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:::Backpost::: A Brief Rest

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 6:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Crewman Johena Kernistrov

Mission: New Horizon
Location: USS Palomino - Chief Engineer's Quarters
Timeline: Back on the desert planet.

A couple of hours after everyone left Zeti alone in engineering she did a deep scan of the injectors to make sure they were sound before she took them down to the small machine shop that was right off of engineering. It was one of the few rooms she could afford to power and work in and where she would get the two new injectors ready to install.

When they'd taken the ship originally there were five injectors, but only two of them were sound. The ship needed three for the warp core to run properly, and they'd managed to get a line on two that would work, which would give one as back up once they were in space. For the moment, their power usage was limited. She'd manage to scavenge some solar panels that were enough to run the machine shop, a few systems in sickbay and environmental systems in a few select locations so they didn't cook during the day and freeze at night but not enough to power up the kitchen or protein resequencers.

For the moment, Zeti was tired, and heading back to the Chief Engineer's quarters. They were small, a room with a double size bed, a couch, a desk and a small view screen and their own private bathroom. Johena lived with her, keeping the few of them patched up when they needed it.

Zeti opened the door and headed into the room. The lights were low, but she could see the stars from the window. Johena was sitting, watching out the window. Zeti quietly removed her tool belt, thigh holster and boots before heading over to the bed, moving up behind Johena and kissing her on the cheek and neck.

"It took a little longer than expected, I'm sorry my love."

"I figured you were on a roll." Johena said softly as she snuggled back against her. "I wasn't busy, just... looking out at the night." she sighed. A Sand storm was not far off, and she wasn't sure if it would miss them or not She sighed and the red pulses of light in her body moved a bit slower, relaxing more.

Zeti's arms moved around Johena, after she'd slipped in behind her with her legs on either side of her. She pecked at her neck a couple of times before looking up at the window. "Soon, we'll be back out there. We'll find the rest of our crew... Maybe get on top of things for once."

"That would be nice. I miss the Gladiator. I'm just still so grateful that I managed to get away with you... that we didn't end up like Sadie." she chuckled as she ran her fingers tips along Zetis legs on either side of her. "That girl is going to annoy me forever."

"I miss it too, living on this hunk of junk certainly isn't paradise," Zeti made a face, even though Johena wouldn't see it from behind. "It's only tolerable because of you, so I get why Sadie is so stir crazy. We could extend an invitation for her to join us once in a while."

Johena pinched Zetis leg, "You're terrible! I know you think she's hot stuff, but still!" she laughed.

Zeti squirmed a little and laughed herself, "It would be for her! I swear! I doubt Sid would even considering it cheating if he got to watch once we got back." She paused for a moment while she tried to get a hold of Johena's hands. "I was kidding Jo, I'm pretty stuck on you."

Johena sent a slight shock in to Zetis hands to stop her from grabbing her hands. "For her. Sure! I don't think she needs to get laid by a pair of chicks to settle her down. And I really don't want to get that idea in Sids head or he'd never let it go!"

"That's true, he wouldn't," Zeti laughed softly. "I'm not serious, it's not like there isn't a town close by where she can do what she needs to. I've already got two women in my life I don't need anymore."

"Two?" Johena asked turning her torso a little and looking back at Zeti. "You know that I am sensitive about being someones second place!" she humphed.

Zeti tilted her head forward and gave Johena a vixenish look, "You are always in first place, you're my love and my lady but my ship and the stars will always be my other lady. Even if you were a man."

"You old softy. Who would ever think that you were a Bajoran Freedom fighter? A terrorist? The engineering bitch?" Johena humphed as she looked back out the window.

"I wasn't an actual freedom fighter, I just learned how to fix stuff, same with the other group," Zeti stuck out her tongue at Johena. "And I am a huge bitch, but that's why you're free and happy. I love seeing you happy."

Johena sighed heavily, "I'm glad you've helped me so much. Obviously this mess with being displaced in time has gone a long way to help me escape my ass hole husband. I never realized how nonfunctional I was under his thumb, even when he was no where near me." she said.

"Sometimes it takes something extreme to shake us awake, not that I'm suggesting time travel as an escape for a bad relationship," Zeti giggled softly, before leaning in and kissing her neck softly. "Even if we get back to our time, you'll be safe."

"You always say so. I hope we do return to our own time, and I hope you are right. It was rather tiring restarting my life every few months because he'd figure out how close in his control on me wherever I went." she tipped her head to the side and sighed, her skin lighting up a little extra where Zeti was kissing her.

"We don't have to go back," Zeti nearly whispered in her ear. "If you're safe here and we manage to make a good life for ourselves there's no reason for us to leave. Maybe even have some brats some day."

Johena closed her eyes. "No law, no federation? Its wild here Zeti, we would be forever displaced in time." she said. "We can live so long as we are together, but would you really want to live in in an area we do not belong? What if time meant for us to return and raise some brats there?" she asked. "We may mess up history staying here..."

"Listen to you all concerned about the time line," Zeti chuckled softly, before letting out a soft breath. "Being displaced in time could be worse, but I suppose you're right. If we figure out a way back we need to take it."

Johena nodded. "There, that is the sensible Zeti I know. I know you like this wild and carefree life baby, but if there is a chance to back home we need to take it. It wont likely come back again." she said. "And I for one, don't want to be stuck here with Lizzy making sand castles for ever."

"I'm sure arts and crafts with the head shrinker is about as much fun as getting your ass full of sand and not washing it off," Zeti made a face. "I'll get us in the space soon, we'll find our people and things will get better. That or we'll head into a town, I'll steal a shuttle and we'll just make a run for it ourselves."

"And leave these dullards behind?" Johena leaned back and looked at Zeti. Dullards was a derogatory term on her world, for people who did not have the same kind of glowing blood. "Thats cold." she said.

"Once we find our crew, we'd come back for them," Zeti took a deep breath. "The truth is, it's been months and we've not seen or heard anything. I've had a buoy up scanning for any transmissions... I don't think any of them are left. I think it's time for us to survive and they just don't know it yet."

Johena closed her eyes, "So many people...." she shook her head. "So many good people." she added. "Surviving... how do we do that? In space or do we settle in town?" she said.

"You're a nurse and I'm an engineer, those are skills that anyone will want just about anywhere. I've done some research and have a couple of places in mind, but we'd need a ship or enough money to get there," Zeti had a couple of ideas for how to get the money needed, but she didn't like any of them and wouldn't tell Johena what she was thinking of doing.

"Any where I might have been in our own time?" she asked. "Honestly I've been spending my research time on how to use local natural items for medicinal purposes." she laughed.

Zeti chuckled softly, "Bajor was one of the options, they've got a pretty solid military and are well defended but convincing them to let us in might be tough. There's a couple of civilian stations run by some people that I think would give us shelter and work but could be more dangerous. Then there's trying to find a ship and some crew and make our own way."

"Which some how I think that appeals to you. The way you talk about the Phyrs and how excited you were to see them... I think part of you wants that life style. I'm not sure honestly if I want that when we hit family life." she said.

"I think I romanticize it a bit, to be honest," Zeti said softly. "But we're out of our time. We might as well keep on moving, never stay in one place... If we put down roots people might figure that out, but if you want a house by a river then that is what my Johena shall have."

"I don't know what I want." she admitted. "Just being with you and safe has been my focus." she said. Johena took a deep breath again and picked up her hands, setting her fingers close together and let red sparks float between her finger tips. It was an idle activity for her. "There is no reason to rush towards a goal, our first one is to get off this planet and try to find Gladiator. if that fails... then we talk about it. I don't know that I want to settle anywhere with out our crewmates, at least being involved with the choice. We can care for each other."

"You're too soft for this life," Zeti whispered in her ear, before she moved her hand up and brushed her fingers over Johena's jawline. "If keeping you safe means leaving them behind I'd do it in an instant, know that." She kissed her cheek. "I need to get cleaned up, want to join me in the shower?"

Johena got a devilish grin as she turned a bit and looked at her. "Hell yes." she said. "Can't be wasting water now can we?" she laughed as she moved away and got up.

Zeti gave Johena almost a mirror grin, before she slid off the bed and started to unzip the coveralls she was wearing, as she eyes her girl, "No we can't my love, but at least that's a resource we have plenty of."


Halan Zeti and Johena Kernistrov


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