirked at that thought and shifted her arms, moving Molli to her other arm.

She'd given in to the idea of putting Molli in a fluffy pink dress that was the epitome of little girl, with tights, and white saddle shoes to boot. The baby was just starting to walk, and was stuborn and opinionated as ever. Mercia debated dressing her in overalls, but Molli wouldn't have it. So she showed her pictures of options, and this was what the brat choose.

The moment Molli saw the room she wiggled and growled wanting to be put down. Mercia set her on the floor, and shrugged at Khelev as she toddled ahead of them. She wasn't very fast just yet. "Well this is an interesting gathering.... what is it for again?"

Lixor hung out at the fringes rather suspicious of the whole thing. A Terran holiday names Thanksgiving seemed a bit of a stretch and who were they to be giving thanks to? He drew in a deep breath and tried to shrug off his misgiving and glanced around again.

Theo walked over to Lixor and offered him a glass of the sparkling red soda. "Come on Lixor, just a time for us to be together is all this is. Enjoy yourself and the food, it's real food too, not replicated.." he smiled and then looked around trying to see if anyone else was going to be coming..

"I think I'm going to have a food baby by the end of this," Zeti grinned. She made her way over to Molli and patted the girls head, before she slugged Khelev in his arm. "How's our little engineer doing?"

"Our?" Khelev questions with his antenna pointing inwards.

"Yes, you can teach her the basics and I'll teach her how to be better than you."

"Jerk," Khelev grumbled.

"Bitch," Zeti shot back.

All Hawkins could do was simply chuckle as he looked over at Theo. "See I told you," he smirked as he looked around the room in which was filling up. "This is family right here. Where is my assistant?!?! She is supposed to be making my plate!"

"Assistant?" Theo asked the captain as he facepalmed because of the exchange between Zeti and Khelev. "I swear, Zeti, while a great engineer, would be a terrible person to be stuck on a desert planet with *epic foreshadowing*"...

"Now, a DESSERT planet, that'd be an entirely different story." Mel chimed in with a smile on each form. "Well, I'll suppose I'll go first. I mean, we don't have any holiday close to a parallel to this Thanksgiving but..."

"... we do have the Days of Dia's Feasts. Four days where we stay home with our family, while the more religious Dalacari tell us that these days are set aside by Dia to allow us to reflect..."

"... on the gifts we're given, on the time we have and the time we have left. Truth be told, it's all about sales and food now so it's probably closer to a parallel then I'm giving it credit for." she paused, "I'm..."

"... very thankful I took the posting for an exchange officer. I'm thankful I got the chance to meet all of you renegades and hooligans." she said with a pair of wide smiles. "So thank you for..."

"... accepting me, for who and what I am, aboard your ship and into your family."

Emmah appeared at Davids elbow, her outfit changed to a blue dress that went to her knees, and flared at the hips. The bodice had a sweet heart neck line, showing off a bit of a bosom. The straps went over her shoulders, but showed off more of her green leafy vine tattoo that ran over her head and down her neck and arm to her hand. "You needed me to serve you? I assist I do not serve. what do you take me for?" she chided him.

Molli ran back to Khelev and hugged on to his leg as she spied the twin form Mel. "Skeeek skeek"

Mercia smirked. "Not a mouse Molli..." she giggled.

Theo watched the scenes unfolding before him and felt his heart warm. ~"So this is true family"~ He thought to himself. Yes he had loving parents but things in his house were quite strict growing up. Cutting loose like this was unheard of for a couple professors and their child they were trying to turn into a prodigy. Even as he lamented to himself and sipped his cheerwine, Theo wouldn't have changed his earlier life for anything, because changing that would've taken him away from this family he had grown to know and love...

Mel couldn't help but feel her heart melt at the child's antics. Not a mouse indeed. Her people came from proud predatory ancestry. In her veins pumped the blood of fierce pack predators, the Narada Vash! The dreaded Fog of Teeth! This child was right to fear her! All these omnivore ancestry singular forms should fear her, for she was fierce! She was terrifying! She was...

"Hi." Mel said to the child, offering a friendly wave from each of her forms.

Seeing Mel's reaction to the young child drew a chuckle from Theo's lips as he took his seat and plated his food. He bowed his head for a few moments before he began to eat. Even with some of the antics going on in the room, there was a general warmth among the crew. This warmth in turned warmed Theo's heart and for one of the first times since coming aboard...he felt a calm peace in his soul. This was his family...

Molli waved back before she giggled. "SKEEK SKEEK!" she said louder.

"Sorry she can be stubborn, that is now your name." Mercia laughed and shrugged.

Finally, the Paul Alasia arrived. Sheepishly, he shuffled in through the gathered throng of his new colleagues.

"About time you showed up Alasia, where have you been?" Mercia demanded.

Paul could feel the heat from his face, rosy with a richly deserved embarrassment. He muttered almost too low for the group to hear, "I don't know how, but I got the idea in my head that dinner was supposed to be in the observation lounge. I've been sitting up there, alone... for about 45 minutes."

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Lieutenant JG Wakeham Paul Alasia PhD
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