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Posted on Thu Nov 30th, 2017 @ 9:29pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Operation Red Garden

Darkness had fallen on the Old Town, and Mercia was on the prowl. She was dressed in tight black pants, and a dark maroon halter top with a thick leather jacket over the top of it. She was strapped with weapons, some visible, some hidden. Some looked nondiscript, like a necklace, and bracelet, vorhl sticks in her hair and a dark flowered hair clip with poison patches.

She checked the scanner on her wrist as she crouched on the roof of a building on the edge of the compound. The climb had been easy, just a slight scramble of the security cameras. She had used this route to get in and out of the compound and no one had known of it in her time here. That was twenty years ago, it was hard to know if things had changed. She moved closer to a vent and wiggled it free, peering down in to the hole she sighed. It was smaller, and had been rebuilt since she was here last. It was not going to work.

"Guess its time to take the hard way." she said softly as she crouched back towards the edge of the building, this time facing the interior of the compound. The place was asleep and security was fairly lax, no one messed with Father and his Birds. The kids and businesses on the outer edge kept a pretty tight perimeter, except for those who knew what they were doing.

She took a few moments and followed a pipe that ran over the edge down in to the center, small courtyard garden. She stared at the trees, which were larger now and took a deep breath. She'd spent a lot of time in that courtyard. It was where she made the choice to set up her friend and kill her to make herself more impressive to Father. It was where Halija beat her for making mistakes. It was where Mercia had seduced her first kill.

She wished she could blow it up and erase it from history, but there were too many innocent people around, people who didn't need to be hurt.

It took some time to work the shadows to avoid detection, but she was an expert at it. She'd trained for this all her life. Things had not changed much, the decor had been updated, but the lay out and the smell was the same. It smelled of fear, death, and disgusting perfume.

Mercia moved down the hall way and slid in to the door that led to the chambers of her target. The meager decor of the hall way contrasted sharply with the finery of Fathers Quarters. She was surprised to find the lounge empty, Father liked keeping his most attractive birds close. That could only mean he was focused on a single on tonight in his bed, or he wasn't here.

Mercia moved through the lounge and towards the bedroom. She creaked one of the double doors open and peered at the bed. The blankets were rumpled, but it was empty. It was then she realized she'd made a mistake. A knife came flying at her, and she lurched back.

Mercia had just enough time to pull her own knife before a familiar face appeared in front of her, looking smug and arrogant.

"The prodigal returns." the woman said.

"Halija..." Mercia gasped. "You're alive..."

"I'm the Mother now." she said.

Mercia tipped her head, "Where is Father?" she demanded.

"On a trip. What brings you in to our quarters?" Halija asked.

Mercia laughed, "Let me get this straight. You were a Black Widow Trainer, and now you're Fathers what? Whore?"

"Partner, he and I are equal partners now, and the Birds of Prey have expanded. We operate in every part of this world now, and soon beyond. Come back to us Mercia..." Halija said walking slowly. "You will make more than you can dream, and you will live like a queen." she said.

Mercia scoffed, "I gave up that life." she said.

"And yet you are here.. In Fathers bedroom." Halija laughed.

"I'm here to take his life. Yours will be a nice bonus." Mercia growled with as much hatred as she could. Halija had been the woman who cared for Mercia, beat her, starved her, trained her, introduced her to sexual tactics at an age no one should learn such things. Halija helped to teach her how to kill, and made an innocent child in to a monster. One that had been eating at Mercia's soul since she was five years old.

She hardly took a breath before she threw her knife at Halija, satisfied with it sinking in to the womans arm. She leaped at her and grabbed the kife, ripping it out. She knocked Halija to the ground, but soon found herself on her own back, knocked over by the woman. One bit of training was learning how to kill with whatever was on hand. Every thing was a weapon, and Mercia had to be mindful of it. When a bit of pottery came at her face, Mercia barely managed to raise her arms to shatter it, however a large portion crashed to her forehead, opening a cut.

She flipped off her back and went after Halija again. The evil woman had not lost her touch, but Mercia was stronger, and faster. Her skills were expanded beyond Halijas abilities due to far deeper training. Being partnered with an Andorian certainly helped. Their sparing was brutal.

Mercia took a beating in the fight, but by the end of it Halijas lifeless body laid over the end of Fathers bed, bloodied, strangled by one of Fathers belts, pulled out of a drawer in the middle of the tussle. She picked up her knife and cleaned it off with Halijas night dress. Pausing, Mercia tore open a bit more of Halijas dress, and across her bloodied chest cut in to her skin MK. Mercia Kavi... Let Father see it. Let him know who was coming for him. His beloved little bird had returned to the nest. His favorite whore was dead... and he was next.



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